Movie of the Week

The SCTV Movie of the Week, along with the SCTV Foreign Film Festival, has showcased some of the finest films of our time. SCTV's late night vehicle for movies is, of course, $Dialing for Dollar$.

Movie of the Week

1 SCTV Movie of the Week: Wara, Wara, Wara [1 - 2 (9)]

The story of the Allied advance into Italy. The Italians plan their surrender. The Americans talk about what they'll do after the war. The General reads a letter from his wife.

Captain Combat - Thomas; General Dwight - Flaherty; Gus Gustofferson - Levy; Various American GIs - Ramis, Candy; Various Italian Soldiers - Flaherty, Thomas, Ramis, Candy, Levy; General's wife - Jayne Eastwood; Adrianna - Martin; announcer - Thomas

2 SCTV Movie of the Week: A Fistful of Ugly [1 - 9 (8)]

Edited for family viewing. Black Bart is coming to town. The Sheriff with no name and the Mexican try to get together for a gunfight. The Sheriff then confronts Mr King.

Sam the Bartender - Levy; Civil War Veteran - Thomas; Johnny LaRue as The Mexican - Candy; Waitress - Martin; Mr King - Flaherty; Sheriff with no name - Ramis; Townfolk - extras

3 SCTV Foreign Film of the Week: Therese et Joe [1 - 10 (8)]

A French film about a couple living together in a loft of some sort. The underlying theme of existentialist despair is brought to the surface in the final tragic scene.

Joe - Flaherty; Therese - Martin

4 SCTV Mystery Movie of the Week: The Taxidermist [1 - 12 (6)]

Walt brings his girlfriend Eugenie home to meet his parents.

Walt the Taxidermist - Candy; Eugenie - O'Hara; Father - Ramis; Mother - Martin; Cop - Thomas

5 SCTV Movie of the Week: The Grapes of Mud [1 - 23 (6)]

Tom arrives home from prison. The family is packing up to leave California and go to Oklahoma to escape the mud. En route, they pick up a preacher who has "lost the calling". Grandpa doesn't make it all the way. Tom gets a job dusting crops, but gets mean mad when Muley calls him a red and beats him to death. Back home, tom tells grandma what happened and leaves for Arizona.

Ma Joad - O'Hara; Henry Fonda as Tom Joad - Flaherty; Pa Joad - Thomas; Rose Joad - Martin; Preacher - Levy; Muley Graves - Ramis

6 Promo: SCTV Movie of the Week: Nice Kids from Hell [2 - 3 (9)]

Some nice kids terrorize the neighbourhood.

Husband - Flaherty; Wife - Martin; Nice kids: Kitten - O'Hara; Mort - Candy; Herb - Levy; Tony - Thomas; Announcer - staff announcer

7 SCTV Triple Feature Movie [2 - 8 (2)]

Drums of the Congo Swamp Rats, Desert Rat Drums and Drum Rats In Outer Space are featured, complete with happy endings.

Heroine - O'Hara; Swamp Guide (Robert Mitchum) - Flaherty; Desert Guide (John Wayne) - Candy; Space Guide - Thomas; Announcer - staff announcer

8 SCTV Movie of the Week: Hats of the West [2 - 14 (2)]

Sundance Kid is confronted about his hat by a stranger.

Bartender - Candy; Sundance Kid - Thomas; Sheriff - Levy; Saloon patrons - Tony Rosato, Peter Aykroyd, extras; Hat salesman - Flaherty; announcer - staff announcer

9 SCTV Movie Of the Week: Polynesiantown [4/1 - 2 (5)]

It's opening night of Johnny's new Polynesian restaurant, featuring ribs with a special molokai sauce. But Johnny blows it with the press, while Big Momma, the opening act, bombs. To top it off, the opening act, Dr John has been booked by accident, and he won't wear a grass skirt. Turns out he's doing the gig as a favour to Vic, who saved his life back in the 60's. Dr John gets Johnny to take care of his gems while he does his act ("Iko Iko") while a mysterious woman looks on. As Dr John finishes his number, Vic tells Johnny the ribs are bad. They go to warn Dr John, but too late, as he's polished off a huge plate. Dr John performs 'Such a Night'. As he finishes, he and the restaurant patrons are getting sick, bad sick. Vic takes the opportunity to run off with Dr John's gems. Dr John and LaRue run after him into the path of an oncoming rib truck. Rather then leave, Vic saves them but gets hit himself. The mysterious woman turns out to be a groupie. The ironic final scene ends with the famous crane shot.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Chuck - Dick Blasucci; Vic Hedges - Flaherty; Restaurant Critics - Levy, Moranis, Thomas; Big Momma - Martin; Dr John - himself; Mysterious Woman - O'Hara; patrons and staff - extras; announcer - staff announcer

10 SCTV Movie Of the Week: The Nobel [4/1 - 8 (11)]

At the Nobel Prize ceremony, Pinky reflects on the carreer of one of the nominees for medecin, Mike Maxwell.

Mike breaks into medecine by impressing the head of surgery, Jane Weidermeyer, with his knife work. Mike dumps his girl Laurel and shacks up with Jane, who carries him through medical school. On graduation day, he steals her research and ruins her. Eventually, his lack of knowledge of the human body gets him into trouble and booted out of the Mayo Clinic. His lawyer Cubby tries to help him get a position at a VD clinic run by Doctor Braino. At the restaurant where they meet, he finds his old girlfriend Laurel working as a cigarette girl. Just then, he gets a call from Pinky and learns he's been nominated for the Nobel. Pinky arrives back from Stockholm. Mike's worried that Jane will ruin his chances at winning the prize and asks Pinky to bump her off. Pinky tells Mike that he married Jane and she died giving birth to Mike's baby. Mike is relieved.

