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Improv and Sketch Comedy and home of the stage show where SCTV was conceived.

Video from the Second City, SCTV clips

YouTube: Official SCTV Channel

Facebook: Official SCTV | SCTV Network

Twitter: Official SCTV

Twitter: Robin Duke

Twitter: Andrea Martin

Women Fully Clothed featuring Robin Duke and Jayne Eastwood

Andrea Martin

Shout! Factory
Producers of the SCTV DVDs.

BluRay and DVD Campaign
Lobbying to get more SCTV released.


Newsgroup: Discussion, trading, trivia. If it's SCTV, someone here probably knows the answer.


SCTV Locations - see the Edmonton locations where such film greats as Play It Again, Bob and Polynesiantown were shot; and they have a blog.

The SCTV Archive blog on tumblr

SCTV...On The Air (includes video and audio clips) and The Hoser

A handy list of track times for the SCTV DVD Volume 1.

The totally decent Ed Grimley fansite Totally Decent, featuring a handy guide to Ed Grimley's on-air appearances through the years All things Bob and Doug, including radio clips and other beauty content.

Get "Stairways To Heaven" Back on the Air Petition

Canoe's SCTV archive

CBC Television Series archive

Of Interest

Saturday Night Live Transcripts

Godspell 1972 All about the 1972 Toronto production of Godpell, which featured Eugene Levy, Martin Short, Andrea Martin, Dave Thomas, and Jayne Eastwood

Maniac Mansion - includes a list of SCTV references

Harold Ramis news site

The Paley Center for Media (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio)

Count Floyd is in good company at E-Gor's Chamber of TV Horror Hosts


VH1 interview with Joe Flaherty about SCTV on DVD.

Globe and Mail interview with Joe Flaherty about returning to The Second City stage.

IGN FilmForce interview with Dave Thomas, and 10 Questions.

IGN FilmForce interview with Eugene Levy.

Chartattack interview with Eugene Levy in 2000.

Salon interview with Catherine O'Hara in 2000, about Best In Show.

Dave Thomas talks to Dave Coulier about SCTV and other stuff.

IGN FilmForce interview with Harold Ramis.

DVD Movie Guide interview with Harold Ramis.

Yesterdayland Interview with Harold Ramis.

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