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9 December 2008

Bob and Doug McKenzie Animax, producers of The Animated Adventures of Bob and Doug McKenzie, have released an animated video of the seasonal classic 12 Days of Christmas, along with a teaser for the new series.

1 December 2008

Christmas With SCTVChristmas With SCTV Well Christmas is bearing down, and what better way to spend it than in front of the box, watching your favourite SCTV Christmas classics. What's that, you don't have your favourite SCTV Christmas classics on DVD? Well, no better time than the present to shell out for a copy, and few extras for everyone in your extended family. Yes, still available at all fine retailers, it's Christmas With SCTV.

19 November 2008

The Benefit of Laughter Another review has come to our attention (thanks Trevor Stenson), including a detailed rundown of the show and afterparty. And if you haven't already, catch Trevor's own extensive review, along with another fan review for more.

4 November 2008

Bob and Doug McKenzie According to Canadian Press, Rick Moranis won't be voicing Bob McKenzie on the upcoming animated series. While Dave Thomas will do Doug, Dave Coulier will be taking over Bob. Apparently Moranis will be an 'Executive Producer' on the series. The news item also includes a few additional details on the show.

6 August 2008

Women Fully Clothed The Huntsville Forester reports that the sketch troupe featuring Robin Duke and Jayne Eastwood has a new show, which they will debut at the Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville August 20 to 23. From the article: "Currently, the five actors are working individually on the sketches. Everyone is writing scripts that will be brought to the table. 'We will meet soon and pool what we have, but our director John Hemphill will make the final choices,' said Duke." More info at

25 July 2008

Vic Hedges Pete McGarvey, writing in The Orillia Packet and Times, describes the origin of a man who's saved a lot of lives in his time. Part 2 is now online.

12 July 2008

The Benefit of Laughter Trevor Stenson of the Edmonton SCTV Locations site has posted an extensive review of the benefit show and the after show party. [Update: another fan review of the show]

17 June 2008

Bob and Doug McKenzie The Animated Adventures of Bob and Doug, which has already been picked up for 13 episodes by Global in Canada, has since caught the eye of Fox in the states according to the Hollywood Reporter.

15 April 2008

The Benefit of Laughter

The Benefit of Laughter The Second City has added a second show for the Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short and Dave Thomas reunion benefit on May 6. Prices remain the same, details are still at The Second City. Update: Harold Ramis has been added to the May 5 show, but Dave Thomas appears to have backed out of both nights.

4 April 2008

Bob and Doug McKenzie While a preview was included on the DVD for Strange Brew, little has been heard of the animated adventures of Bob and Doug, but according to AWN Headline News, the primetime animated comedy, "Bob and Doug" will premiere in January 2009 on Global TV in Canada.

30 March 2008

History and Episode Guide Author Jeff Robbins spoke to C3K about his SCTV History and Episode Guide, here's the clip.

27 March 2008

Robin Duke Interviewed in the Victoria Times Colonist, Duke talks about Women Fully Clothed.

17 March 2008

Catherine O'Hara Guested on CBC's The Hour, available in two segments on the CBC website here and here. O'Hara will be appearing at the Heart Truth Fashion Show in Toronto. [Thanks L DiPietro]

12 March 2008

Eugene Levy To be given a Governor General's lifetime achievement award. Article from the Canadian Press includes an interview with Levy and some talk about the upcoming reunion show.

5 March 2008

Second City Reunion Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short and Dave Thomas will reunite on stage at the Second City in Toronto for a benefit show for the Second City Alumni Fund on May 5, while Harold Ramis and Rick Moranis are said to be working their schedules to attend. Women Fully Clothed, which features Robin Duke, will also be there. The Second City has the details. There's also an item in the Toronto Star. [The show is now sold out]

2 February 2008

Robin Duke and Jayne Eastwood Women Fully Clothed head west to Alberta and BC for shows in February and March; full schedule available here.

17 November 2007

Two-Four Anniversary

Dave Thomas Talks to the Toronto Star about the soon to be released Bob & Doug Mckenzie's Two-Four Anniversary DVD. "There's some footage that hasn't been seen before, some behind-the-scenes stuff, some new stuff ... 91 minutes of program, 58 minutes of bonus extras, widescreen. It's gonna be huge with collectors. It's really the first thing that's come out in 24 years, since Strange Brew." Two-Four is out November 20.

15 November 2007

Robin Duke Returns to the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto for a three week run with Women Fully Clothed, before embarking on a tour; article at the Toronto Star.

10 November 2007

Going Berserk The 1983 semi-classic starring John Candy with Eugene Levy and Joe Flaherty and written by David Steinberg has finally been released on DVD, albeit as part of a "John Candy Comedy Favorites Collection", with Uncle Buck and The Great Outdoors.

10 October 2007

Dave Thomas Currently touring with brother Ian, they'll be in Ontario and Alberta, full list of dates here; article at the Mississauga News.

13 September 2007

SCTV History and Episode GuideHistory and Episode Guide Now available from,, and direct from the publisher McFarland, SCTV Guide is pleased to present excerpts from Second City Television: A History and Episode Guide, the new episode by episode review of every one of SCTV's 135 programs with additional commentary on compilations and the DVDs by Jeff Robbins. Get it now.

3 August 2007

Judi Cooper Sealy The Toronto Star has an article on SCTV's former hairstylist. Sealy recently finished working on Hairspray and still works with Martin Short.

19 June 2007

Andrew Alexander Looks back at his top ten Second City revues for Jam Showbiz.

17 June 2007

New SCTV book Now available for pre-order from reputable dealers, Second City Television: A History and Episode Guide reviews, episode by episode, every one of SCTV's 135 programs with additional commentary on compilations and the DVDs. Written by longtime SCTV Guide contributor Jeff Robbins, with a foreword by Sheldon Patinkin, it traces the first appearances of and the evolution of notable characters and impersonations, compares the show's film and television parodies with the original films/shows being parodied, and more - in short, A History is the ultimate reference guide to SCTV, and is due for release August 30.

17 May 2007

Strange BrewMcKenzie Brothers Sit back with some cold ones this weekend with the CBC as they salute the McKenzie Brothers. Bob & Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary special is on this Sunday, May 20, at 9pm, following the classic feature Strange Brew at 7pm. The CBC has a very brief page up for the show.

13 May 2007

Tony Rosato The Toronto Star describes Rosato's incredible and infuriating plight at the hands of the Canadian legal system. Update: The Star reports the Crown's sudden and unusual activity on the Rosato file since their story ran.

9 May 2007

Martin Short The original cast soundtrack to his Broadway show Fame Becomes Me is now available. Featuring such tunes as "The Jackie Rogers Jr Show" and so forth, available at all fine retailers. According to the Fame Becomes Me website, while show has ended its run, it will be touring later this year. Short also recently guested on CBC's The Hour, the video is available here at The Hour site.[Thanks G Baruch]

7 May 2007

McKenzie Brothers Macleans magazine has an article on the upcoming Bob & Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary. The one hour special will air on CBC, though they still won't say exactly when - "probably" the May long weekend, slotted between playoff hockey. Not a bad fit, actually. Meanwhile, Dave Thomas guested on CBC's The Hour, the video is available at The Hour site.

4 May 2007

Inside the Improvisor's StudioRobin Duke Will be the next guest on Inside the Improvisor's Studio, Sunday May 13th, live at The Second City Toronto. From the website blurb, "Inside the Improviser's Studio riffs on the popular TV show of similar name, featuring intimate interviews with North America's top improvisers. Hosted by Second City alumna, Naomi Snieckus, Inside the Improvisers Studio will reveal the fascinating stories and secrets behind these improv giants."

