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4 April 2024

Joe Flaherty Robin Duke on The Morning Show. Joe Warmington in the Toronto Sun. In pictures Toronto Star. Tributes at SCTV Reddit.

2 April 2024

Joe Flaherty From the National Post, Joe, we hardly knew ye. Interview with Dave Thomas on CBC Radio. Listen again: Joe guested on episodes 12 and 13 of the SCTV Podcast in 2022. So long, Guy.


13 March 2024

SCTV on Reddit As we approach the Ides of March, SCTV Reddit will doubtless provide a suitable commemoration - those cats celebrate everything!

16 January 2024

Bob and Doug McKenzie Standing once again on the right side of history in the battle against the punitive escalator beer tax imposed by the current anti-hoser government. More in the Toronto Sun and hear the spots at Here for Beer.

23 August 2023

Hall of Fame The Cast of SCTV is just one of the many 2023 nominees for the self-styled Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame. Vote early and vote often. (Thanks S. Dow)

16 February 2023

Bob and Doug McKenzie Standing on the right side of history in the battle against the punitive escalator beer tax imposed by the current anti-hoser government. More in the Toronto Sun and Broadcast Dialogue.

19 January 2023

Second City Toronto at 50 John Semley in Toronto Life magazine celebrates 50 years of Second City Toronto and the start of SCTV with an oral history.

2 December 2022

SCTV podcastSCTV Podcast Joe Flaherty returns for a second stellar interview on the SCTV Podcast. Not to be missed.

15 November 2022

SCTV Documentary While we wait for the official documentary, check out this unofficial documentary compiled from interviews and clips by Brad Steuernagel.

6 August 2022

SCTV Podcast The latest episode of the long-running SCTV Podcast features Joe Flaherty. Previous episodes have featured Juul Haalmeyer and writer Chris Cluess.

13 May 2021

SCTV Documentary After not confirming anything for years, a surprisingly quick response to the news that the long delayed project had been shelved. "A spokesperson for Toronto's Insight Productions, who shot the reunion with director Martin Scorsese, says that was 'a bit of a misunderstanding; the project has not been shelved; just delayed due to Mr. Scorsese's other production commitments.'" (from the Toronto Sun)

12 May 2021

SCTV Documentary According to Joe Flaherty, the Netflix project has been shelved.

12 May 2021

Shock Theatre Shock Theatre merch now available.

22 October 2020

SCTV Podcast SCTV aficionado Michael Delaney hosts The SCTV Podcast, "the ONLY podcast exclusively dedicated to the legendary sketch comedy show SCTV!" Two episodes up now, featuring guests Eric Drysdale and Horatio Sanz.

5 October 2020

Rick Moranis Rabbi Karlov has a few words on violence in New York City.

(Thanks Roberto Veri)

3 June 2020

SCTV Documentary Still no news on the Scorcese-helmed SCTV Netflix documentary - just a placeholder at Netflix (Thanks R Pachter)

16 May 2020

Fred Willard 1933-2020. Among many other accomplishments, the Second City veteran guested on Network 90 and SCTV Channel, guest hosted on John Candy's Second City Comedy Show and Big City Comedy shows, and appeared in both I, Martin Short specials. Tribute at The Second City.

15 April 2020

SCTV Cast Stars In the House interview with Andrea Martin, Martin Short, Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara.

11 April 2020

SCTV Cast For the Wednesday April 15 8PM ET slot, Stars In the House will feature Andrea Martin, Martin Short, Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara.

25 March 2020

SCTV Monument First mooted back in 2012 by Avenue Magazine in Edmonton, the thing has actually been built and installed in the ICE District. Item in Avenue. Apparently there will be some sort of official unveiling post-plague.

10 March 2020

Paul Flaherty SCTV writer, 'Clifford' director and much more, Flaherty is doing an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for preproduction of his next project 'Stealing Dawn.' The film is to include brother Joe Flaherty and Martin Short.

19 February 2020

Juul Haalmeyer To be honoured with the Nobis Industry Icon Award at the Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts and Design Awards Sunday, March 1 at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. Interview on Q on CBC Radio. Bio at the CAFTCAD site. Article in Toronto Star.

