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by John Hedegor

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Three SCTV cast members have also been members of the Saturday Night Live cast: Robin Duke, Tony Rosato and Martin Short. Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, John Candy, Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy also appeared as guest hosts over the years.

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Tony Rosato (21 Shows April 1981 - May 1982)

Rosato's first SNL aired 11 April 1981 (hosted by Chevy Chase). He was added at the very end of the 1980- 1981 season when NBC fired producer Jean Doumanian and replaced her with Dick Ebersol. Ebersol revamped the cast, centering on Doumanian's two leading performers, Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo. Rosato had much less of a role on SNL than he did on SCTV. He clashed repeatedly with Ebersol and was fired at the end of the 1981-1982 season. His last show as a cast member aired May 22, 1982 (hosted by Olivia Newton-John). He appeared on 21 shows.

Rosato relied little on his SCTV material. Nevertheless, he played zany Italian characters similar to Marcello Sebastiano on at least three shows: 11 April 1981, 30 January 1982 (hosted by John Madden; Rosato played a mobster in one sketch, and a Marcello-like Italian policeman in another) and 10 April 1982 (hosted by Daniel J. Travanti; here Rosato played the Marcello-like chef who tried to kill Larry the Lobster). He played Lou Costello once, on 23 January 1982 (hosted by Robert Conrad, who played convict Jack Henry Abbott).

At the end of the 14 January 2017 episode, SNL paid a small tribute to Rosato by flashing a title card with his name and picture.

Robin Duke (59 Shows April 1981 - May 1984)

Robin, like Rosato, first appeared on SNL on 11 April 1981. The circumstances surrounding her hiring are much like those concerning Rosato, though Robin joined as a last-minute replacement for Catherine O'Hara, who had agreed to join the show and then backed out. Like Rosato, Robin was generally not favored by Ebersol, who routinely gave her little on the show to do. Even so, she produced some fine work, mostly in collaboration with Rosato, Tim Kazurinsky and/or Mary Gross. She stayed on the show for three years, before being forced out at the end of the 1983-1984 season. Her last show as a cast member aired 12 May 1984 (co-hosted by Ed Koch, Betty Thomas, Father Guido Sarducci, Edwin Newman and future SNL cast member Billy Crystal - a packed show indeed!). She appeared on 59 shows (she missed one show - 30 October 1982, hosted by Michael Keaton, for an as-yet unknown reason).

Like Rosato, Robin rarely relied on her SCTV work. She did appear as Shelley Winters, though, on at least three occasions: 27 February 1982 (hosted by Elizabeth Ashley), 2 October 1982 (hosted by Louis Gossett, Jr.) and 14 April 1984 (hosted by Michael Douglas). Also, the 22 October 1983 show (hosted by John Candy, see below) contained a sketch featuring Doc Edmund, the Old Country Doctor (played by Eddie Murphy), a rustic, somewhat senile physician. Robin played his equally feebleminded nurse, Flossie, who looked, talked and acted very much like Molly Earl - the closest Robin has come to portraying her on SNL.

Martin Short (18 Shows Oct 1984 - Apr 1985)

Short first appeared on SNL on 6 October 1984. Unlike Robin Duke and Tony Rosato, Martin was regarded as a star on the show and was generally treated accordingly. He was part of an SNL "renaissance" of sorts, joining along with such distinguished company as Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest. The results were, however, a bit of a disappointment, and when Dick Ebersol left SNL at the end of the 1984-1985 season, the entire cast, including Short, left with him. Still, there were some amusing moments from all concerned. Martin's last show as a cast member aired 13 April 1985 (hosted by Howard Cosell). He appeared on 18 shows.

Unlike Robin and Rosato, Martin relied heavily on his SCTV work and recurring characters. Almost every show featured at least one of his SCTV characters or impressions. Below is a list.