5 April 2007

Dave Thomas Guested this week on Tom Green's The Channel.

16 March 2007

John Candy Interview In 1983, grade 8 student Scott Edgecombe interviewed John Candy for a class journalism project. The interview was done in the dressing room at SCTV and is now available at

23 February 2007

Calling All Hosers From the producers of the upcoming McKenzie Brothers documentary:

Me Jane Films is currently producing a special one hour documentary for CBC called "The Two-Four Anniversary of Strange Brew." That's right, Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas will be reuniting as Bob and Doug McKenzie for what may be their last show from the Great White North...and we want to hear from you!

We are looking for the best, most entertaining home video footage, photographs, collections of memorabilia, and Hoser stories. Do you have an entire room in your house dedicated to Bob and Doug? Do you or someone you know consider toques and parkas as wardrobe essentials? Have you ever tried to stuff a mouse inside a beer bottle...and videotaped it? Are your children named Bob and Doug...and they are both daughters?

You get the picture. We want to see how those original Hosers - and their comedy classic, "Strange Brew" - have impacted your lives.

E-mail us at and let us know if there's anything you'd like us to consider using in the show. Be sure to include your phone number because when we receive your submission we may need to contact you for more information.

Depending on the nature of your submission, we may request that an item be sent to us, such as a DVD or photo - or even better, you may be asked to participate in an on-camera interview! Payment may be available for some types of footage.

So put down that bottle of beer and jelly doughnut because here's your chance to show the rest of Canada (maybe even the world, eh!) just how much these two unforgettable Canadian Hosers mean to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you, eh!

Me Jane is also interested in contacting Ray Doyle; if you're out there, drop them a line.

22 February 2007

First Family of ComedyThe Second City: First Family of Comedy The three-part documentary, which aired on CBC last fall, is now out on DVD in the U.S., and arrives in Canada February 27. Hosted by Dave Thomas, Scott Thompson, and Joe Flaherty, Part 1 covers the origins of The Second City in Chicago and early days in Toronto, Part 2 covers SCTV, and Part 3 is about The Second City's pioneering use of improvisation. Includes footage of early performances, including Mike Nichols, Elaine May, Alan Arkin and others, and interviews with Dan Aykroyd, Mike Myers, Catherine O'Hara and Martin Short. Review.

18 February 2007

For Your Consideration Arrives on DVD February 20. Already reviewed at DVD Movie Guide.

22 November 2006

For Your ConsiderationFor Your Consideration The Oscar buzz around the latest Christopher Guest-Eugene Levy film is already ramping up - now in theatres, starring the usual suspects, including Catherine O'Hara, Fred Willard, Parker Posey, Harry Shearer, Michael McKean, Bob Balaban. Check out the film website for trailers and so forth.

8 November 2006

SCTV Early Years DVD Reviewed at DVD Verdict.

24 October 2006

SCTV Best of the Early Years DVDSCTV Early Years DVD The new 3-disc set available from today in the states (due Nov 7 in Canada); has it for $22, along with Volumes 1-4 from $35-$55 for 5 and 6-disc sets.

17 October 2006

SCTV Early Years DVD Another review of the new set, this time by DVD Talk.

13 October 2006

Joe Flaherty is doing the rounds for the upcoming Best of the Early Years DVD box: he talks SCTV on The Sound Of Young America podcast, and with Knight at the Movies.

27 September 2006

SCTV Early Years DVD A pretty detailed review is now up at DVD Movie Guide. And Shout! Factory now has a page up on the new set, including a trailer.

14 September 2006

SCTV Not On DVD As the next DVD set will be a "Best Of" compilation, some very fine episodes won't be included...obviously. The top five requested shows not on the next set, so far: 1-4 Crosswords, 1-11 Broads Behind Bars, 2-4 Solid Gold Telethon, 3-3 Death Of a Salesman, and 3-23 Mel's Rock Pile.

31 August 2006

Dave Thomas Talks to the Toronto Sun about Brother Bear 2, the McKenzie Brothers, an upcoming Strange Brew 24th anniversary show on CBC and a possible special edition DVD.

30 August 2006

SCTV Early Years DVD Shout! has finally released a press release announcing the new set and confirming the contents - TVShowsOnDVD has the details.

24 August 2006

Brother Bear 2 Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis reprise their roles as hoser moose in this direct-to-DVD sequel, now available (Disney site). The sequel also features Andrea Martin and Catherine O'Hara as the "moosettes." No mention of a commentary track, however.

18 August 2006

The Life and Times of Second City CBC's Life and Times biography series is airing a three-part series on The Second City. Part One (21:00 Friday August 25, repeated 22:00 Saturday and 19:00 Sunday on CBC Newsworld), hosted by Dave Thomas, covers the origins of The Second City in Chicago and early days in Toronto. Part Two (21:00 Friday September 1, repeated 22:00 Saturday and 19:00 Sunday on CBC Newsworld), hosted by Scott Thompson, is about SCTV. And Part Three (22:00 Friday September 8, repeated 22:00 Saturday and 19:00 Sunday on CBC Newsworld), hosted by Joe Flaherty, "explores how Second City revolutionized the world of comedy by pioneering improvisation."

9 August 2006

Robin Duke Talks to The Huntsville Forester about Women Fully Clothed.

Dave Thomas The Thomas-written and directed White Coats (aka Intern Academy) is now on DVD, including a commentary track from the man himself.

8 August 2006

SCTV Early Years DVD Now available for preorder from various online merchants, including deepdiscountdvd and Amazon, with a release date of October 24 (November 7 in Canada). According to Deepdiscountdvd, extras will include Audio Commentaries by Robin Duke, Joe Flaherty and Andrew Alexander, and three featurettes - Looking Back With Andrea Martin, The Mackenzie Brothers: Take off, Eh, and Andrew Alexander Answers Fan Mail.

16 July 2006

SCTV Locations Ever wonder where Polynesiantown is? See where Vic Hedges was hit by a rib truck and much, much more at the Edmonton SCTV Locations website.

12 July 2006

Joe Flaherty and Robin DukeSCTV Early Years - Joe Flaherty and Robin Duke Production on the next DVD set continues, with Joe Flaherty and Robin Duke recording commentaries in Toronto. The set is due sometime in October. See the DVD features page for behind the scenes shots from past sets.

12 June 2006

SCTV Early Years - Ask Andrew Alexander Producer and money man Andrew Alexander was one of the key figures in not only getting SCTV on the air in the first place, but, perhaps even more improbably, keeping it there without network backing or any serious budget. Do you have a burning question for Andrew Alexander about those early years? Send us your question (sctvguide at with "Ask Andrew Alexander" in the subject line and if we get enough good questions, Andrew will answer them on the next DVD set. Deadline is Monday June 19.

30 May 2006

SCTV Early Years on DVD More rumours on the next SCTV box, indicating it will indeed be a three-disc best of set with five half-hour shows per disc and unspecified extras. An as yet uncorroborated but "probable" lineup includes Municipal Election (2-6), 30th Anniversary (2-11), and On the Waterfront Again (2-19) from Series 2, and Thursday Night (3-2), My Factory My Self (3-4), Death Motel (3-5), Play It Again Bob (3-7), Gaslight (3-8), Sammy Maudlin (3-11), Hollywood Salutes Its Extras (3-14), Irwin Allen Show (3-15), Big Brother (3-16), Two Way TV (3-17), Midnight Express Special (3-19), and Dick Cavett (3-24) from Series 3.

