with Moe Green

Dialing For Dollars

The perennial late-night movie show, where some lucky viewer can win the jackpot by naming the movie and answering a skill-testing question. First hosted by that jellyfish Moe Green. Fired by Guy Caballero and then kidnapped by Lutonians, he was replaced by the irascible Walter Cronkite, who left CBS to fill Moe's giant shoes. The final host, shown only in a brief clip in the final series, was Earl Camembert, best known as a co-host of SCTV News. Other SCTV movies can be seen on the SCTV Movie of the Week.

Moe Green

1 Dialing for Dollars: Changing Partners [1 - 7 (8)]

Moe introduces the film and makes some calls. Jackpot is 24 dollars.

Changing Partners Part 1

Mrs Nelson is unable to pay for her groceries. Or her mail.

Bruce Bigg as Bob - Levy; Mike the Mailman - Thomas; Trish Nutly as Mrs Nelson - O'Hara

Moe makes another call, and gets Mr Prince's son, who correctly names the film.

Host: Moe Green - Ramis; viewer - Candy; announcer - Thomas; Mr Prince Jr - extra

2 Dialing for Dollars: Ben Hur [1 - 13 (8)]

Moe makes some calls; he gets the Vatican and an insomniac.

Moe Green - Ramis; Jack Berlinski - Thomas; Pope John Paul - Flaherty; Clyde Spielberg (insomniac) - Levy

3 Dialing for Dollars: Three Jerks and a Gal [1 - 15 (11)]

It's the end of the film, time for a call. He calls Mrs.Green (no relation, honest).

Moe Green - Ramis; Mrs Green - Martin

4 Dialing for Dollars: Sandy Moss [1 - 21 (10)]

Moe dumps his girlfriend.

Moe Green - Ramis; Sandy Moss - O'Hara

5 Dialing for Dollars: Lust For Paint [1 - 26 (1)]

Moe introduces the movie and tries to make a call, but his phone is dead. Turns out his cheque to the phone company bounced; they disconnect his phone, dismantle his set, and Guy Caballero fires him.

Movie: Lust for Paint

The story of Toulain Lautrec and his attempts to get his paintings into the Louvre.

Toulain - Flaherty; Lagalou - O'Hara; Coucou - Ramis; Waiter - Candy; dancers, diners - extras; Marie - Martin

Moe Green - Ramis; Guy Caballero - Flaherty; crew - extras

Walter Cronkite

6 Dialing for Dollars: My Factory, My Self [3 - 4 (5)]

Walter introduces tonight's feature and talks about his controversial exit from CBS. Walter makes a call to Ted Kennedy.

My Factory, My Self

Dolly suffers sexual harassment at work. When she gets home, her husband Michael tells her he's leaving her. At the hospital, where she volunteers, Biff encourages her to form a union.

Sally Jane Clayburgh-Streep as Dolly - Martin; Mr Adamitus - Rosato; Michael - Flaherty; Billy - extra; Biff - Thomas; Factory workers - extras

Walter makes some prank calls.

Walter Cronkite - Thomas; Grumpy guy - Moranis; Lady - Duke; Hosea - Rosato; Ted Kennedy - Flaherty

7 Dialing for Dollars: The Fly Returns to Planet of the Apes [3 - 13 (11)]

$1050 in the jackpot and Walter makes some calls. He calls a guy, who looks it up in the TV Guide. Walter hangs up on him. The guy phones back.

Walter Cronkite - Thomas; Lawyer - Moranis

8 Dialing for Dollars: Partridge Family Goes to Mars [3 - 18 (8)]

Jackpot is 10 dollars. Walter gets a threatening phone call.

Walter Cronkite - Thomas; Threatening caller - Moranis

9 Dialing for Dollars: Space Week [3 - 22 (9)]

Walter plugs space week, a week of space movies. Prickley and Karlov drop by to invite Walter for a late night snack. Karlov phones a Chinese place to make reservations, and comes up with a winner.

Walter Cronkite - Thomas; Edith Prickley - Martin; Rabbi Karlov - Moranis

Earl Camembert

10 Promo: Murray's File/Dialing for Dollars [6 - 10 (2)]

Clips of Murray's File: Canadian Television and Dialing for Dollars with Earl Camembert hosting. The Dialing for Dollars sketch was never aired in its entirety.

Announcer - staff announcer; Earl Camembert - Levy