October 6, 1984 (no host): Nelson Hepburn (Katharine Hepburn's fictitious relative), Ed Grimley and Lawrence Orbach.
October 13, 1984 (hosted by Bob Uecker): Robin Williams and Troy Soren.
October 20, 1984 (hosted by Jesse Jackson): Ed Grimley.
November 3, 1984 (hosted by future SNL cast member Michael McKean): none of his SCTV characters.
November 10, 1984 (hosted by George Carlin): Jackie Rogers Jr. and Irving Cohen.
November 17, 1984 (hosted by Ed Asner): Ed Grimley.
December 1, 1984 (hosted by Ed Begley, Jr.): Katharine Hepburn, Nathan Thurm.
December 8, 1984 (hosted by Ringo Starr): Ed Grimley.
December 15, 1984 (hosted by Eddie Murphy): Denise Lewis (Jerry Lewis' fictitious relative), Irving Cohen and Lawrence Orbach.
January 12, 1985 (hosted by Kathleen Turner): Bradley P Allen.
January 19, 1985 (hosted by Roy Scheider): Lawrence Orbach.
February 2, 1985 (hosted by Alex Karras): Ed Grimley.
February 9, 1985 (hosted by Harry Anderson): Katharine Hepburn.
February 16, 1985 (hosted by Pamela Sue Martin): Jackie Rogers Jr.
March 2, 1985 (the SNL Film Festival, hosted by Billy Crystal): Martin appeared only near the end, along with Billy's fellow cast members.
March 30, 1985 (hosted by Mr. T and Hulk Hogan): Paul Simon and Irving Cohen.
April 6, 1985 (hosted by Christopher Reeve): Jackie Rogers Jr.
April 13, 1985 (hosted by Howard Cosell, who played Ed Grimley's otherwise-unseen Uncle Basil): Ed Grimley, Nathan Thurm.

During his stint at SNL, Martin also developed his memorable Nathan Thurm character, and his impression of Katharine Hepburn, both of which have become part his repertoire.

Shows hosted by, or otherwise featuring, SCTV personnel

October 17, 1981 hosted by George Kennedy

John Candy made a surprise appearance (as Mexican weatherman Juan Gavino; the name is a spoof of John Gavin, then-U.S. ambassador to Mexico).

January 22, 1983 hosted by Lily Tomlin

Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas made a surprise appearance as Bob and Doug McKenzie, urging audiences to watch the next week's show, which they hosted.

January 29, 1983 hosted by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas

Moranis characters / impressions: Bob McKenzie, Woody Allen, Dick Cavett, Gerry Todd and Rabbi Karlov.
Thomas characters / impressions: Doug McKenzie, Bob Hope, Liberace and Walter Cronkite.

October 22, 1983 hosted by John Candy

Characters / impressions: Mr. Mambo, Dr. Tongue (complete with the classic 3-D effect!) and William B. Williams.

March 2, 1985 the SNL Film Festival, hosted by Billy Crystal

John Candy and Eugene Levy made a surprise appearance as themselves. They were supposed to host the next show (with musical guests Darryl Hall and John Oates, and, evidently, the Shmenges), but the show was scrapped due to a strike by the Writers Guild of America.

December 6, 1986 hosted by Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short

Short characters / impressions: Just Ed Grimley, though he does slip into Katharine Hepburn during a conversation with Steve and Chevy.

October 7, 1989 hosted by Rick Moranis

Impressions: Jim Bakker and Merv Griffin.

April 13, 1991 hosted by Catherine O'Hara

She did none of her SCTV work.

October 31, 1992 hosted by Catherine O'Hara

Again, no SCTV work, though in her monologue she briefly slips into Lola Heatherton in telling us that this show is so much fun "it's scary!"

December 7, 1996 hosted by Martin Short

Characters / impressions: Jerry Lewis, Ed Grimley and Jackie Rogers, Jr. Since Lorne Michaels returned as producer in 1985, Martin Short was the only Dick Ebersol-era cast member to host the show until Julia Louis-Dreyfus in 2006.

April 16, 2005 hosted by Tom Brady

Martin Short made a surprise appearance as Jiminy Glick, showing up on Weekend Update to promote a DVD of Primetime Glick and hit on anchorwoman Tina Fey (or Tina Mey as he kept calling her), followed by a clip of a 1975 conversation between Jiminy (with long brown hair but still obese) and SNL producer Lorne Michaels (portrayed by current cast member Will Forte).

November 11, 2006 hosted by Alec Baldwin

Martin Short made a brief surprise appearance as himself (as did Steve Martin and Paul McCartney).

TV 1980-85 SNL Sketches

Superbowl Party (29/1/83)

At Bob's Superbowl party, Bob and Frank try to persuade Woody to help them get Reagan re-elected.

Woody Allen - Moranis; Bob Hope - Thomas; Frank Sinatra - Joe Piscopo

McKenzie Brothers in New York (29/1/83)

Bob and Doug visit various New York City landmarks.