Got any favorites left off this list? Drop us a line (sctvguide at with "SCTV Early Years" in the subject line and let us know what unreleased shows you'd like to see; if we get enough replies we'll post the results of the top five missing shows (disclaimer: sctvguide is not affiliated with the producers and the exercise is purely for our collective amusement).

20 May 2006

SCTV on DVD is listing Best of the Early Years for release in October, which would appear to indicate that Shout has abandoned not only the rumored Series 3 set, but any plans to release the remaining unreleased shows in complete series sets. The lower list price also points to a smaller set.

8 May 2006

Music Rights The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on the high cost of obtaining the music rights for DVDs of vintage TV shows. The article notes that clearing the rights to Freaks and Geeks cost Shout! Factory (producers of the SCTV sets) a cool $1 million for 118 songs, but they made it back with sales of 112,000 units. Going by recent articles (see previous news item), the most recent SCTV sets haven't been shifting anything like these quantities...

The article also provides indirect confirmation of the so far not officially announced SCTV Series 3 DVD set, referring to changes required to a sketch from that series: "Sometimes the artist behind a song simply will refuse to grant licensing rights altogether. Bob Emmer, chief operating officer of Shout! Factory, a DVD distributor, says that in preparing the DVD release of "Second City TV" he had to delete a scene from the 1970s comedy-sketch series that parodied musician Neil Young because he couldn't obtain rights from the artist. In the scene, an actor played a psychiatrist named "Dr. Neil Young" who gave answers to a patient's question only in lyrics from Mr. Young's songs. "He had a problem with it," says Mr. Emmer, declining to elaborate. A spokesman for Mr. Young had no comment." (Thanks J Robbins)

20 April 2006

SCTV DVD Volume 4

DVD Sales According to a recent article on TV series on DVD, "outside that upper echelon of current hits, studios are starting to see softness in individual titles." Shout Factory in particular is said to have seen "sales for certain later releases of sketch series SCTV sell less than half of initial titles." Seems like more than a coincidence, then, that the delay in releasing the next set has been much longer than for previous ones. So if you haven't quite gotten around to buying a copy of Volume 4 (or any of the other sets) for yourself and several of your close and not so close friends (and its never too early to start thinking about Mother's Day, and credit is so cheap these days), do your bit to help ensure we enjoy more sets in the future.

11 April 2006

Other DVD News A couple of DVDs of note: Harry Shearer's Now You See It collects some of his SNL and HBO work, including a couple of sketches with Martin Short - Synchronized Swimming and Minkman Novelties (Thanks Eric Scheffel). And an upcoming Rush release, 'Replay', collects their 80's concert films, complete with Count Floyd's intro to The Weapon.

23 March 2006

Maniac Mansion The early 90s sitcom, starring Joe Flaherty, John Hemphill and Mary Charlotte Wilcox, still not available on DVD. And that means it's time for another petition - sign up here.

15 March 2006

Rick Moranis IGN Filmforce has a lengthy new interview, covering his early radio days, SCTV, and the new record.

7 March 2006

SCTV On TV Land SCTV's run on TV Land in the U.S. wasn't all that long, and was limited to a small sub-set of shows. Some folks aren't all that pleased about it, and have started a petition to get it back on the air.

22 February 2006

Series 3 on DVD Word is the next DVD release will be a 4-disc set of Series 3. It will include as yet unspecified extras and be released late summer/early fall. An official announcement from Shout! Factory is expected soon.

1 February 2006

Martin Short Short's new Broadway show Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me, "a humble musical salute to the cultural phenomenon that is Martin Short," will open April 25-May 1 at the San Francisco's Curran Theatre and July 5-16 at Chicago's LaSalle Bank Theatre before moving to Broadway in August. Broadway World has more details.

30 January 2006

Rick Moranis Will appear on Late Night With Conan O'Brien this Friday (February 3).

15 January 2006

Rick Moranis Talks to Billboard about his musical roots, inspirations, and Steely Dan connection. The Agoraphobic Cowboy will be available in shops February 7.

9 December 2005

Rick Moranis Gets a Best Comedy Album Grammy nomination for The Agoraphobic Cowboy.

1 December 2005

Rick Moranis IGN FilmForce has a track from The Agoraphobic Cowboy as a treat for Day 1 of IGN's Holiday Havoc.

28 November 2005

Robin Duke Currently appearing with Women Fully Clothed, which features five Second City alumni in a sketch-based show in the Second City tradition. Catch them December 1, 2 and 3 at the Wintergarden Theatre in Toronto and look for Duke reprising a couple of SCTV characters in this excellent revue. The show is directed by John Hemphill. Now Magazine has an interview with Teresa Pavlinek about the show.

Second City Toronto Has been Reloaded with a new theatre and a funny, energetic new revue.

12 November 2005

Robin Duke Talks about her time on SNL in the Toronto Sun.

12 October 2005

SCTV DVD Volume 4 Reviewed at DVD Verdict, along with The David Steinberg Show (thanks JR).

5 October 2005

Rick Moranis Has released a new album, the country-flavored stylings of The Agoraphobic Cowboy. Lyrics and audio available on the site, album available on CD or download from ArtistShare. And here he is talking to USA Today.

2 October 2005

SCTV DVD Guide We've compiled a handy DVD Guide, collecting everything you need to know about SCTV on DVD.

25 September 2005

Dick Blasucci Syndicated public radio show The Sound of Young America featured a 40-minute interview with Dick Blasucci, former head writer of SCTV, and current executive producer of Mad TV, on their September 17 show.

20 September 2005

SCTV DVD Volume 4 Is the DVD pick of the week at the Washington Times, and the critic's choice at the New York Times.

8 September 2005

SCTV DVD Volume 4 - What's Changed [Updated] Another DVD set, another set of mostly minor edits. What we've stumbled across so far:

  • Episode 1: The Journal hunky boot report music replaced
  • Episode 2:
  • Episode 3: The John Williams music in the Happy Wanderers Salute has been replaced with vaguely similar polka music; Stars In One theme music ("Off Broadway" by George Benson) replaced, requiring new announcer voiceovers
  • Episode 4: Curly no longer sings the theme from The Graduate
  • Episode 5:
  • Episode 6: Gene Upshaw and Ed Garvey's song on Count Floyd's Scary Little Christmas has been replaced with various frightening sound effects
  • Episode 7: Stars In One theme music ("Off Broadway" by George Benson) replaced, requiring new announcer voiceovers
  • Episode 8: Sandler and Young's version of 59th Street Bridge Song cut; Stars In One theme music ("Off Broadway" by George Benson) replaced, requiring new announcer voiceovers
  • Episode 9:
  • Episode 10:
  • Episode 11: clean
  • Episode 12: The outro music for The Fishin' Musician ("Gone Fishin'", performed by Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong) has been replaced; Midnight Cowboy II music replaced; Stars In One theme music ("Off Broadway" by George Benson) replaced, also requiring new announcer voiceovers

Miscellaneous bumpers have also been removed throughout the set, and the closing credit music for all shows has been replaced with the generic theme.

6 September 2005

SCTV DVD Volume 4 Reviewed at DVD Movie Guide.

28 August 2005

SCTV at Makor Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara and Andrew Alexander will appear at the Makor/Steinhardt Center in New York City, 8PM Monday September 12.

SCTV DVD Volume 4 Due in two weeks, Volume 4 looks to be the best value yet - sporting an extra disc and three more episodes (for a total of 12) than previous box sets, Volume 4 is listing for the same price. is pre-selling for $69.95 CDN (they also have Christmas with SCTV, due Oct 4, for $12.50).

