Not really all that frequently asked questions

Why are syndicated reruns of SCTV not airing in the US?
Good question. NBC supposedly had the rights up to 2005 or something but last showed them in January '02. TV Land ran them for awhile back in fall '05. Since then, nothing. You have heard that a bunch have been released on DVD though, right?

Is SCTV available on DVD?
Yes. See the DVD Guide.

Will the non-NBC (series 1-3 and 6) series ever be released?
While the NBC-era shows are now all available on DVD, we still await the Global, CBC and Cinemax seasons. The producers always stated that they intended to release the entire series on DVD. However, at this point, it seems highly unlikely that any further sets will be released.

Why did it take so long to release SCTV on DVD?
From a post to alt.tv.sctv by Dave Thomas:

"Here's the deal on the TV shows. Andrew Alexander and the other financial partners would've released the tapes on home video years ago but for a little item they overlooked back in the eighties called "clearing music rights". We were true guerrilla TV in that when we wanted background music we just lifted it from wherever we wanted. Consequently, today, to release the shows on home video, it would cost millions to clear the music. Now, I don't know that the same issue arises for TV broadcast. I think there is a different status on the music for TV broadcast."

In the event, it (presumably) didn't take millions, but it did take a long time.

I heard something about a new Strange Brew movie - what's up?
It very nearly happened in 1999, but, tragically, insurance fell through at the last moment. From a post to alt.tv.sctv by Dave Thomas:

"Currently, there is nothing happening on "Strange Brew II". I lost a bundle last year when it fell apart. And although there is mounting interest at the studios now for 80's stuff, they haven't got around to Bob and Doug. Maybe. As Sean Connery says, "Never say never."

Do you know how I can contact [name of SCTV cast member]?
No. SCTV Guide is not affiliated with anybody official. Try The Second City (www.secondcity.com) maybe, and let us know how you make out. Once upon a time at various times, Dave Thomas, Mike Short, Joe Flaherty and Rick Moranis posted to alt.tv.sctv.

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