20 January 2020

The Oscar Subject of SCTV's longform parody The Nobel and one of our picks for the SCTV Film Festival, the 1966 widescreen classic The Oscar is being released on DVD for the first time in a brand-new 4K restoration courtesy of Kino Lorber. (Thanks Luke Maxwell)

25 October 2019

Juul Haalmeyer Will guest on the next Monkey Toast: The Improvised Talk Show, Saturday, November 2nd at The Social Capital Theatre, 154 Danforth Ave. in Toronto. Details at Monkey Toast.

6 January 2019

SCTV on BluRay and DVD Campaign While we await the Netflix special, perhaps now is a good time to recall the forgotten SCTV - the numerous sketches that still haven't made it to a DVD or streaming service near you, mostly (still) due to music clearances.

8 June 2018

Andrew Alexander Featured in a short film as part of the Governor General's Award celebrations.

1 June 2018

Andrew Alexander Ahead of his Governor General's Award, SCTV Producer Alexander talks to Q on CBC Radio.

13 May 2018

An Afternoon With SCTV Some quick reviews of the three-hour show, including the Toronto Sun, Montreal Gazette and Toronto Star. Also in the Star, an interview with show host Jimmy Kimmel.

10 May 2018

Rick Moranis Confirmed for the Afternoon With SCTV show on May 13 in at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto. Item at Second City. Limited tickets will be released, details also at Second City.

17 April 2018

An Afternoon With SCTV Tickets for the Afternoon With SCTV show on May 13 in at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto go on sale exclusively through Ticketmaster Monday, April 23rd starting at 10 am EST. Rick Moranis is reportedly being added to the panel. Item at the National Post. Info at The Second City.

12 April 2018

SCTV Documentary More details on the upcoming Netflix SCTV documentary - "Scorsese will reunite former SCTV co-stars Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short and Dave Thomas in front of a live audience for An Afternoon With SCTV on May 13 in Toronto, to be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. The reunion will anchor the documentary about the cult TV series featuring members of Canada’s Second City comedy troupe, to be shot over three days next month in Toronto, with Andrew Alexander, John Brunton and Lindsay Cox producing." Article in the Hollywood Reporter. Info at The Second City.

8 March 2018

Andrew Alexander Second City and SCTV producer Andrew Alexander will receive a Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award in broadcasting from the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards. Article in the Toronto Star.

4 March 2018

Dave Thomas Guests on Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast, talking about "his years with Second City (and SCTV), his transition to dramatic series writing, his admiration for Bob Hope and his working relationships with Dan Aykroyd, Eugene Levy, Tom Poston and Martin Short" and more.

28 February 2018

Martin Short Extended interview at Vulture.

20 December 2017

Dick Blasucci Guests on the I Was There Too podcast, discussing his key role as Network Executive in Scrooged. (Blasucci of course had previously played ABC network executive Victor Stracchi in The Godfather.) He also reveals that he is working on an SCTV reunion show for Netflix for late 2018. (Thanks Curt Silvers)

9 October 2017

SCTV Documentary Martin Short visited the Harold Ramis Film School in Chicago over the weekend and during a seminar revealed that he had been having conversations with Martin Scorsese, who is apparently working on an SCTV documentary (story at the Chicago Sun-Times).

Harold Ramis Film School The Harold Ramis Film School in Chicago is the only one in the world dedicated to comedy. Founded a year ago at The Second City in Ramis' honour, many SCTV cast members are also on its Advisory Board (visit Harold Ramis Film School).

19 July 2017

Bob and Doug McKenzie The finale from the McKenzie Brothers benefit, featuring a special guest vocalist, was bootlegged, and Cygnus X-1 has the video. CBC news has a brief recap of the show.

14 June 2017

Andrea Martin Talks to Pete Hammond on The Actor's Side about her latest TV successes, and reveals that the SCTV cast has gotten together recently for a "documentary" of some sort.

1 June 2017

Bob and Doug McKenzie Reuniting on the Toronto Second City mainstage July 18 for a benefit show, with a host of guests including "a Martin Short interview by Jiminy Glick, Dan Aykroyd, Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, Joe Flaherty, The Kids in the Hall's Dave Foley, Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald, and music from Paul Shaffer, Ian Thomas, Murray McLauchlan and a few surprise guests."

