"...and then I took all the 90 minute shows, I cut 'em up into 30 minute shows and I sold them to Ernie Rhodes."


Syndication Episode Guide

Syndication in the U.S.

U.S. Syndication Episode Guide

Syndication Edits post-1999


After it was finally cancelled, SCTV was syndicated in 185 half-hour shows; unfortunately, the Network 90 and Cinemax shows were rather unceremoniously chopped and edited to fit the 30 minute format, and quite a bit of material was dropped altogether. The syndicated versions of the first three series, originally half an hour themselves, follow the original shows pretty closely, with some odd exceptions.

SCTV Guide matches the episodes as they were originally broadcast. Well, even this is not entirely true; US versions of the original Series 1-3 varied a bit from the Canadian shows, while Series 4 and 5 aired in 60 minute (not 90) episodes on the CBC in Canada. Regardless, what's in the Guide may not match what you may have recently (after 1984) seen on TV. I've made some notes regarding these syndicated shows throughout the guide.

To further complicate matters, US and Canadian syndicated shows also differ, with the Canadian ones being 1 to 2 minutes longer. The more recent Comedy Channel and NBC run (c.1998 on) has featured syndicated shows that have been further edited for what appears to be music rights issues.

Syndication show staff announcer was Robert Corness (also the announcer for Cycle 2).

Syndication Episode Guide

Compiled by Larchman

This guide follows the order of the Canadian version of the syndicated shows. Click the syndicated show number to see a list of sketches in the show.

Series 1

1: Backstage
2: Murder At SCTV
3: Ethnic Humour
4: Crosswords
5: Match Unto My Feet
6: Memoirs Of Anton Chekhov
7: Dialing For Dollars
8: Shock Theatre
9: Philosophy Street
10: Therese Et Joe
11: Broads Behind Bars
12: The Taxidermist
13: Ben Hur
14: The Hefty Neil Story
15: Leave It To Beaver
16: Goodbye America
17: Galaxy 66
18: Madame Blitzman
19: The $129,000 Question
20: Dr Tongue's Evil House Of Wax
21: The Sammy Maudlin Show
22: World At War
23: The Grapes Of Mud
24: Officer Friendly
25: King Of The Popes
26: Lust For Paint

Series 2

27: Second Season Premiere
28: Bob Hope Desert Classic
29: Kidnapping Of Moe Green
30: SCTV Solid Gold Telethon
31: Writer's Strike
32: Municipal Election
33: How The Middle East Was Won
34: The Mirthmakers
35: Undersea World Of Cousteau
36: Edith Prickley, Stn Mgr
37: SCTV 30th Anniversary
38: The Occult
39: Bad Acting In Hollywood
40: Alfred Hitchcock Presents...
41: Fighting Air Dogs
42: Death Takes No Holiday
43: Rock Concert
44: Fantasy Island
45: On The Waterfront Again
46: SCTV Disco
47: Pipeline
48: Consumer Action Line
49: Relaxing With Raoul
50: The Flaming Turkey

Series 3

51: Lee Iacocca's Rock Concert
52: Thursday Night Live
53: Death Of A Salesman
54: My Factory, My Self
55: Death Motel
56: The Lone Ranger Show
57: Play It Again, Bob
58: Gaslight
59: Man's Ability To Imitate
60: Rock Pile: Speed Of Light
61: The Sammy Maudlin Show
62: Hugh Betcha's Night Gallery
63: Star Wars
64: Hollywood Salutes Its Extras
65: The Irwin Allen Show
66: Big Brother
67: Two-Way TV
68: Alpha Channel
69: Midnight Express Special
70: Quincy, Cartoon Coroner
71: The Mating Game
72: Gene Shalit's America
73: Rock Pile: MacArthur Park
74: Dick Cavett