At the Nobel ceremony, Bob Hope does a routine and announces the winner.

Richard 'Teets' Savoy as Mike Maxwell - Thomas; Milton Berle as Cubby - Levy; Tony Bennett as Pinky - Flaherty; Doctor Al Dirigatos - Moranis; Elke Sommer as Jane Weidermeyer - O'Hara; Surgeon - Moranis; Laurel - O'Hara; Doctor Braino - Candy; Doctor Spock - Moranis; medical students, nurses, Nobel audience, diners - extras; announcer - staff announcer

11 SCTV Movie Of the Week: The Jazz Singer with Al Jarreau 4/2 - 1 (13)

In the studio, Sid lays down some tracks with Yissel, his adoptive son ('We're In this Love Together'). After the take, however, Yissel says he has to go to the synagogue - he doesn't want to be a soul singer, he wants to be a cantor. Retiring Cantor Silvers introduces Yissel to the Rabbi. Back home, he argues with his father, and Sid renounces him. Rabbi Knish (all the way from San Francisco) visits Sid, who is in the studio with Linda McCartney. The Rabbi relates a story to try and persuade Sid to show up at Temble Beth Blasucci for Yissel's first night.

Sid Dithers - Levy; Yissel Dithers - Al Jarreau; Linda McCartney - O'Hara; Rabbi Knish - Flaherty; Phil Silvers as Cantor Silvers - Moranis; congregation - extras; announcer - staff announcer

12 SCTV Movie of the Week: Power Play [4/2 - 2 (17)]

Coach Kirk stumbles on Billy playing street hockey and brings him to play for the lagging Toronto Bay Leaves. The Chief, Captain of the Leaves, takes Billy out to get some clothes. At the mall, Billy meets an activist and gives her tickets to the game. At the game against Philadelphia, Billy has to choose between playing his enforcer role and non-violence advocated by the activist.

Darryl Sittler as Billy - Candy; William Shatner as coach Kirk - Thomas; Dick Bedlow - Flaherty; Al Waxman as The Chief - Moranis; Helen Shaver as - O'Hara; Murray Eagleson (music) - Levy; Heckler - Levy; activists, Bay Leaves and Flyers players, fans - extras

13 SCTV Movie of the Week: Gangway for Miracles [4/2 - 4 (7)]

Edith tries to teach a wild young woman how to behave in civilised society. At first she tries love, understanding and patience, but they end up duking it out.

Edith Prickley - Martin; Father - Candy; Regan Duke Astin as Mad Dog - O'Hara; announcer - staff announcer

14 SCTV Movie of the Week: New York Rhapsody [4/2 - 5 (6)]

The story of a kid from a New York tenement who becomes a great violinist. His break comes when he plays for a society party, but his mother warns him against society dames. Paul plays at the party ("Dance of the Goblins") and impresses a society dame. They exchange some witty repartie. She becomes his patron and teaches him about living, takes him to the top, and then drags him down in high-style living. His concert at Carnegie Hall is cancelled.

The Society dame visits Mama to see if Mama can help her stay away from Paul. Mama suggests suicide. Paul plays Carnegie Hall at last. The tragic conclusion. (Note: the last bar in the montage of bars that Joan and Paul go to is Johnny LaRue's Luau Room.)

Paul Boray - Eugene Fodor; Mama - Martin; Papa - Flaherty; Host at Society party (Rawl Withers) - Levy; Joan Crawford - O'Hara; Society Partygoers - extras; child Paul - extra; announcer - staff announcer

15 SCTV Movie of the Week: The Vikings and The Beekeepers [4/2 - 6 (7)]

The Vikings, tired of the routine of sacking England, attempt to torment the English even more by bringing over bees. But the voyage proves difficult as the beekeepers insist the bees may only travel East at night. Broomhilde, goddess of compromise, offers a solution: bathe, sing and have lunch.

English - extras; Beekeeper leader - Flaherty; Beekeepers - Doug Steckler, extras; Olaf, the Captain - Thomas; Vikings - Moranis, Candy, Levy, extras; Broomhilde - O'Hara; Narrator - staff announcer

16 SCTV Movie of the Week: Teacher's Pet 4/2 - 8 (7)

Zachary, the new teacher at a very rough school, arrives at the Staff Room. In his classroom, the students are running wild. He tries to take command, but the students are difficult. He storms out and returns to the Staff Room, where the other teachers are barricaded. He comes up with a plan. The next day, he impresses them with some swordplay. However, Denholm, who arrives late, turns out to be a tough nut to crack.

Zachary has started to reach the students - but he's decided to leave and become a masseuse in the Carribean. The kids prepare a surprise party for him. The boys play a song ("Elephants' Graveyard"). Cookie sings a farewell.

Ricardo Montalban as Peter Zachary - Levy; Jackson (Phys Ed) - Candy, Pinney - Moranis; Mr. Timis (Principal) - Thomas; Mr Denholm - Bob Geldof; Sara Gould as Pamela (The Student Body) - O'Hara; Cookie - Martin; Students - The Boomtown Rats (Johnny Fingers - keyboards, Garry Roberts - Guitar, Pete Briquette - Bass, Simon Crowe - Drums), extras; announcer - staff announcer

17 SCTV Movie of the Week: Maudlin's Eleven [4/3 - 2 (5)]

Sammy's called a summit meeting, to propose a heist. They're gonna get some of their old GI buddies to help them out, and one extra: Bobby's brother Skip.

At the Blue Angel Burlesque Strip Tease, Bill Needle is warming up the crowd for the main act, his wife, when he gets the call. