Rick Moranis with Eugene Levy

You, Me, the Music and Me

Released 1989 on I.R.S. records (IRS 82009). Certified 100% Canadian Content under Federal Government law; written, produced, performed and catered by Canadians, even though some of them are the children of immigrants. A video of Ipanema Rap was released along with the album featuring a guest appearance by Floyd the Barber. Long out of print.

LP 1989: You, Me, the Music and Me

Rick Moranis LPRick Moranis LP back

1 The Final Chord (1:34)

The great final chord from Sgt. Pepper's.

DJ - Moranis

2 A Day In the Life (3.52)

A cover of The Beatles' A Day in the Life. More discussion of that great final chord.

DJ - Moranis; Singer - Moranis

3 Man On the Moon (1:33)

Segues straight into a rambling recollection of that first step on the moon.

DJ - Moranis

4 Light My Fire (2:40)

Lince Minyik-style (ex of The Happy Wanderers) version of the classic.

Lince Minyik - Moranis

5 Jabberwocky (4:13)

Gerry interviews the man behind the music, and then we hear the track, the poem set to music.

Gerry Todd - Moranis; musician - Moranis

6 Coffee (1:51)

The DJ rambles on about coffee.

DJ - Moranis

7 One Note Samba (2:26)

A one note samba.

Singer - Moranis

8 Ipanema Rap (2:41)

The Girl from Ipanema, rap style. Floyd the barber appeared in the accompanying video, with video jockey Gerry Todd providing the intro and outro.

Vocals - Moranis; Video: Gerry Todd - Moranis; Floyd the Barber - Levy; backup singers, girl - extras

9 Weather (0:50)

The weather.

Gerry Todd - Moranis

9 Hockey (5:00)

The Leafs play the Red Wings, but mostly the organ music and upcoming concert info. Anthem sung by Mel Torme.

Foster Hewitt - Moranis; Mel Torme - Moranis; Announcer - Moranis

10 Behind the Scenes (0:35)

Who is behind the music, anyway?

DJ - Moranis

11 Larry Siegel (2:43)

How to make a record with everybody's favorite producer.

Larry Siegel - Moranis

12 Music and Love (4:25)

Some rambling thoughts about music, time, love...

DJ - Moranis

13 Autobahn (3.52)

The classic Kraftwerk song, and some final words about the classic final chord from Autobahn.

Singer - Moranis; DJ - Moranis

Released in 1989. Produced by Marc Giacomelli. Music by Kerry Crawford, Jonathan Goldsmith, Syd Kessler, Bill Carpenter. Lyrics by Rick Moranis, Marc Giacomelli, Syd Kessler, Bill Carpenter. Album notes by Gerry Todd.

Musicians - Kerry Crawford, Jerry Goldsmith, Brent Barkman, Steve Webster, Vern Dorge, John Johnson, Ron Allen, Dave Nichol, Bob DiSalle, Mike Francis, Greg Adams, Dave Piltch, Bob Piltch, Dick Smith, Syd Kessler, Bill Carpenter

Gerry Todd's album notes