24 August 2005

The David Steinberg Show The 1976 half-hour TV show that featured Joe Flaherty, John Candy, Dave Thomas, Martin Short and Andrea Martin in recurring roles, now out on DVD and reviewed at Digitally Obsessed.

16 August 2005

Eugene Levy Levy's next collaboration with Christopher Guest is called 'For Your Consideration' and starts filming this October. The film will also feature ensemble cast members Catherine O'Hara, Michael McKean, Parker Posey, Jennifer Coolidge, Fred Willard and Bob Balaban.

14 August 2005

Christmas with SCTV reports that the Christmas DVD will include the Series 4 and Series 5 Christmas episodes, with their respective box set commentary tracks and the Juul Haalmeyer Dancers extra.

9 August 2005

Harold Ramis Is this years' recipient of the Distinguished Screenwriter Award at the Austin Film Festival. He will be accepting the award during the Festival's annual Awards Luncheon on Saturday, October 22.

Eugene Levy Stars in The Man with Samuel L Jackson, set for release September 9.

25 July 2005

Christmas with SCTVChristmas with SCTV Looks like Shout! Factory is compiling a DVD of Christmas sketches. Online retailers are listing Christmas with SCTV as due for release October 4. (Thanks Eric Scheffel and Jerry Smay)

Jiminy Glick in Lalawood DVD Coincidentally due for release October 4 is Jiminy Glick in Lalawood, from Gold Circle Films. (Thanks Jason "no relation to the beer" LaBatt)

15 July 2005

SCTV DVD Volume 4 TVShowsOnDVD has the press release and cover art for the next volume, scheduled for release September 13. Shout! Factory has also got some info. (Thanks R Pachter)

26 June 2005

Dave Thomas Talks to Nick Digilio on Nick at Night, 720 WGN Chicago, about SCTV, Strange Brew, and all sorts of other stuff. Interview [Real Audio]

24 May 2005

SCTV on DVD According to USA Today, Shout! Factory has sold more than 100,000 copies of the SCTV sets.

22 May 2005

Women Fully Clothed Robin Duke, Jayne Eastwood, Debra McGrath, Teresa Pavlinek and Kathryn Greenwood are Women Fully Clothed, appearing at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, May 26 to 29.

22 April 2005

Jiminy Glick in LalawoodJiminy Glick in Lalawood The Hollywood has an extensive article on the new Short feature, including interviews with Short and producer Paul Brooks. Jiminy Glick in Lalawood opens in limited release via MGM on May 6. Directed by Vadim Jean, starring Martin Short and Jan Hooks, written by Short, Paul Flaherty and Michael Short. Interviews: New York Daily News; Chicago Tribune; Windy City Times; Canoe; The Onion

Jiminy Glick in Lalawood page at Gold Circle Films, includes trailers and photos.

21 April 2005

SCTV DVD Volume 3 Reviewed at DVD Verdict.

6 April 2005

Second City Toronto Moving Last call at Second City Toronto's current location takes place April 17th. The Toronto theatre will reopen across the street this summer.

4 April 2005

SCTV DVD Behind the Scenes Thanks to The Second City, we've added a few more behind the scenes photos from recording sessions for the DVDs.

30 March 2005

SCTV DVD Volume 3 - What's Changed Another DVD set, another set of mostly minor edits. What we've stumbled across so far:

  • Episode 1: The Tribute to John Belushi was cut.
  • Episode 2: A Harmonica Gang tune is changed in Maudlin's Eleven; Shake 'N Bake features all different music; the noise pollution in National Committee Against Noise Pollution is different.
  • Episode 3: The outro music for The Fishin' Musician ("Gone Fishin'", performed by Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong) has been replaced.
  • Episode 4: Edna Boil audition music by the sax playing family (Benny Hill Theme) has been changed.
  • Episode 5: Stairways to Heaven was cut. Linsk Minyik's performance of Stairway to Heaven on the Happy Wanderers was cut. The outro music for The Fishin' Musician ("Gone Fishin'", performed by Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong) has been replaced.
  • Episode 6: Closing credit music (from Chariots of Eggs) was replaced with the generic theme.
  • Episode 7: Clean.
  • Episode 8: The outro music for The Fishin' Musician ("Gone Fishin'", performed by Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong) has been replaced.
  • Episode 9: Music from The Graduate was replaced in The Days of the Week.

Volume 3 does mark the first time an entire sketch (Stairways to Heaven) has been cut. Apparently, Jimmy Page doesn't license Stairway to Heaven, in particular, ever, full stop. Other Zeppelin tunes have been licensed, e.g., Almost Famous, but director Cameron Crowe tried and failed to get Stairway.

25 March 2005

SCTV DVD Volume 4 TVShowsOnDVD reports that SCTV Volume 4 is due August 2. They also report that it will be a six disc set, which would indicate that it will include both six episode cycles (4 and 5) of Series 5, 12 shows in all. Also in the pipe are single-disc releases of the first two discs in the Volume 1 set.

19 March 2005

SCTV on TV Land The reviews are in, and it appears that this is yet another subtly different syndication package, with some alterations in running order from when Comedy Central showed SCTV in the 90's, as well as some differences from the DVDs. From the field:

Being in the US, this is the first time I have seen the re-re-edited WIC shows from a non-"NBC Later" source. When I looked at the scheduled listings, I was confused because the episode numbers they gave matched up with the Canadian syndicated running order. But it appears that not only have the syndicated shows been re-edited again, but now the US package has been revised to conform more to the Canadian one...the first tip off to this is that the earlier shows have no "cold opening" (one short skit before the opening titles) and the opening titles match the Canadian syndicated shows I've seen, with the original Series 2/Series 3/Cycle I theme music used. (This is quite different compared to how the US syndicated shows looked on WGN, Nick At Nite and Comedy Central.) Additionally (as with the NBC Later reruns) the "show closing skits" from the pre-Network 90 shows (which would have had the closing credits superimposed over them in their original versions) have been left in, not cut off or eliminated altogether like in the earlier re-edited US syndicated shows.

Of course, all of this is semi-anti-climactic now, with the shows being released on DVD. However, evidently there are different issues concerning the music as it pertains to TV reruns vs. DVD releases, because although there are some music alterations, some specific pieces of music are changed or edited on the DVDs and left alone in the reruns, and the other way around.

[Thanks to Mark Yurkiw and Jixby Phillips]

1 March 2005

SCTV DVD Volume 3 More reviews are in, at DVD Talk, Digitally Obsessed, and Pop Matters.

14 February 2005

SCTV in the US According to, TV Land will air SCTV Fridays from 12:00 to 2:00 AM, starting March 18.

10 February 2005

Andrea Martin Back on Broadway this season playing Golde opposite the Tevye of Harvey Fierstein in Fiddler on the Roof at the Minskoff Theatre. Interviewed at Playbill, while is featuring Andrea Martin this week on Ask a Star. Also profiled in the Bangor Daily News.

9 February 2005

No Stairways to Heaven Unfortunately, Shout! was unable to clear 'Stairway to Heaven' for use on SCTV Volume 3. Let the rights owners know how you feel at Petition Online.

25 January 2005

SCTV DVD Volume 3 Extensively reviewed at DVD Movie Guide.

10 January 2005

SCTV DVD Volume 3 Shout! has officially confirmed the release date of March 1st along with extras for the next set.

Harold Ramis Profiled in The New Yorker. "Even now, Martin Short told me, if someone in a group of comedians cracks a joke, 'everyone skirts their eyes over to Harold first, to see if he laughs.'" Read the whole thing. (Thanks Richard Pachter)

5 January 2005

Martin Short Talks about Jiminy Glick and his new movie with Jay Boyar in the Orlando Sentinel.

31 December 2004

The day Southside Johnny met Second City Asbury Park Press talks to Southside Johnny Lyon about his appearance on SCTV, now available on the Network 90 Volume 1 box set.

SCTV DVD Volume 3 TVShowsOnDVD reports that pre-order listings for SCTV Volume 3 at various e-tailers show a release date of March 1st.

26 December 2004

Joe Flaherty The Edmonton Sun catches up with Joe during a recent promotional appearance at the Comedy Club in West Edmonton Mall.

30 November 2004

Martin Short in Saturday NightMartin Short On the cover of the December issue of Saturday Night. In town to promote his new movie in September, Short talks about his characters, comedy, and, of course, Jiminy Glick. (The Primetime Glick episode guide)

John Candy on SNL This Saturday (Dec 4) following SNL, NBC is showing an episode from the archives hosted by John Candy (original air date 10/22/82) as part of their NBC Up All Night series. NBC Schedule (Thanks JR)

13 November 2004

SCTV DVD Volume 2 - What's Changed Once again the producers have done an exemplary job getting the discs out, but some edits still had to be made. Blow by blow:

  • Episode 1: Perry Como is the edited syndicated version. The Cruisin' Gourmet music ('The Disco Strangler') has been replaced; in doing so, a cue was missed (after "the bird is dead") and the laugh track has been replaced with a different one. The end credits music ('We'll Meet Again') has been replaced with the Ira Newborn theme.
  • Episode 2: Dusty Towne's renditions of 'Something' and 'Just the Way You Are' have been cut. The outro music for The Fishin' Musician ("Gone Fishin'", performed by Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong) has been replaced. Power Play and Cow Malt Liquor have been moved from the end to the middle of the running order.
  • Episode 3: In Zontar Wrap Part 2, Edith Prickley singing 'Whistle While You Work' has been cut.
  • Episode 4: The Merv Griffin Show has several changes - Merv's rendition of 'Light My Fire' has been replaced; Mrs. Robinson has been replaced; in Heffner's penthouse, Merv's rendition of Graham Nash's Chicago (We Can Change The World) has been cut. The Looney Tunes theme has been replaced at the end of Videodating.
  • Episode 5: Gordon Lightfoot no longer sings every song ever written, as Supercalifragalisticexpialidotious has been cut.
  • Episode 6: Clean.
  • Episode 7: Clean.
  • Episode 8: Music and announcer for the Davey Crockett Fur ad has been replaced. The music for Wishbone's walk on ('Rawhide') in The Lone Ranger Show has been replaced.
  • Episode 9: Music was cut from Norman White and The White Scat Chorale.

3 November 2004

SCTV DVD Volume 2 Remember seeing these shows when they first aired? Christopher Van Epps takes a slightly nostalgiac backward glance.

15 October 2004

SCTV DVD Volume 2 Reviewed at TV Shows On DVD (thanks Phil).

12 October 2004

Hoser Parade Were you there? The DVD producers are looking for original (not off air) footage or photos from the Hoser Parade on Yonge Street back in the early 80s. Drop us a line if you have the goods.

1 October 2004

Shmenge Brothers US cable network TRIO will be rerunning the Late Night with David Letterman episode that featured the Shmenge Brothers as guests on October 15, 10 PM and 1 AM EST (thanks JR).

SCTV DVD Volume 2 Reviewed at DVD Verdict (thanks JR).

7 September 2004

SCTV DVD Volume 2 Reviewed by DVD Movie Guide, with plenty of details about the extras on the upcoming set (thanks JR).

SCTV DVD Volume 1 Reviewed by Audio Video Revolution.

27 August 2004

Dave Thomas Just one of Doug Gordon's guests on New Audio Showroom.

SCTV DVD Volume 1 A handy list of track times for the DVD box set.

16 August 2004

Dave Thomas Talks to Elvis Mitchell on The Treatment (Thanks John Deaux).

10 August 2004

Martin Short's new film "Jiminy Glick in Lalawood" will officially close the 2004 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival with a gala screening. (Film Festival info page)

6 August 2004

Rick Moranis Talks to Sound and Vision Magazine in an extensive interview (Thanks ThayerVanHagar).

5 August 2004

Intern Academy Dave Thomas' latest project Intern Academy now has a website. Opens September 10 in Canada. (Thanks VirgoTwins)

28 July 2004

Eugene Levy, Robin Duke and Tony Rosato Will be at HMV Toronto (333 Yonge - at Dundas) for an autograph signing on Wednesday, August 4, 2004 at 1:00pm. (Update: autographed copies still sitting in the racks!)

24 July 2004

SCTV DVD Volume 2 Release date has been set for October 19. has details on the box set extras. They also claim that Volume 3 will follow in February 2005.

23 July 2004

Las Vegas SCTV Fan Convention Now confirmed for November 12-14th, 2004 at the The Excalibur Hotel, Las Vegas. More info at the Convention Registration page.

10 July 2004

Sammy Maudlin Show More info from The Second City:

Toronto alum Joe Flaherty joins the Mainstage Cast and a Line-Up of VIP Guests

TORONTO - For four nights only, see your favourite SCTV characters and sketches live! Guy Caballero, The Sammy Maudlin Show and others . . . now available on DVD.

July 21, 22, 23rd @8pm
Saturday, July 24th @8pm and 10:30pm
Tickets: $27 + gst

Get your tickets before they are gone! Bookings available online, by calling 800.263.4485 or 416.343.0011.

The Globe and Mail has an interview with Joe about the show.

The Toronto Star has a review of the show.

8 July 2004

Sammy Maudlin Show According to The Detroit News, Joe Flaherty will be reviving the Sammy Maudlin Show live at the Old Firehall in Toronto, July 21-24.

28 June 2004

SCTV Fan Gathering Some fans are organizing an informal gathering in Las Vegas, November 12-14th, 2004. More information/gathering developments and mailing list here.

23 June 2004

SCTV DVD Review The Tucson Weekly gives the set an A+ and 10 out of 10.

8 June 2004

SCTV Network 90 Volume 1 DVD Available Everywhere! In the Press: 'SCTV' shows hold up real good on DVD; SCTV hits the big time on NBC; Classic 'SCTV' comedy series from Canada reaches DVD

Volume 2 Network 90, featuring the nine shows from Cycle 2, is tentatively scheduled for release in October.

Cabbage Rolls and Coffee Polka Polka fans rejoice, Big Lou's Polka Casserole cover the Happy Wanderers classic tune on their new record Dogs Playing Polka.

31 May 2004

SCTV DVD Volume 1 DVD Verdict reviews the new box.

24 May 2004

Joe Flaherty and Tony Rosato Shout! has changed its NYC FYE event info - Tony Rosato is now slated to appear. All other details remain the same.

11 May 2004

Joe Flaherty and Dave Thomas Will be in New York City to promote the SCTV Box Set 1. From Shout! Factory News:

Better than Back Bacon and Beer... SCTV is on the Air! Almost 20 years after leaving the airwaves, SCTV is back. The hysterical Canadian classic series is about (pronounced "aboot") to make its first-ever home video appearance. Shout! Factory releases SCTV Volume One/Network 90 on June 8 as a 5-DVD box set that features the first nine 90-minute episodes plus loads of extras! And we're celebrating in true Shout! fashion. On June 18, FYE in New York City (on Sixth Avenue) hosts both Joe Flaherty (Count Floyd, Guy Caballero) and Dave Thomas (Doug McKenzie, Bob Hope) for an in-store signing. Wear your favorite toque and a smile. SCTV is back in action!