Series 4 and 5

75: Battle Of The PBS Stars
76: Fishin' Musician: The Tubes
77: Merv: The Special Edition
78: Polynesiantown
79: Walter Cronkite's Brain
80: Lunchtime Street Beef
81: Gerry Todd Show: Tom Munroe
82: Days Of The Week #1
83: Godfather I
84: Godfather II
85: One On the Town: L Helm
86: Days Of The Week #2
87: I'm Taking My Own Head...
88: Mean Joe Greene Playhouse
89: Days Of The Week #3
90: Bouncing Back To You I
91: Bouncing Back To You II
92: Days Of The Week #4
93: Great White North: Ian Thomas
94: Rome, Italian Style
95: Sammy Maudlin: Skip Bittman
96: Days Of The Week #5
97: Rockpile: Roy Orbison
98: Indecent Exposure I
99: Indecent Exposure II
100: Melonvote I
101: Melonvote II
102: The Jazz Singer
103: Soapy Maxwell
104: Gerry Todd Show 2
105: Days Of The Week #6
106: Sweeps Week I
107: Sweeps Week II
108: Sweeps Week III
109: Stars In One: Linda Hopkins
110: Days Of The Week #7
111: Chariots Of Eggs
112: Moral Majority
113: The Nutty Lab Assistant
114: Days Of The Week #8
115: CCCP I
116: CCCP II
117: Dr X

Series 4 and 5 (cont'd)

118: 3D Stake From the Heart
119: Days of the Week #9
120: Towering Inferno I
121: Towering Inferno II
122: The Happy Wanderers: Linsk Minyk
123: Midnight Video Special
124: Days of the Week #10
125: Great White North Palace I
126: Great White North Palace II
127: Days of the Week #11
128: Days of the Week #12
129: Christmas I
130: Christmas: Happy Wanderers
131: Christmas: Nutcracker Suite
132: Christmas: Staff Party
133: Maudlin's Eleven I
134: Maudlin's Eleven II
135: 3D Firing Line: Midnight Cowboy
136: Vic Arpeggio
137: I Was a Teenage Communist
138: Oh, That Rusty!
139: New York Rhapsody
140: Pepi Longsocks/Sammy Maudlin
141: Mrs Falbo: Liddy/Merv: The 60's
142: CBC I
143: CBC II
144: Sammy Maudlin 23rd Anniversary
145: Mel's Rock Pile: Punk Rock
146: Jane Eyrehead
147: NASA Launch: Robert Gordon
148: 3D House Of Beef
149: Bowery Boys/Maudlin: Pavarotti
150: Zontar I
151: Zontar II
152: Teacher's Pet
153: The William B. Show
154: Bobby Bittman Retires
155: Golden Choice Awards I
156: Golden Choice Awards II
157: Wok On The Wild Side
158: South Sea Sinner
159: Irv Goldfarb/One On the Town

Series 6

160: Cdn Gaffes and Practical Amusements
161: Scary Previews
162: Oliver Grimley
163: Das Boobs
164: Youth, Do They Give A Damn?
165: Happy Hour: Six Gun Justice 6
166: Celebrity Faerie Tayles
167: Gimme Jackie
168: It's A Wonderful Film I
169: It's A Wonderful Film II
170: Happy Hour: Six Gun Justice 7
171: Jackie for President
172: Stalag SCTV I
173: Stalag SCTV II
174: Happy Hour: Six Gun Justice 8
175: Allenscam
176: Black Like Vic I
177: Black Like Vic II
178: Happy Hour: Six Gun Justice 10
179: 2009 I
180: 2009 II
181: Maudlin O' The Night
182: Stars In One: Bob Hope
183: Happy Hour: Six Gun Justice 11
184: Hollywood Dirt Tonight
185: The Date Debate

Syndication in the United States

John Hedegor

Episodes of SCTV were syndicated (or re-syndicated in the case of Series 1-3) around late 1984 (shortly after the Cinemax series ended) by a company called Blair Entertainment, I believe. These appeared on WGN in Chicago. Then, when Nick at Nite picked up SCTV in 1988, they were syndicated by Rhodes Entertainment Group (I'm not sure of the name.). This would normally make little if any difference, except that the shows were not always identical from one syndicator to the other. Some Blair episodes had the sketches in different running order from the Rhodes shows (which were often different from the original Canadian shows!), or had different sketches inserted. Some shows combined material from the syndicated and NBC versions. Some shows gave incomplete credits (one director would be credited, when some shows had more than one, depending on the sketches involved; also, performance credits were often incomplete: Robin Duke and Tony Rosato often appeared in shows credited to Catherine O'Hara and John Candy, and John Hemphill and Mary-Charlotte Wilcox appeared in many more shows than those in which they were credited). Rhodes tended to censor the episodes much more strictly. Sketches dealing with drug abuse were particular targets. One show edited part of a Floyd Robertson / Earl Camembert newscast because of some jokes about marijuana (yet they left in the newscast where Earl was high on drugs!). Also, Rhodes edited out the entire Dr. Braino sketch with Candy and Joe Flaherty and replaced it with "Dr. Tongue's 3-D House of Stewardesses!" All in all, a very messy situation (I remember for a while Rhodes shows aired on Nick at Nite while Blair shows aired at the same time on WGN!).