1 May 2017

ITV Studio From September 2014, here's an interview with some of the crew at the former ITV Studio in Edmonton, many of whom worked on SCTV back in the day. [Thanks Bronwyn Douwsma]

21 April 2017

Andrea Martin Starring in a new NBC sitcom Great News, premiering April 25. Interview in New York Magazine.

10 March 2017

Martin Short Recipient of a 2017 Governor General’s Performing Arts Award For Lifetime Artistic Achievement. Interview in the Ottawa Citizen.

7 March 2017

Eugene Levy Interviewed on the WTF podcast with Marc Maron [Starts at 15.00].

20 January 2017

Tony Rosato An extended profile of Tony Rosato's life is in the Globe and Mail Arts section, with quotes from Second City colleagues, including Robin Duke.

12 January 2017

Tony Rosato Sadly gone at 62. One of the two cast who joined SCTV during the crucial third series, coming from the Toronto Second City cast with Robin Duke, then jumping to Saturday Night Live. More from the Toronto Star and Toronto Sun. Profile at SplitSider. Arrivederci, Marcello.


7 January 2017

Schitt's Creek Returning for a third series on CBC in Canada, starting Tuesday January 10, starring Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara, with Robin Duke and John Hemphill.

9 December 2016

Len Stuart From the Official SCTV Facebook:

Today, on his birthday, we remember long-time co-owner of The Second City Len Stuart; a loving father, loyal friend and brilliant entrepreneur. Over the course of four decades, Len helped support the company through many defining challenges, including the most critical initial financing of the first seven episodes of SCTV. 185 episodes later, SCTV went on to become a seminal TV show garnering 13 Emmy Nominations and winning two.

8 March 2016

Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara Season 2 of their show Schitt's Creek premieres March 16 on Pop TV in the states; interview in the Washington Times.

2 March 2016

SCTV 40 Reunion Eugene Levy suggests in a brief interview that a 40th anniversary SCTV reunion could happen. The SCTV cast last reunited in 2009 for some live shows in Chicago celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Second City, and in 2008 for benefit shows at the Second City in Toronto.

22 February 2016

Len Stuart 1942-2016 An eventual co-owner of the Second City, Stuart also played a key role behind the scenes in financing SCTV and helping to get and keep the show on the air. Story in the Chicago Tribune. Tribute at the Second City website.

15 January 2016

Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara Their show Schitt's Creek returns to CBC with a second series.

26 November 2015

Mel's Rockpile Mel Slirrup gives a Rockin' Mel welcome to the opening act at a big stadium show.

11 November 2015

Dave Thomas The CBC Digital Archive has more SCTV-related clips, including this interview with Dave on Front Page Challenge.

9 November 2015

Catherine O'Hara Doing panel on this day in 1978 on Canada After Dark, from the CBC archives. Her show Schitt's Creek returns with a second series on January 12.

26 October 2015

Second City The Financial Post has a an article on the everyday benefits of improv in the corporation as pioneered by The Second City.

12 August 2015

Harold Ramis Over at Split Sider, in this all-too-brief clip from the Second City Archives, Harold Ramis talks about writing SCTV at the Comedy House in LA.

25 August 2015

Molly Earl Another episode of the intermittent Craft Break is now up at YouTube.

24 July 2015

Official SCTV Youtube The SCTV YouTube channel has gotten a refresh so head on over and subscribe.

15 July 2015

Cast vs Crew CBC Edmonton has an interview with Jennifer and Chris Candy about the super 8 footage shot in Edmonton by Rose Candy back in the day.

13 July 2015

Cast vs Crew Check out the highlight reel of archival super 8 footage of an SCTV cast vs crew softball game at Melonville Stadium, originally released as an extra on DVD Volume 4. (Although given SCTV moved back to Toronto to shoot at Magder Studios in March 82, summer of 81 would seem a more logical date for a game played in Edmonton.)

16 April 2015

Second City The Second City has a new project, airing this Saturday April 19 on Global, called The Second City Project. A number of bits are also available online. Article in the Times-Colonist. In addition, they are making content available on Vessel, including this classic SCTV News sketch from the otherwise unavailable Series 1.