8 May 2004

SCTV DVD Reviews Box set reviews from DVD Talk and TV Shows On DVD.

Eugene Levy Talks about New York Minute and SCTV DVDs at

Music Rights A royal pain, as we all know. According to this article, clearing SCTV took about a year.

21 April 2004

SCTV DVD Behind the Scenes While you're still waiting around for the SCTV DVD box set, visit our exclusive feature, The Making Of: SCTV DVDs. Behind the scenes during the making of the upcoming DVDs, featuring photos of SCTV alumni being interviewed for bonus material, along with some of the original polaroids taken by the SCTV makeup and wardrobe team. Made possible by The Second City.

Hosers can now preorder from for $70 Canadian and free shipping, a steal.

15 April 2004

SCTV Tribute While you're waiting around for the SCTV DVD box set, you might want to check out a little SCTV tribute ( via Google) created by the TwinVirgos to get you in the mood.

6 April 2004

SCTV DVDs from Time Life Time Life Video have announced they will will be releasing SCTV on DVD on April 14. Time Life is selling a 2-disc set, consisting of discs 1 and 4 of the retail box, with the same content as those discs. The Time Life discs don't include the 24 page booklet and nicer packaging of the box set. TV Shows On DVD have all the details.

29 March 2004

SCTV DVD Volume 1 - What's Changed While Shout has done a great job securing music for the new set, there have been some edits. Blow by blow:

  • Episode 1: The end credits music has been changed to the Ira Newborn Cycle 2 theme; the original had a recording of "Thanks for the Memories."
  • Episode 2: Part 1 of Polynesiantown has been moved forward, swapped with Brenda Vaccaro commercial and Sammy Maudlin. Again, the end credits music ('Do Do Do Da Da Da' by The Police) has been changed to the Ira Newborn Cycle 2 theme.
  • Episode 3: The Star Wars music in Empires Are A Girl's Best Friend has been changed to a similar-sounding theme.
  • Episode 4: Clean!
  • Episode 5: Clean!
  • Episode 6: The repeat of Indira has been removed. The Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young music (Gerry Todd Show) has been changed, though the "White Christmas" vocals remain.
  • Episode 7: The bumper for The Nobel has been moved from the first break to the very last piece in the show. The Kovak Expert commercial has been moved from segment 2 to segment 5. The bumper for The Tubes on Scuttlebutt Lodge has been removed. A seemingly new (?) bumper for Roy Orbison has been inserted before his performance of "Working for the Man." Bumpers for The Silly Bastard and One On the Town have been reshuffled throughout the show.
  • Episode 8: Clean!
  • Episode 9: Max Lax and Shakespeare in the park have been swapped in the running order. The Mckenzie Brothers National Anthem music has been replaced with the GWN theme. Fantasy Island has been moved to the end of the show and its SCTV Afternoon Movie identifier has been removed. Finally, many bumpers have been shuffled.

Note that some of the sketches (e.g., Lee A Iacocca's Rock Concert) from previous series were edited when they were put in the Network 90 shows. The DVDs include the Network 90 edited versions, as originally broadcast by NBC - they were not edited by the DVD producers.

19 March 2004

SCTV DVD now has the box available for preorder, with the price fluctuating between 62.99 and 69.99. also has it for $60.

16 March 2004

Brother Bear The recently released DVD of this Disney film features a running commentary track from Canadian moose characters Rutt (Rick Moranis) and Tuke (Dave Thomas). Extensive review here.

1 March 2004

SCTV DVD Set 1 Review The upcoming SCTV DVD set has been extensively reviewed at DVD Movie Guide.

14 February 2004

Canadian heritage saved A unique Canadian artifact has surfaced, proving that some folks still cherish the tokens of our unique Canadian identity.

12 February 2004

SCTV on DVD release date According to a press release from SCTV DVD producers Shout! Factory (posted at TVShowsOnDVD), the first 5-disc set will hit the street June 8 with a suggested retail price of 89.98. Cue Harvey K-Tel. News item at The Second City.

2 February 2004

Lucky Breaks on the Biography Channel, February 4 at 8 PM, will feature "former SCTV cast members Dave Thomas, Robin Duke, Eugene Levy, and Joe Flaherty." (The program will also feature Leslie Nielson and Terry Jones, which might be a lot to cram into half an hour.)

29 January 2004

SCTV on DVD A release does indeed look to be getting closer, as details on the content are now appearing. The first set is currently rumoured to be Series 4 Cycle 1, 9 episodes on 5 discs, and is to include lots of bonus material, including a 60 minute special on the 1999 Aspen Comedy Festival reunion, along with mini features of cast and crew recollections grouped into "SCTV Remembers", "Remembering John", "Origins of SCTV", and "The Craft of SCTV".

A Mighty Wind "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow" (music and lyric by Michael McKean and Annette O'Toole) from A Mighty Wind has been nominated for the best original song Oscar. The best part: according to bassist Joe Godfrey, the song will be performed at the Oscars by Mitch and Mickey.

20 January 2004

Martin Short Will be featured on Star Closeup Monday, January 26 on the Biography Channel. Here's a clip.

30 October 2003

Woodchucks galore The Hinterland Who's Who website now includes both versions of the Woodchuck.

26 September 2003

Eat, Sleep and Do Toronto Second City Toronto has another deal going from October through December: dinner, a Raptors game, Armaget-It-On revue and a night in a hotel, all for $99. Details here.

28 August 2003

Second City Toronto is holding its 30th Anniversary Alumni Week from September 3-5. Robin Duke, Tony Rosato, John Hemphill and Bruce Pirrie, among others, are confirmed.

16 August 2003

SCTV on DVD According to various sources, such as Video Store Magazine, DVDs are now slated for January 2004. The release will start with the Network 90 shows. (Thanks Davide Caputo, Brad Theurer)

Joe Flaherty has also confirmed his participation in adding extra material for the DVD release in recent posts to Joe Flaherty's posts to via Google. (Thanks Justin Pate)

8 June 2003

It's Time for a Little More T.O. "The rats are running, and that means there's plague about." But not in Toronto, and to prove it, The Second City Toronto has a special deal on: dinner, a Blue Jays game, Bush League of Justice revue and a night in a hotel, all for $95. Details here. Master Ralph Roister Doister would approve.

21 April 2003

Primetime GlickPrimetime Glick Returns for a third season on Comedy Central, starting Wednesday April 30 at 22:30. Archive of past Glick interviews, behind the scenes clips, Best of Primetime Glick DVD, and t-shirts all at the Comedy Central website. Meanwhile, has an entry for Jiminy's movie La La Wood, currently in production. Series 3 comes to The Comedy Network this fall. (Thanks Jason Gussow)

16 April 2003

DVD TV Shows on is reporting that Second City has negotiated a contract with Shout! Entertainment to produce the DVDs. They don't have any other details, however. (Thanks Scott Carlson)

8 March 2003

Unsung Hero The first annual TV Land Awards will be honoring a variety of Classic TV shows. The Discretionary Awards "selected by the experts at TV Land" include 'Unsung Hero' for SCTV. Martin Short will be appearing. The awards air March 12 at 9 PM et/pt (and will be repeated several times in the following weeks). The Red Carpet Pre Show starts at 8:30.

6 March 2003

Second City web updated The Second City website has a fresh new look and new content, including video clips on their SCTV page. Keep an eye on the flash animation in the top left corner when you first load the site for a pleasant surprise.