But wait! There's more!

Both Blair and Rhodes cut the third series episodes (CBC) very harshly. Some sketches were scattered into the NBC cut-downs, but many sketches were left out entirely, most notably the parody of the film "Gaslight", most of the Bill Needle sketches, and the McKenzie sketches in which Bob and Doug were thrown out of the SCTV studios for being disruptive and had to do The Great White North in various outdoor locations. Also, one whole show was missing: the parody of "The Cisco Kid" in which actual old film footage was used, with silly voices dubbed on the soundtrack. Evidently it was left out for legal reasons involving the old footage (or possibly because none of the cast members were in it). Out of 26 shows (actually just 25, as one was a "Best Of"), Blair and Rhodes both managed to pare them down to 21.

Rhodes and Blair ignored the Cinemax episodes completely, although I believe this was due to contract restrictions rather than misgivings over content. The Cinemax shows, however, were a bit raunchier than their predecessors, and Flaherty did indeed utter a swear word in one show ("Gaffes and Practical Amusements").

Anyhow, in 1999 a company called WIC gained the rights to SCTV. They obtained the Cinemax shows, thus expanding the number from 156 to 185. But WIC re-edited the shows yet again. Sketches from all over SCTV's history can often be found in one half-hour! Many of the sketches from the third series (like "Gaslight") were restored, but the order was shaken up even further, making the shows harder to follow chronologically.

The NBC "Later" shows were altered from the WIC shows, with more cuts for commercials and a new opening (with the "Later" logo) added on. "Later" also often obnoxiously ran only halves of shows (Part One of the CCCP1 and Stalag SCTV shows were aired, but not Part Two).

On top of that, because of the ongoing musical-rights problem, some sketches with copyrighted music have either been re-dubbed or erased (like Bill Murray singing "Mrs. Robinson") or eliminated entirely (like "Stairways to Heaven").

Again, a very messy situation. Syndicating a show like SCTV (at least, in its 90-minute form) is a risky proposition anyway, and we should at least give the syndicators points for trying. But the presentation by all three has left a very great deal to be desired.

The Blair and Rhodes shows have the same generic opening credits that the WIC shows have (with the TV sets being thrown off the balcony).

U.S. Syndication Episode Guide

The list numbers the US syndicated shows exactly as they appear on the Blair synopsis sheets handed out with the shows in the U.S. The order is essentially the Network 90 shows, shown in order interspersed with Series 3 shows (and two Series 2 shows), followed by Series 1 and 2 in order. As these are from Blair shows, Series 6 is not included. Unfortunately, the synopsis sheets don't provide complete sketch lists, just highlights. With that caveat, I could only find one discrepancy with the original Canadian syndicated shows: according to the US synopsis, Indira is included in Midnight Video Special (60A-123C), but it didn't appear in the Canadian show to my knowledge.

The US syndication package doesn't include 3-8 (Gaslight), 3-9 (Man's Ability To Imitate) or 3-22 (Gene Shalit's America), but many of the sketches from those episodes did wind up in the season 4-5 cut-downs aired on both sides of the border.

Episodes are grouped according to minor differences on the sheets: 1-20 are numbered without the 'A' designation; starting at 41A, the pages have a different letterhead; starting at 109A, the letterhead changes back and there are no credits; the letterhead changes again at 131A.

US Group 1

1: Battle Of The PBS Stars
2: On The Waterfront Again
3: Fishin' Musician: The Tubes
4: Fantasy Island
5: Lee Iacocca's Rock Concert
6: Merv: The Special Edition
7: Polynesiantown
8: Walter Cronkite's Brain
9: Lunchtime Street Beef
10: Gerry Todd Show: Tom Munroe
11: Days Of The Week #1
12: Godfather I
13: Godfather II
14: Play It Again, Bob
15: One On the Town: L Helm
16: Days Of The Week #2
17: I'm Taking My Own Head...
18: The Sammy Maudlin Show
19: Rock Pile: Speed Of Light
20: Mean Joe Greene Playhouse