24 March 2015

Andrew Alexander Happy birthday to the man who helped create SCTV and then steered it on its unlikely course, from a nascent Canadian network, to syndication in the US, to network television, pay TV, final syndication and DVD. Thanks for keeping the show on the air against some pretty long odds, and many happy returns!

17 March 2015

Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara Their show Schitt's Creek has been renewed for another series of 13 episodes, to air in 2016. The show also features John Hemphill in a recurring role, and SCTV writer Michael Short writes and produces.

13 January 2015

Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara Interview on CBC Radio's Q promoting their new show on CBC TV, the first two episodes of which are up at the Schitt's Creek page on the CBC website.

8 January 2015

Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara Their new series Schitt's Creek premieres January 13 at 9 p.m. on CBC (with two back-to-back episodes). The National Post has a review and thinks it's the best comedy on CBC in years. And not only that, it is also apparently very good.

25 December 2014

SCTV Christmas The Second City has been posting festive SCTV sketches to celebrate the holidays, and as an added bonus, they have included the never-released-on-DVD It's a Wonderful Film from series 6.

11 December 2014

SCTV Monument Still going, apparently. The project to erect a monument of some sort to SCTV in Edmonton is quietly grinding its way through the suffocating bureaucracy that envelops these sorts of things.

3 December 2014

Joe Flaherty As part of its Second City Archives project, Split Sider has posted a couple of Second City sketches from 1972, featuring among others, Joe Flaherty - one of which features his early William F Buckley impersonation.

6 November 2014

Andrea Martin Guests on the Hollywood Reporter Off the Cuff podcast.

23 September 2014

Andrea Martin Is doing the rounds for her new new memoir, Lady Parts, which features a chapter on her SCTV years. Interview in Canadian Press and an appearance on Q, which features some SCTV-era photos.

2 September 2014

Strange Brew Bob and Doug McKenzie's strange adventures are the topic of the Projection Booth podcast. Featuring special guests Dave Thomas, Steve De Jarnatt, Lynne Griffin, and Second City Television: A History and Episode Guide author Jeff Robbins.

12 August 2014

Robin Williams In tribute, The Second City in conjunction with Split Sider have posted three SCTV bits featuring the late comedian. This is the latest instalment of a new series of Second City Archives being presented at Split Sider.

9 August 2014

Andrea Martin AV Club interviews Andrea Martin, touching on SCTV along with some of the obscurest roles in her past. [Thanks J Robbins]

19 May 2014

House of Pancakes Veteran TV writer Bill Oakley looks back at the terrifying Evil House of Pancakes at Split Sider.

1 May 2014

SCTV One of the top 40 best cult TV comedies ever, according to Rolling Stone (be prepared for a lot of clicking to get to the SCTV entry). [Thanks J Robbins]

4 March 2014

John Candy 20 years gone. Global News has posted a tribute.

27 February 2014

Harold Ramis The Second City has also posted a short tribute.

26 February 2014

Harold Ramis Dave Thomas talks to Huffington Post about working with Ramis in the early days.

24 February 2014

Harold Ramis The Second City has posted Famous Philosophers' School and an episode of Feedback to their SCTV page in tribute. So long, Moe.


11 February 2014

Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara Hot on the heels of the Andrea Martin show, another sitcom with ex-cast members is apparently in the works - the CBC has announced Schitt’s Creek starring Levy and O'Hara.

1 February 2014

Juul Haalmeyer THE MOVIE - a feature length documentary about the great Juul Haalmeyer is in production. An Indiegogo campaign (that we regrettably missed) just concluded with only 1/5th of the funds requested however - maybe they will give it another go.

22 January 2014

Count Floyd Is back, featured in a new music video by Edmonton band Wet Secrets. Article in Exclaim and at

13 December 2013

Andrea Martin To star in a new 12 episode series called 'Working the Engels' (currently shooting in Toronto). According to Hollywood Reporter, both Martin Short and Eugene Levy will guest.

16 September 2013

Martin Short An hour long chat with Conan O'Brien on Serious Jibber-Jabber.

14 September 2013

Martin Short Brings his one-man show to Kitchener for his only Ontario date on September 19. Interview in the Guelph Mercury.

29 August 2013

Catherine O'Hara Guests on the WTF Podcast (premium content, membership required).

8 August 2013

James Gray SCTV Guide is saddened to learn of the death of long time Guide correspondent and contributor, Toronto musician James Gray who, aside from playing keyboards for Blue Rodeo for many years, was a dedicated SCTV fan. Obituary in the Toronto Star.

15 July 2013

Libby Wolfson Libby has a new(-ish) show called 'It's Personal' on behalf of the Women's College Hospital Foundation. Two episodes are on Youtube: The first show and a second with guest Marilyn Denis.

8 July 2013

SNL and SCTV For anybody yearning for the days when you could watch SNL followed immediately by SCTV, the Museum of Classic Chicago Television has a clip from WMAQ Channel 5 that should bring those memories flooding back. [Thanks Mark Yurkiw]

7 July 2013

Rick Moranis Talks to the CBC via Dan Reynish at CBC Saskatchewan and UPDATE Jian Ghomeshi on his show Q about his new record My Mother's Brisket and Other Love Songs. And an official Youtube Channel with some audio.

16 June 2013

Bernard Sahlins Second City co-founder, co-creator of SCTV and a producer of the first series died today at age 90. His memoir, Days and Nights at the Second City was published in 2002. Reminiscence by Denise DeClue in the Times.

10 June 2013

Andrea Martin Wins another Tony award, this time for Pippin. [Thanks J Robbins]

4 June 2013

The SCTV Collection This was released last year, but 'til now, we didn't have any information on what it was exactly. But thanks to Swedish fan Anders Knutsson we now have the details (with photo). Currently a steal on for 70 bucks CDN.

23 May 2013

moranis_brisketRick Moranis Is releasing a new album, My Mother's Brisket and Other Love Songs in June. Update Nerdist has a 90 minute podcast interview with Rick covering pretty much his entire career. [Thanks J Robbins]

18 May 2013

Poochare Dog Food The original BonJour Jeans ad parodied in the Poochare spot is up on YouTube. [Thanks Steve Rock]

24 April 2013

Dave Thomas Avenue Magazine of Edmonton reports that Dave Thomas will be honoured at the Alberta Media Production Industries Association 40th-anniversary celebration with a Special Achievement Award. The ceremony will be May 25 at the Winspear Centre. They also note that their push for a monument in Edmonton to SCTV continues unabated.

10 February 2013

Second City Network Good news from the Second City Network - an "online extension of our theaters in Chicago and Toronto presenting funny and original content created by writers and performers from The Second City community." They've started posting SCTV sketches every Monday and Friday, including one that has not yet been released on DVD ('Gypsy Mythology'). None of the three posted so far was put up on the Official SCTV Youtube Channel.

30 January 2013

Greatest Ever? As part of an ongoing series called "TV Club 10" at A.V. Club, Phil Dyess-Nugent takes a look at the 10 episodes of SCTV that best make the case for SCTV as not just the greatest sketch show in the history of television, but the greatest ever.

15 January 2013

SCTV Avenue RetrospectiveEd Grimley According to TV Shows on DVD, the complete 13 episode series of The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley will be released as a manufacture-on-demand DVD set from Warner on January 29. [Thanks J Robbins]

8 December 2012

Molly Earl This flew a little under the radar outside the craft circuit, but Molly Earl has a new show, Craft Break, with sidekick Rhonda Calhoon.

7 October 2012

Second City Television The Globe and Mail reports that the Second City is developing a new sketch comedy show. has provided a helpful timeline of the Second City's attempts to get back on the air.

16 September 2012

SCTV monument Edmonton magazine Avenue's SCTV Retrospective and monument fundraiser was apparently a success, despite Joe Flaherty having to cancel at the last minute due to illness (we all wish him a speedy recovery). There's a (very) short video showing some of the goings on. Update: Avenue now has a small photo gallery of the event.

30 August 2012

SCTV Avenue RetrospectiveSCTV monument Edmonton magazine Avenue has arranged to have Joe Flaherty attend their September 6 SCTV Monument fundraiser. Tickets are $25 and already on sale. The event is still fully endorsed by the Second City.

19 August 2012

SCTV Locations The Edmonton SCTV Locations site is also now running a blog-type affair with news, updates and corrections.