Within a year or so The Second City's web redesign features, for the first time, official acknowledgement of the problems that have kept SCTV from your shelves and that SCTV may finally arrive on DVD. 10 Questions for Jason Brett, President Second City Entertainment reveals that they may "make this available to the world within a year or so." OK, still sketchy, but we'll take it.

21 February 2003

Second City Presents Bill Zehme talks with Second City alumni in this new series on Bravo (Canada), Saturdays at 10 PM EST. And check out the Second City Presents page at The Second City for video clips and info.

9 February 2003

A Mighty Wind Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy's new film opens April 16, trailer now available online. Features largely the same ensemble cast featured in Waiting for Guffman and Best In Show, including Catherine O'Hara and Fred Willard.

Freaks and Geeks Producers of the sitcom that starred Joe Flaherty are trying to persuade higher-ups to release the show on DVD (seems the music rights are expensive, a familiar refrain these days). So, sign the petition.

Goin' Down the RoadGoin' Down the Road "A couple of bucks...a bottle of beer...and always the dreams...of tomorrow." The definitive 1970 Canadian film on Maritimer alienation, on which the classic Garth and Gord and Fiona and Alice sketch is based, is available on DVD. Digitally mastered from the print restored by the National Archives of Canada, it includes commentary by director Don Shebib and Toronto Star critic Geoff Pevere.

31 January 2003

My Big Fat Greek Life Andrea Martin will reprise her My Big Fat Greek Wedding role in My Big Fat Greek Life, a sitcom spin off of the hit movie. CBS will premiere the show on Monday, February 24, at 9:30-10 PM EST before moving it to its regular time period of Sundays at 8-8:30 PM EST on March 2. (Thanks J Robbins)

15 December 2002

Dave Thomas and Joe Flaherty appear as Hope and Crosby in Dave Foley's The True Meaning of Christmas Specials on CBC, Sunday 22 December 2002, 8 PM. Described as an "irreverent romp," at least it doesn't have Anne Murray (she has her own special).

11 December 2002

Dave and Rick By the way, that Bob and Doug animated show trailer on the Strange Brew DVD was produced by Animax Entertainment (requires Flash), purveyors of "adutainment," among other things. Dave Thomas is "Creative Director" while Rick Moranis resides in the "Hollywood Bullpen." As their press release notes, "Thomas began his career at McCann-Erickson as lead copywriter on the Coca-Cola account before joining SCTV as lead writer where he developed a host of entertainment characters, including the enduring Bob and Doug McKenzie franchise." (Thanks Jeff Robbins)

21 November 2002

Strange Brew DVD Widescreen, decent transfer. A little thin on extras, it includes a single, albeit appropriate, original Great White North sketch, the film trailer, and a trailer for an animated Bob and Doug TV show. An inexpensive Christmas gift - more than a pack of smokes, but less than a case (at inflated LCBO prices, anyway). And it features the only SCTV we'll get on DVD this year (if ever).

2 November 2002

Joe Flaherty will be participating in some weekend comedy workshops through Humber College. Coming up: Ottawa Nov 16-17 2002.

23 September 2002

Strange Brew DVD available as a preorder at all the usual locations. Still due October 1st.

7 August 2002

DVD Petition Sign the SCTV on DVD petition: the cause is righteous. Now approaching 1000 signatures. Keep 'em coming folks. Related site: has a forum for voting for shows you'd like to see on DVD (free membership required to vote). (Thanks Justin and S. Dow)

24 July 2002

Think Wild: Think Edith Prickley The Joy of Tech online comic recently featured an Edith Prickley inspired spoof of Apple Computer's ads for its new OS, Jaguar. Now for sale at Geek Culture, Think Edith Prickley knick knacks. (Thanks Jerry)

16 July 2002

Strange Brew DVD to be released on DVD October 1 from Warner Home Video. Extras will apparently include excerpts from SCTV Great White North bits and something called "The Animated Adventures of Bob and Doug McKenzie." No word of commentary or deleted scenes. (Thanks J Robbins)

6 July 2002

Hope and Crosby are back Dave Thomas and Joe Flaherty will both appear in Dave Foley's "The True Meaning of Christmas Specials", currently in production for the CBC and to air this, er, Christmas. They will be reprising their classic Hope and Crosby impressions. Bob Hope appears as the Ghost of Christmas Specials Past, and takes us back to the 70's and Bing's duet with David Bowie. Thomas recently appeared as Hope on Primetime Glick. Ottawa Citizen article here. (Note, they only maintain articles on the site for 14 days. Pikers.)

27 May 2002

Second City Alumni Week gets under way this week in Toronto. Joe Flaherty talks to about the festivities.

MONDAY: New Does The Old, with the current mainstage cast plus Mike Nahrgang, Lex Vaughn, Jamillah Ross and special guest Colin Mochrie.

TUESDAY: The London Show, featuring alumni of the late London Second City, including Steve Morel, Jenny Parsons, Shari Hollett and Frank McAnulty.

WEDNESDAY: The Guy Show, with Joe Flaherty, Dave Thomas, Tony Rosato, Bruce Hunter, Bob Martin, Albert Howell, Andrew Currie and more.

THURSDAY: Gals' Night, with Robin Duke, Jayne Eastwood, Janet Van De Graaff, Tracy Dawson, Teresa Pavlinek, Jennifer Goodhue, Aurora Browne and more.

FRIDAY: Second City Alumni Gala, with Joe Flaherty, Gavin Crawford, Ron James, Robin Duke, Pat McKenna, Bob Martin, Deb McGrath, Teresa Pavlinek, Tony Rosato, Lee Smart, Janet Van De Graaff, Linda Kash, Lindsay Leese, John Hemphill and more.

19 May 2002

Joe Flaherty will be Humber College's Artist in Residence at the School of Comedy next fall.

11 May 2002

Second City Alumni Week Former SCTVers Robin Duke, Tony Rosato, Dave Thomas, Joe Flaherty, John Hemphill, Jayne Eastwood, and Ron James have all been confirmed for the Second Annual Alumni Week, Monday, May 27 through Friday, May 31. The cast of SCTV is also to get a star on Toronto's walk of fame Tuesday May 28.

4 May 2002

Second City Alumni Week The Second City Toronto is hosting its Second Annual Alumni Week, Monday, May 27 through Friday, May 31. Alumni from the past 29 years are returning to the stage for a series of shows through the week.

Joe Flaherty Apparently directing and hosting an improvised soap opera playing at The Second City in L.A., Thursday nights at 8 pm (coincidence?). (Thanks Daryl Mhoon)

1 May 2002

SCTV History We've added a small piece of history to the Series 1 page of the guide: an image of the slate used for the very first show (courtesy The Second City).

20 April 2002

Primetime Glick Series 2 Debuts in Canada on The Comedy Network Saturday May 11 at 22:30. The press release includes brief episode highlights. Review in the National Post.

25 March 2002

Second City Presents...On Bravo According to The Second City, "taping is continuing for Second City Presents, a new show for Bravo. Hosted by Bill Zehme, Second City Presents interviews famous comic performers on their craft, their beginnings, and on the world of comedy. Martin Short, Tracy Ullman, Jim Belushi, Joan Rivers, and Jon Lovitz have all been taped. The show should air in late Spring on Bravo." (thanks J Robbins)

23 March 2002

Eugene Levy New show Greg the Bunny debuts Wednesday March 27 at 9:30pm.