US Group 2

21A: Days Of The Week #3
22A: Bouncing Back To You I
23A: Bouncing Back To You II
24A: Midnight Express Special
25A: The Irwin Allen Show
26A: Days Of The Week #4
27A: Great White North: Ian Thomas
28A: Rome, Italian Style
29A: My Factory, My Self
30A: Sammy Maudlin: Skip Bittman
31A: Days Of The Week #5
32A: Alpha Channel
33A: Rockpile: Roy Orbison
34A: Indecent Exposure I
35A: Indecent Exposure II
36A: Melonvote I
37A: Melonvote II
38A: The Jazz Singer
39A: Soapy Maxwell
40A: Gerry Todd Show 2

US Group 3a

41A: Days Of The Week #6
42A: Sweeps Week I
43A: Sweeps Week II
44A: Sweeps Week III
45A: Stars In One: Linda Hopkins
46A: Days Of The Week #7
47A: Chariots Of Eggs
48A: Moral Majority
49A: The Lone Ranger Show
50A: The Nutty Lab Assistant
51A: Days Of The Week #8
54A: Dr X
55A: 3D Stake From the Heart
56A: Days of the Week #9
57A: Towering Inferno I
58A: Towering Inferno II
59A: The Happy Wanderers: Linsk Minyk
60A: Midnight Video Special (incl Indira)

US Group 3b

61A: Days of the Week #10
62A: Dick Cavett
63A: Hollywood Salutes Its Extras
64A: Great White North Palace I
65A: Great White North Palace II
66A: Days of the Week #11
67A: Days of the Week #12
68A: Christmas I
69A: Christmas: Happy Wanderers
70A: Christmas: Nutcracker Suite
71A: Christmas: Staff Party
72A: The Mating Game
73A: Maudlin's Eleven I
74A: Maudlin's Eleven II
75A: 3D Firing Line: Midnight Cowboy
76A: Big Brother
77A: Rock Pile: MacArthur Park
78A: Vic Arpeggio
79A: I Was a Teenage Communist
80A: Oh, That Rusty!
81A: Quincy, Cartoon Coroner
82A: New York Rhapsody
83A: Pepi Longsocks/Sammy Maudlin
84A: Mrs Falbo: Liddy/Merv: The 60's

US Group 3c

85A: Death Motel
86A: CBC I
88A: Star Wars
89A: Sammy Maudlin 23rd Anniversary
90A: Mel's Rock Pile: Punk Rock
91A: Jane Eyrehead
92A: Hugh Betcha's Night Gallery
93A: Death Of A Salesman
94A: Thursday Night Live
95A: NASA Launch: Robert Gordon
96A: 3D House Of Beef
97A: Two-Way TV
98A: Bowery Boys/Maudlin: Pavarotti
99A: Zontar I
100A: Zontar II
101A: Teacher's Pet
102A: The William B. Show
103A: Bobby Bittman Retires
104A: Golden Choice Awards I
105A: Golden Choice Awards II
106A: Wok On The Wild Side
107A: South Sea Sinner
108A: Irv Goldfarb/One On the Town

Series 1

109A: Backstage
110A: Murder At SCTV
111A: Ethnic Humour
112A: Crosswords
113A: Match Unto My Feet
114A: Memoirs Of Anton Chekhov
115A: Dialing For Dollars
116A: Shock Theatre
117A: Philosophy Street
118A: Therese Et Joe
119A: Broads Behind Bars
120A: The Taxidermist
121A: Ben Hur
122A: The Hefty Neil Story
123A: Leave It To Beaver
124A: Goodbye America
125A: Galaxy 66
126A: Madame Blitzman
127A: The $129,000 Question
128A: Dr Tongue's Evil House Of Wax
129A: The Sammy Maudlin Show
130A: World At War

131A: The Grapes Of Mud
132A: Officer Friendly
133A: King Of The Popes
134A: Lust For Paint

Series 2

135A: Second Season Premiere
136A: Bob Hope Desert Classic
137A: Kidnapping Of Moe Green
138A: SCTV Solid Gold Telethon
139A: Writer's Strike
140A: Municipal Election
141A: How The Middle East Was Won
142A: The Mirthmakers
143A: Undersea World Of Cousteau
144A: Edith Prickley, Stn Mgr
145A: SCTV 30th Anniversary
146A: The Occult
147A: Bad Acting In Hollywood
148A: Alfred Hitchcock Presents...
149A: Fighting Air Dogs
150A: Death Takes No Holiday
151A: Rock Concert
152A: SCTV Disco
153A: Pipeline
154A: Consumer Action Line
155A: Relaxing With Raoul
156A: The Flaming Turkey

Syndication slide for episode 88A

1999 Syndication Episode Edits

Compiled by Bronwyn Douwsma

Sometime around 1999, the syndicated episodes were re-edited, presumably for the same music rights issues that have plagued the show since forever.