26 July 2012

SCTV monument Back in January, Edmonton magazine Avenue floated the idea of erecting a monument to SCTV in Edmonton, where series 3 and 4 were shot at ITV studios and various locations in the city. To their credit, they are still running with the idea, to the extent of holding a fundraiser and SCTV retrospective on September 6, 2012 at the Metro Cinema, to, in their words, "watch classic skits, revel in a creative era, hear from those who were there and work toward our goal of immortalizing this seminal TV show in Edmonton." Tickets are $25 and already on sale. The event is fully endorsed by the Second City.

1 July 2012

Andrea Martin Appearing Wednesday July 4 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto for the 'In conversation...' series. Also, brief interviews in the Globe and Mail and Toro.

21 June 2012

Johnny LaRue Is the subject of a tribute by Illinois band Lizards from Afar. Listen to The Legend of Johnny LaRue.

7 June 2012

Martin Short Promoting Madagascar 3, talks to Huffington Post about his career and SCTV vs SNL. Part 1 | Part 2

13 May 2012

SCTV coming to CityTV In 1984, CityTV in Toronto started running SCTV in syndication; Retrontario has posted two promos used to celebrate the occasion - one from Edith Prickley, and another by Count Floyd.

29 April 2012

Face Off Subject of the Power Play parody, the classic Canadian hockey movie has been released on DVD and BluRay. Featuring actual footage of the NHL in another era and cameos by players, the DVD also includes Power Play as an extra. See also

4 April 2012

Eugene Levy On CBC Q, talking SCTV, Gilda Radner, Christopher Guest - here. [Update: dead link - on web archive]

29 March 2012

Martin Short The broadcast premiere of his CBC special 'I, Martin Short, Goes Home' is coming up fast, and the Second City now has a promotional page with some photos and clips. Interview in the Hamilton Spectator.

3 March 2012

Martin Short Has an hour special 'I, Martin Short, Goes Home', filmed in Hamilton, will air on CBC on April 3 at 9 p.m. Also, a recent interview.

7 February 2012

The Second City To receive a National Association of Broadcasters Spirit of Broadcasting Award at the 2012 NAB Show this April in Las Vegas.

31 January 2012

SCTV monument Avenue magazine has posted an update on their campaign to erect a monument to SCTV in Edmonton, along with the transcript of their pitch.

4 January 2012

SCTV monument Edmonton magazine Avenue has proposed erecting an SCTV monument to honour the ITV years when SCTV was shot in a local studio and at various locations in the city. The proposal has received a fair amount of press both for and against, but if you are in favour, they've got a petition for you to sign. As an added bonus, the January cover story is an interview with Joe Flaherty. Colby Cosh has provided a useful backgrounder at Maclean's.

3 December 2011

Front Page Challenge CBC archives has a clip from March 20, 1983 of Dave Thomas guesting on Front Page Challenge, which was itself the subject of the SCTV parody Headline Challenge.

21 October 2011

Goin' Down the Road The Canadian film, subject of the classic 'Garth, Gord, Fiona and Alice' parody, now has a sequel featuring the original cast - including Jayne Eastwood - called Down the Road Again. The National Post has the story, as does Macleans', while the Globe and Mail has a review. Official site.

18 October 2011

Joe Flaherty Talks to the Edmonton Journal about his upcoming appearances at the inaugural Edmonton Comedy Festival (October 19-23, 2011). He'll be kicking off the festival tomorrow evening (19th) at 7 p.m. at the Citadel, as well as performing with improv troupe Die-Nasty throughout. There's also an interview in Gig City. Finally, Joe revisits ITV (now Global Edmonton) for a chat - video | gallery

15 October 2011

Andrea Martin SCTV Guide was fortunate enough to catch Final Days! Everything Must Go!! the other night - the show features plenty of SCTV content (including SCTV sketches on screen between costume changes) and plenty more besides. Her tour continues - upcoming dates; see the opening montage.

9 September 2011

Joe Flaherty Joe is one of the headliners at the Edmonton Comedy Festival, October 19-23, 2011.

8 September 2011

Andrea Martin Bringing her one-woman show Final Days! Everything Must Go!! to Ottawa's Centrepointe Theatre October 14. There's also an interview in Metro News.