21 March 2002

SCTV article in New York Daily News The article, Where they've gone: an SCTV guide, talks about what the cast is up to now, and mentions the DVD release is now scheduled for late fall (do the planets have to be aligned or something?) and the cast will get spots on Toronto's walk of fame in May.

7 March 2002

Updated US syndication information New list of Blair syndicated shows now on the Syndication page.

23 February 2002

Days and Nights at The Second CityDays and nights at The Second City SCTVGuide is pleased to present an excerpt from Days and Nights at The Second City, Bernard Sahlins' new book. Sahlins is one of the founders of the original Second City in Chicago, and was there at the genesis of SCTV as well. Available now.

New series of Primetime Glick premieres tonight with guests Tom Hanks and Ben Stiller.

15 January 2002

Eugene Levy's new show Greg the bunny, coming in March. Premieres Wednesday, March 27, 9:30 PM EST.

9 January 2002

SCTV once again off the Air Unfortunately, Carson has settled with NBC and his show will air tonight.

8 January 2002

SCTV On the Air after all reports that Last Call with Carson Daly did NOT air last night because of a last-minute contract dispute, even though the episode was in the can. There's even some question of the show going on, ever. (Thanks William Szczuka)

7 January 2002

David Steinberg Show Back on the Comedy Network in Canada, Saturdays at 7:30 and 13:30.

3 January 2002

SCTV Off the Air? All indications are SCTV's run on NBC will end when it is replaced with some other show (bah!) starting next week.

Eugene Levy will present at the AFI awards, Saturday, January 5, 2002, CBS.

1 January 2002

Primetime GlickPrimetime Glick Now has its own page in the guide.

22 November 2001

SCTV coming to DVD (redux)? Another email from another correspondent:

Unfortunately you will not see the Video release now until 2002- Rhino Records is planning a major campaign in 2002, although NBC may start prior - sometime before Xmas releasing single video/dvd discs. We are anxious as all the fans to get these out. Thanks again for your interest.

Not much time left before Christmas. (Thanks Matthew Kozlowski)

26 October 2001

Andrea Martin on stage According to the Boston Phoenix, "Tony winner and SCTV star Andrea Martin heads the cast" in The Huntington Theatre Company's production of Christopher Durang's Betty's Summer Vacation (Oct. 26-Nov. 25). (Thanks B Davidson)

18 October 2001

Strange Brew on DVD in 2002 From a chat transcript on The Digital Bits with Warner studio executives (thanks J Robbins):

[DougIrving] Good Evening and thanks for joining us. 3 words: Strange Brew, eh! Are you aware of the demand for this one? This could be a sweet Special Edition with commentary by Rick and Dave as Bob and Doug (a la Spinal Tap). Any chances? I'm off to watch "Smallville."

[Warner] STRANGE BREW. Summer 2002. Be there.

14 September 2001

Waiting for Guffman on DVD With extra footage, commentary, etc., cheap at any price. While you're at it, pick up Best In Show.

6 September 2001

Comedy Network changes schedule SCTV 1am showing has moved to 1:30am.

31 August 2001

SCTV coming on DVD? Various sources report that The Second City is currently working on a very elaborate and long overdue release. One of our correspondents received the following from The Second City:

SCTV will be released in 2002. They (the episodes) will be available in various packages. All of the 90 minutes shows will be available in a box set. NBC will be selling the shows on an individual basis this fall over the air. This deal is for real and they finally will all be available. Cheers.

Could it be that the decades of futility are finally coming to an end?

22 August 2001

NBC has purchased new shows Last night NBC showed a "new" episode; from an email just received:

Thank you for your note to WNBC re: SCTV. I have been in contact with our network programmers and they assure me that there will be less repeats and more "originals" next season as they have just purchased new episodes of this highly popular series. Again, thank you for taking the time to write us.

Late night TV might just be worth staying up for again. (Thanks Charlie R)

15 August 2001

End of SCTV on NBC coming? NBC has hired Carson Daly to host a revamped version of Later, which is supposedly starting early next year. (Thanks J Robbins)

Eugene Levy update He'll be co-starring in the sitcom "Greg the Bunny" this fall on Fox. He is also currently appearing as the devil in a number of television ads for the Seattle Seahawks football team. And, of course, he's in the very successful American Pie 2. (Thanks Charlie R and R Hodgins)

4 August 2001

NBC Responds One of our readers, curious about NBC's odd SCTV schedule (they've started rerunning the same set of episodes for a third time) received the following response from NBC:

Subject: SCTV: 3rd rerun cycle?

Unfortunately, we do not schedule the SCTV episodes. That is done by our network programming executives on the West Coast. It may be that they have licensed only a certain amount of programs. I will forward your e-mail to them. Thank you for your comments."

OK, it's not much, but at least somebody reads email at NBC. Thanks Charlie R.

25 July 2001

Primetime Glick Premiers Saturday August 25 at 10pm on Comedy Network in Canada.

20 July 2001

SCTV Emmys For the curious, here's a rundown of SCTV's Emmy history. 1982 Emmy nominations/award:

  • outstanding variety, music or comedy program
  • outstanding supporting actress in a comedy or variety or music series (Andrea Martin)
  • outstanding writing in a variety or music program (4 of 5 nominations in the category; Moral Majority - winner; I'm Taking my Own Head; Great White North Palace; Christmas
  • outstanding individual achievement - creative special achievement (CCCP1)

1983 Emmy nominations/award:

  • outstanding variety, music or comedy program
  • outstanding directing in a variety or music program (Sweeps Week)
  • outstanding writing in a variety or music program (all 5 nominations in the category; Sweeps Week - winner; Jane Eyrehead; Towering Inferno; Christmas; Midnight Cowboy II)
  • outstanding individual achievement - special visual effects (Sweeps Week)

27 June 2001 (and before)

SCTV Marathon National Post columnist Scott Feschuk discusses SCTV in his column, noting that Moviepix is celebrating Canada Day with movies featuring SCTV alumni, while the Comedy Network is airing a 7 show marathon on July 2nd starting at 6pm.

Prime Time Glick Coming to Canada on the Comedy Network in August.

Meanwhile, positive reviews of Prime Time Glick (Wednesdays on Comedy Central) have shown up at the San Francisco Chronicle and LA Times.

Hinterland Who's Who The Woodchuck now available for viewing on Environment Canada's website. (Thanks Jim Powers)

SCTV Is Still Back on NBC! Unfortunately, they've been recycling the same shows, including the same first halves of shows for which they never showed the second half. If you follow me. Anyhow, NBC continues to rerun SCTV syndicated reruns at 12:35cst Mondays through Thursdays, following Late Night With Conan O'Brien. The NBC Second City page (now offline). Visit often to let them know you're interested. Send a note, and don't forget your local NBC affiliate. (thanks Charlie R)

Best In Show Released on DVD, with added bits and commentary from Guest and Levy. Waiting for Guffman to come.

SCTV preserved for posterity. The Canadian AV Preservation Trust has inducted SCTV into its Masterworks 2001 program.

Freaks and Geeks Fox Family Channel airs two episodes of Freaks and Geeks, featuring Joe Flaherty, back to back every Tuesday night at 9 (thanks Ken Hinchey).

Short videoSCTV coming to video A video release of SCTV is currently scheduled for this fall, the 25th anniversary (although they've said this before...). Cross your fingers. (Thanks James Allen Gray)

Bob and Doug Action figures are in stores now. From the same folks once rumoured to be saving Home Brew.

I, Martin Short, Goes Hollywood no longer available? While still listed at, we have a report that orders are not coming through. Better grab 'em if you find 'em. If anyone has a lead on a source, let us know.