Comparing the season 4/5 shows against the US versions, the American shows used a shorter version of the opening credits sequence (sped-up slightly, less clips of breaking equipment between cast credits). The closing sequences would often be shorter than the Canadian shows as well). Aside from minor things like the new promos made to tease the next syndicated shows, they're pretty much identical content-wise.

002: Murder at SCTV - minor edit to remove harmonica playing My Way during Gus' speech in Wara Wara Wara
013: Ben Hur - Davy Crockett Hat Fur offer cut. Bill Needle's Mailbag 8 added
030: SCTV Solid Gold Telethon - "Just The Way You Are" segment of the medley is cut; Melba's Disco Jeans is added
031: Writer's Strike - Edith Prickley singing "Just The Way You Are" is replaced with instrumental piano music
037: SCTV 30th Anniversary - Yellowbelly theme is edited out; the title is freeze-framed as the humming portion at the end plays
038: The Occult
039: Bad Acting In Hollywood
040: Alfred Hitchcock Presents...
041: Fighting Air Dogs
042: Death Takes No Holiday
043: Rock Concert - Cooking with Prickley and Rock Concert edited drastically
044: Fantasy Island
045: On The Waterfront Again
046: SCTV Disco - alarm music (an instrumental of "Just The Way You Are") replaced, also requiring Dave Thomas' voiceover to be replaced with one by Robert Corness (NBC Cycle 2/syndication package announcer)
058: Gaslight - Gordon Lightfoot Sings Every Song Ever Written edited to remove "Supercalifragilistic"
062: Hugh Betcha's Night Gallery - guitar solo at the end of "The End" by the Beatles (between Takin' Care Of Business and the last O Canada clip) removed from Bob and Doug's national anthem
063: Star Wars - audio muted during Star Wars to remove the John Williams music as well as Caballero's dialogue and the siren sound effects
064: Hollywood Salutes Its Extras - Wide World of High Voices is edited to remove the clip of "Staying Alive" and the "Needle and the Damage Done" variant that Neil Young (Rick Moranis) sings; the Star Wars music in Empires Are A Girl's Best Friend is replaced with generic music ("Toward Magic Mountain" by Demons); Quick Wash Dish Laundry (1-15) is added. Extended Second City and WIC logos at end (full animated versions)
068: Alpha Channel - bumper added
069: Midnight Express Special - "Pants" is replaced with generic music; segment is edited to muffle him from the top (same music as on DVD); bumpers added to fill time. Extended Second City and WIC logos at end (full animated versions)
070: Quincy, Cartoon Coroner - bumper added
071: The Mating Game - bumper added
073: Rock Pile: MacArthur Park - bumper added
075: Battle Of The PBS Stars - clean
076: Fishin' Musician: The Tubes - Merv: Special Edition promo replaced with Bill Needle's Mailbag 7
077: Merv: The Special Edition - Merv: Special Edition cut; replaced with SCTV News teaser (3-3), Restless Doctors (2-5), Words To Live By (3-3), SCTV News (3-3)
078: Polynesiantown - clean
079: Walter Cronkite's Brain - Fireside Chat: Gun Control and Walter Cronkite's Brain cut; replaced with Message from Guy (3-2) and Thursday Night Live (3-2)
080: Lunch Time Street Beef - clean
081: Gerry Todd: Tom Monroe - clean
082: Days of the Week 1 - clean
083: Godfather I - clean
084: Godfather II - clean
085: One On The Town: Levon Helm - clean
086: Days of the week 2 - clean
087: I'm Taking My Own Head - Norman White edited to remove Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah. Half Legs added.
088: Mean Joe Greene Playhouse - clean
089: Days of the Week 3 - clean
090: Bouncin' Back To You I - clean
091: Bouncin' Back To You II - clean (note: CN aired part 1 in May, part 2 in September).
092: Days of the Week 4 - clean
093: Great White North: Ian Thomas - clean
094: Rome, Italian Style - clean
095: Sammy Maudlin: Skip Bittman - clean
096: Days Of The Week #5 - clean
097: Rockpile: Roy Orbison - clean
098: Indecent Exposure I - clean
099: Indecent Exposure II - clean
100: Melonvote I - clean
101: Melonvote II - clean
102: The Jazz Singer - clean
103: Soapy Maxwell - clean
104: Gerry Todd Show 2 - possibly not included in the new syndication package
