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The Concert For the North Americas

60 minute Showtime special, aired 20 November 1985.

Martin Short's first live concert, interspersed with studio sketches and a wraparound featuring Jackie Rogers Jr. Co-produced by the CBC, this aired as The Martin Short Comedy Special in Canada in March of 1986. Written by veterans of the SCTV team, including Dick Blasucci, Paul Flaherty, Michael Short, and of course Martin Short, and directed by SCTV's John Blanchard. Featuring Ed Grimley, Jackie Rogers Jr, Irving Cohen, Jerry Lewis, and lawyer Nathan Thurm.

Further Viewing: The Concert for the Americas was a music festival featuring Frank Sinatra, held on August 20, 1982 and broadcast on Showtime.

1 Backstage I: Before Show Prayer

Martin and his manager pray for a good cassette deal on the special.

Martin Short; Rajiv Vindaloo (manager) - Christopher Guest; family - extras; Humphrey - Don Dickinson; Gil - Howard Jerome

2 Concert: Martin Short: Intro, I Am Me

Martin sings a song all about himself.

Martin Short; Gil - Howard Jerome

3 Concert: Doug Henning

Doug Henning performs some illusions. The spirits of illusion don't cooperate.

Doug Henning - Martin Short; girls, crew - extras; announcer - staff announcer

1b Backstage II: Jackie Rogers Jr

Jackie rehearses his number ('Movin On Up') backstage. It doesn't go over very well with Buddy. At the donut table, two thugs grab him and put him in the trunk of a car.

Jackie Rogers Jr - Martin Short; Buddy - extra, Levy (voice); pianist - extra; Marcel - Candy; Eddy - Levy; Humphrey - Don Dickinson

4 Concert: Full Moon Sketch

Ed is excited by his cousin's upcoming wedding. His cousin's brother, Mr Talbot arrives, and behaves very strangely, possibly because the moon is full.

Ed Grimley - Martin Short; Mr Talbot - Thomas

1c Backstage III

Gil watches tv backstage.

Gil - Howard Jerome; Pierre Trudeau - Short

5 TV: Promo: Tender Fella

From some of the producers of Tender mercies. Jerry works off a debt at a gas station, and bonds with Rosalee and her son.

Jerry Lewis as Mac - Martin Short; Susan oliver as Rosalee - Nancy Dolman; Mickey Shaunessy III - extra; announcer - staff announcer

6 Jackie Rogers Jr Part 1

The thugs carry Jackie up to their apartment.

Mr Fenton - Short; Marcel - Candy; Eddy - Levy

7 Concert: Announcement

Yolanda has a few announcements during the delay in the stage show. She then sings a blues version of 'Like a Virgin'.

Yolanda Devillbis - Martin

6a Jackie Rogers Jr Part 2

'Stupid' Eddy screws up and reveals their names. Marcel punishes him. They are asking for 3 million ransom. However, it turns out to be a gag for Hulk Hogan's mid-season replacement show 'Gotcha'. Jackie hugs the Hulk and gets tossed out the window into the back of a truck carrying a lion.

Mr Fenton - Short; Jackie Rogers Jr - Short; Marcel - Candy; Eddy - Levy; Hulk - extra; crew - extras

1d Backstage IV

Gil boots Trudeau out of his chair and watches more TV.

Gil - Howard Jerome; Pierre Trudeau - Short; Humphrey - Don Dickinson

8 TV: I Married Monty

Monty gets ready for dinner.

Montgomery Clift - Martin Short; Wife - Duke; kids - extras; announcer - staff announcer

9 TV: Irving Cohen's 90th Birthday Celebration

Irving is honored by his peers. Irving gives a speech to start the celebration. Charlton then stands up a gives a tribute, showing some footage from the 50s.

Documentary: HUAC Hearings

Footage of the McCarthy era; Charlton interviews Nathan Thurm, McCarthy's right-hand man.

Nathan Thurm - Short; Charlton Heston - Flaherty; Irving Cohen - Short

Charlton toasts Irving. For live entertainment, they bring out the lion tamers, only to find Jackie Rogers Jr.

Irving Cohen - Short; Edie - extra; sons - extras; Martina Navratilova - Short; Charlton Heston - Flaherty; Jackie Rogers Jr - Short; announcer - staff announcer

10 Concert: Paul Shaffer

Paul plays Nutrocker. Martin comes out sings a song. They do some schtick.

Paul Shaffer; Martin Short