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SCTV Guide Special Features

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The Making Of: SCTV DVDs
Exclusive behind the scenes photos of studio sessions for recording bonus material for the SCTV DVDs, along with polaroids taken by SCTV's hair, makeup and wardrobe designers.

SCTV Timeline
What happened when.

SCTV Film Festival
The films that SCTV parodied.

SCTV Theme Music
SCTV's theme music through the years.

Book excerpts

Second City Television - A History and Episode Guide
An excerpt from Jeff Robbins' show by show analysis.

Days and Nights at The Second City
An excerpt from Second City co-founder Bernard Sahlins' memoir.

SCTV in the press

The Wrong Man
The life and times of onetime SCTV producer Barry Sand, from the archives of Spy magazine.

SCTV in Australia
SCTV made it all the way to Australia, and here are the press clippings to prove it.

A Day In the Life of a Young Station
At the time I was just trying to keep the doors open. Tony Atherton traces the origins of SCTV at Global.

SCTV in photos

The Great White North Set
Photos of the Great White North set in its current home.

Bob and Doug in Action
The Bob and Doug action figures (from McFarlane Toys).

SCTV in Penthouse
Shots from a photo session for Penthouse magazine in the late 70s.