105: Days Of The Week #6 - Mrs Robinson music replaced with generic acoustic guitar
106: Sweeps Week I - clean
107: Sweeps Week II - minor edit in Murray's File to remove Mouseketeers singing Mickey Mouse theme
108: Sweeps Week III - clean
109: Stars In One: Linda Hopkins - clean
110: Days Of The Week #7 - clean
111: Chariots Of Eggs - clean
112: Moral Majority - clean
113: The Nutty Lab Assistant - clean
114: Days Of The Week #8 - clean
115: CCCP I - clean
116: CCCP II - clean
117: Dr X - Stairways To Heaven cut, replaced with Lipschitz and Lipschitz; the CN version uses a shortened credit crawl like the US versions do, but the run time is the same as the Canadian shows
118: 3D Stake From the Heart - clean
119: Days of the Week #9 - clean
120: Towering Inferno I - Midnight Video Special promo edited to remove Talking Heads
121: Towering Inferno II - Happy Wanderers promo edited to remove Linsk Minyk singing Stairway To Heaven
122: The Happy Wanderers: Linsk Minyk - Linsk Minyk's "Stairway To Heaven" is edited out; extra bumpers are added after each commercial break
123: Midnight Video Special - Opening titles announcement of Talking Heads removed; promo for Happy Wanders Salute to John Williams cut; Midnight Video Special edited to remove the Talking Heads video as well as any mention of their appearance; Gene Shalit's America added to fill time. (I'm curious about whether this one ever had Indira in the Canadian strip version - the credits have the stills of Levy and O'Hara repeated, which I don't think happened in any other episode.)
124: Days of the Week #10 - The Happy Wanderers Salute to John Williams removed, replaced with Irv Goldfarb
125: Great White North Palace I - clean
126: Great White North Palace II - clean
127: Days of the Week #11 - clean
128: Days of the Week #12 - clean
129: Christmas I - clean
130: Christmas: Happy Wanderers - clean
131: Christmas: Nutcracker Suite - clean
132: Christmas: Staff Party - clean
133: Maudlin's Eleven I - clean
134: Maudlin's Eleven II - clean
135: 3D Firing Line: Midnight Cowboy - clean
136: Vic Arpeggio - possibly never included in 1998 package
137: I Was a Teenage Communist
138: Oh, That Rusty! - clean
139: New York Rhapsody - clean
140: Pepi Longsocks/Sammy Maudlin - clean
141: Mrs Falbo: Liddy/Merv: The 60's - Merv Griffin has music changes (Light My Fire and Chicago removed; Mrs. Robinson cue is still in this version); bumpers added to fill time
142: CBC I - clean
143: CBC II - clean
144: Sammy Maudlin 23rd Anniversary - Paul Anka's song cut along with all the "My Way" based instrumentals; Totacontrol added. (It appears the CN also cut off the Raoul Wilson segment and the credits but I think it was an error on their end and not an edit to the episode)
145: Mel's Rock Pile: Punk Rock - clean
146: Jane Eyrehead - clean
147: NASA Launch: Robert Gordon - clean
148: 3D House Of Beef - clean
149: Bowery Boys/Maudlin: Pavarotti - Most of the Sandler and Young performance removed and the "59th Street Bridge Song" cues are replaced with generic saxophone music
150: Zontar I - clean
151: Zontar II - clean
152: Teacher's Pet - clean
153: The William B. Show - End of Audiogames cut to remove the John Williams music when Gerry puts on "the Star Wars album"; bumpers added to fill time
154: Bobby Bittman Retires - clean
155: Golden Choice Awards I - clean
156: Golden Choice Awards II - clean
157: Wok On The Wild Side - clean
158: South Sea Sinner - clean
159: Irv Goldfarb/One On the Town - Rock Concert promo (the same one from 4/1-6) has the Randy Newman, Patti Smith and Village People clips cut; Tracking The Unknown has "Macho Man" cut; bumpers added to fill time

The credits for 157, 158 and 159 don't credit Jack E. Rhodes as an executive producer with Doug Holtby and Len Stuart like the other NBC-era syndicated shows do, but he's credited in the American cuts. I remember 159 had a 1985 copyright date when the syndicated shows used the "Old Firehall" copyright screens; I wonder if the original 1984 Canadian package ended at the awards show, and then the remaining three cut-downs were added to the Canadian package with the Cinemax shows (which also had the 1985 copyrights in the older Canadian package).