9 June 2011

The Edmonton Years Global Edmonton (formerly ITV) has an item about the Edmonton years, 1980-81, when SCTV was shot in their very own studio. There's an interview with a couple of veteran crew members who are still working at the studio and a quiz. They've also put up an interactive Google map of Edmonton locations, based on Trevor Stenson's Edmonton Locations site.

3 June 2011

Women Fully Clothed Featuring Robin Duke and Jayne Eastwood, appearing in Gravenhurst June 10, and then for a run at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto June 14-19. Northeast US in the fall, details at their website.

20 May 2011

SCTV on Comedy Network For a rundown of what syndicated episodes have been shown on the most recent Comedy Network run (since debuting last fall), 'Lafe News' has been kindly posting a running tally on Google Groups.

5 March 2011

Women Fully Clothed Featuring Robin Duke and Jayne Eastwood, with a new revue - 'Older and Hotter' - directed by John Hemphill, will be appearing in Ottawa April 1 and 2 at the Centrepointe Theatre.

14 January 2011

Andrea Martin Bringing her one woman show Final Days! Everything Must Go!! to Belleville, Ontario, for two shows January 29, and Newmarket February 7. And an interview on Q TV.

8 November 2010

Andrea Martin Bringing her one woman show Final Days! Everything Must Go!! to the Grand Theatre in London, Ontario, November 13. Now also twittering at iamandreamartin.

20 September 2010

SCTV On the Air Comedy Gold is carrying SCTV after all, in addition to the Comedy Network, with two shows weekdays back to back at 8am, 6pm and 3am. So far they've shown:

  • Sept. 7: Ethnic Humor, Dialing for Dollars
  • Sept. 8: Therese Et Joe, Leave It To Beaver
  • Sept. 9: Goodbye America, Madame Blitzman
  • Sept. 10: Officer Friendly, Season 2 Premiere
  • Sept. 13: Bob Hope Desert Classic, Kidnapping of Maurice Green (both without final segments for some reason)
  • Sept. 14: Writer's Strike, Municipal Election
  • Sept. 15: Arabs, Happy Endings
  • Sept. 16: Undersea World, Edith Prickley, Station Manager
  • Sept. 17: 30th Anniversary, The Occult

[Thanks B Douwsma]

12 September 2010

SCTV On the Air Contrary to an announcement made by CTV earlier in the summer, SCTV is not on its new Comedy Gold network. It has instead returned to the Comedy Network (another CTV property). From what I can gather from their schedule, it is on several times on Sundays with a rogue appearance at 4:30 AM on Thursdays.

7 September 2010

Mean Joe Greene Playhouse Back in '82, former Steelers Joe Greene and Rocky Bleier guested on SCTV, and thanks to Google News, we can see how this played in the Pittsburg papers. Read all about it in the Pittsburg Press from Monday, May 22 and Tuesday, July 20. [Thanks J Wolper]

14 July 2010

Andrea Martin According to the Canadian Press, Andrea Martin will be performing a new one-woman play, "Final Days! Everything Must Go!!" at the Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville from August 27-28. Quote: "I talk about my early days in Canada, I do sketches from 'SCTV,' I do my Broadway songs."

21 June 2010

SCTV On the Air According to a news release from CTV in Canada, they are launching a new cable specialty channel on 2 August 2010, to be called Comedy Gold. SCTV is among the "comedy classics" confirmed for the new channel.

18 April 2010

SCTV BundleSCTV Bundle Over at the SHOUT! Factory online shop, new this year is the SCTV Bundle - all five SCTV DVD box sets and Christmas with SCTV, the whole shebang in other words, for under $180. Bargain city.

11 March 2010

SCTV Theme A new feature on SCTV's theme music is now available on the Features pages, including lead sheets by Ira Newborn for the musically inclined.

23 February 2010

SCTV Reunion A review of last December's benefit SCTV reunion in Chicago, along with some pics has been posted at the Frogs and Yarn blog, who has enviable perspective, having attended both reunions (Toronto 2008 and Chicago 2009) for comparison.

16 December 2009

Andrew Alexander Interviewed by the CBC, with photo gallery.

15 December 2009

SCTV Golden Classics PBS station WLIW/Channel 21 in New York City is premiering a new public television special, SCTV Golden Classics, in honor of the Second City 50th Anniversary. The special airs, appropriately, this Thursday (Dec 17) at 9PM. SCTV Golden Classics will air nationwide on public television stations beginning March 2010. The New York Times has a review of the show.

