with Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley

SCTV News Special Report

Anchored by Walter Cronkite with reporting from David Brinkley, SCTV occasionally carries tri-network coverage of big events, such as shuttle launches and the like. Walter and David also team up for the occasional special.

Walter is also the host of Dialing for Dollars.

David is also the host of Comment.

1 Point/Counterpoint: Alcoholism [3 - 2 (9)]

Cronkite and Brinkley discuss alcoholism. Walter runs a film of a Saturn 4 taking off.

Walter Cronkite - Thomas; David Brinkley - Moranis; Announcer - Moranis

2 SCTV News Special Report: The Space Shuttle [4/1 - 5 (6)]

Walter and David's coverage of the latest shuttle launch. Walter interviews Robert Gordon, while David Brinkley describes the heat resistant tiles on the shuttle. Gordon performs 'Some Day, Some Way'.

Walter Cronkite - Thomas; David Brinkley - Moranis; Robert Gordon and band - himself; crew - extras; announcer - staff announcer

3 Walter Cronkite's Brain [4/2 - 4 (3)]

Today's episode: function and control. They begin a typical Saturday with Walter, use the left side of the brain and head off to play golf.

Memory. A montage of Walter and David anchoring the news through the years. Race memory. Young Walter remembers his early days on Krypton with his father. David tries to convince Jor-El not to send young Walter to Earth.

Imagination. They play golf. Walter shows a lack of Ingenuity. While on the course, young Walter crash lands on the green, and Walter is vaporized. David takes young Walter.

Note: Theme music by Vangelis

Walter Cronkite - Thomas; David Brinkley - Moranis; young Walter Cronkite - extras; Mrs Cronkite - extra

4 SCTV News Special Report: NASA Production of Murder in the Cathedral [4/3 - 6 (4)]

Walter Cronkite anchors tri-network coverage of NASA's latest production. Out front of the theatre, David Brinkley covers the arrival of the Mercury III players, Buzz Aldrin, Rusty Schweiker and Alan Shephard. They go to Houston and production control for curtain lift off. The production starts. They cut away to the lobby, where Brinkley gets some reactions to the production from Katharine Hepburn, who's appalled at their delivery and that NASA is funding theatre productions, and Tom Wolfe, who's thrilled by it. Meanwhile, the play runs into a snag when the gates of the cathedral don't open; NASA attempts an EVA to correct the problem. They have to abort the third act.

Walter Cronkite - Thomas; David Brinkley - Moranis; Tom Wolfe - Flaherty; Katharine Hepburn - O'Hara; Christopher Craft (Houston Control) - Candy; Buzz Aldrin, Rusty Schweiker and Alan Shephard - extras; Rockwell technicians - extras; Violet and Amber - extras; street freaks, crowd - extras; announcer - staff announcer