Bob McKenzie - Moranis; Doug McKenzie - Thomas

Guy Talk (29/1/83)

Liberace and Michael Jackson guest, and talk about how they pull in the ladies.

Lenny Ciccilone - Joe Piscopo; Liberace - Thomas; Michael Jackson - Eddie Murphy

I'll Be the Judge of That (29/1/83)

Contestants vie to win a prize by answering Dick Cavett's questions, where he judges the answers.

Dick Cavett - Moranis; Professor Douglas Marsden - Tim Kazurinsky; Madame Leonora Lostukochov - Mary Gross; Tyrone Green - Eddie Murphy; Oriana Fallacci - Robin Duke

Commercial: Porta Dish (29/1/83)

Gerry runs down the thousands of channels you can get with the new affordable Porta-Dish.

Gerry Todd - Moranis

Five Minutes to Reflect (29/1/83)

The Rabbi describes the missing books of Moses.

Rabbi Karlov - Moranis

Lifestyles of the Relatives of the Rich and Famous (6/10/84)

Robin profiles hot dog stand owner Nelson Hepburn, distant cousin of Katharine Hepburn.

Robin Leach - Harry Shearer; Nelson Hepburn - Short; Anthony Haden-Callas - Christopher Guest

Synchronized Swimmers (6/10/84)

Profile of synchronized swimmers Lawrence and Gerald as they work towards the 1992 Olympics.

Gerald Orbach - Harry Shearer; Lawrence Orbach - Short; Director - Christopher Guest; Abby Orbach - Pamela Stephenson

The Joe Franklin Show (10/11/84)

Joe's guests are Jackie Rogers Jr, New York City fireman Dan Halloran, and ventriloquist Senor Cosa. Joe asks Jackie about his new book "Damn You, Daddy, Sir", about his father, and they listen to a recording of Jackie Rogers Sr. singling "She Loves Me".

Jackie Rogers Jr. - Short; Joe Franklin - Billy Crystal; Senor Cosa/Ricardo the Dummy - Christopher Guest; Dan Halloran - George Carlin

60 Minutes (17/11/84)

Mike Wallace looks at the problem of defective novelties, which are showing up on American shelves in ever-increasing numbers. He talks to the Minkmans, manufacturers of authentic American novelties, and a lawyer representing the owner of a pirate novelty firm.

Mike Wallace - Harry Shearer; Herb Minkman - Christopher Guest; Al Minkman - Billy Crystal; Nathan Thurm - Short

Saturday Night News (1/12/84)

The headlines. Home economy tips from Consumer Affairs expert Rich Hall. Comment from Gary Kroeger on teen suicide. Guest then interviews Nathan Thurm, representing the Trammel Barber and Beauty Supply Company, who manufacture spare human parts, but without the approval of the FDA.

Christopher Guest; Rich Hall; Gary Kroeger; Nathan Thurm - Short

The Joe Franklin Show (12/1/85)

Joe's guests are Alan Arkin, Doug Henning and Daphne Clayton.

Doug Henning - Short; Joe Franklin - Billy Crystal; Alan Arkin - Christopher Guest; Daphne Clayton - Kathleen Turner

Good Cop, Bad Cop (19/1/85)

The lieutenant and his partner Lawrence interrogate a suspect.

Lawrence Orbach - Short; Lieutenant - Roy Scheider; Devoney - Jim Belushi; Stevens - Rich Hall

Promo: Kate and Ali (9/2/85)

The Kate and Ali Valentine's Day special, when a three-time heavyweight champion is stung by Cupid's arrow, leaving a four-time Oscar winner out in the cold.

Katharine Hepburn - Short; Muhammad Ali - Billy Crystal; announcer - staff announcer

Jackie Rogers Jr.'s $100,000 Jackpot Wad (6/4/85)

Jackie hosted game-show whereby celebrities help contestants win Jackie's wad. Nervous challenger Mindy Williamson and Captain Kangaroo go first, and Mindy fails dismally. Defending champ Rajeev Vindaloo and Sammy Davis advance to spin the wheel for the wad, and they run out of time.

Jackie Rogers Jr. - Short; Angelique - Pamela Stephenson; Sammy Davis Jr. - Billy Crystal; Rajeev Vindaloo - Christopher Guest; Captain Kangaroo - Jim Belushi; Mindy Williamson - Mary Gross