12 December 2009

SCTV Reunion Time Out Chicago has already posted a quick review of the first reunion show. A sketch list posted before the show (by 'Vic Arpeggio') had the following bits:

  • Guy Caballero opening
  • Classroom/ cast
  • SCTV news
  • Sexist/ Harold, Mary, Catherine
  • Tex & Edna
  • Money Talks
  • Dusty Towne Christmas Medley
  • Blackout
  • Dinner Theatre/ cast
  • Sammy Maudlin/ Bittman, Lola, Jackie Rogers, Lady Goo Goo (Martin)
  • Bill Needle Review
  • Obama/ Eugene
  • Pot/ Dave & Marty
  • Kinsey/ Andrea
  • Count Floyd w Michael Caine
  • English as a second language/ Perini
  • Funeral/ cast

More 50th anniversary press: Chicago Sun-Times - Second City alums get back to their roots on stage; Toronto Sun - SCTV reunion shows soul of satire; - 50 years of Second City comedy

4 December 2009

Tony Rosato In a lengthy piece today, the Toronto Star reports that Tony Rosato is finally free and getting back to work. The Star originally broke the story of his absurd two-year stint in prison without a trial, all the while not receiving medical attention for his condition. He will be attending the 50th Anniversary in Chicago next weekend.

30 November 2009

Andrew Alexander The longstanding owner of Second City, founder of Second City in Toronto and one of the original producers of SCTV talks to Time Out Chicago about the Second City's 50th anniversary, SCTV and more. The 50th Anniversary weekend, featuring two SCTV reunion shows, starts Friday December 11.

13 November 2009

Andrea Martin For SCTV fans with kids, Martin will be reading Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang at the Young Centre in the Distillery District (Toronto) November 14 at 2PM. She then takes the show to Ottawa November 22. She talks to the Ottawa Citizen about kids books and the upcoming reunion.

4 November 2009

SCTV Reunion The Second City has announced the complete lineup for the 50th anniversary weekend, and tickets for all events are on sale from November 5 at 10AM.

23 October 2009

SCTV Reunion The Second City has announced the panelists for the 50th anniversary weekend, including an SCTV panel with "Martin Short, Andrea Martin, Eugene Levy and fellow cast members."

11 September 2009

SCTV Reunion Tickets go on sale for the reunion show Monday September 14 at 10am. The Second City has all the details at their 50th anniversary microsite. Prices range from the $750 VIP package to $175 for the cheapskates.

4 August 2009

Second City 50SCTV Reunion The Chicago Tribune reports that SCTV's original cast (plus Martin Short) will reunite for the Second City's 50th anniversary celebrations. Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara, Harold Ramis, Martin Short and Dave Thomas will appear for two shows, Friday Dec. 11 on Second City's mainstage in Chicago. Once again, the shows will benefit the Second City Alumni Fund. The weekend will also feature panels and screenings, and performances by a host of other Second City alumni. The Second City has a news item and a microsite for the festivities.

21 June 2009

Martin Short Hosts and performs in his own special "Let Freedom Hum," taped during Chicago's Just For Laughs festival and which will air Friday, June 26th on Superstation TBS. Short interview at

26 April 2009

Bob and Doug McKenzie Episode 1 is available for viewing on the animated Bob and Doug's very own microsite at Global TV. [Thanks J Tanner]

13 April 2009

Joe Flaherty To be honoured, along with Andrew Alexander, with a lifetime achievement award from the Chicago Improv Festival on April 15. Interview at Decider Chicago.

24 March 2009

Bob and Doug McKenzie The first of 22 episodes of the new animated series, announced awhile back, finally gets its premiere on Sunday, April 19th at 7:30pm ET on Global in Canada. Press release here. Update April 14: Hosermation for a hoser nation.

25 January 2009

3D Stewardesses If you can't get enough of stewardesses in 3D, Shout Factory is releasing the original 3D stewardess classic The Stewardesses on DVD. Apparently the inspiration for SCTV's 3D House of Stewardesses (included as a bonus on the set), this 40th anniversary 2 disc edition presents the full, UNCUT film in the original 3D color and black-and-white restored editions as well as a color 2D version.

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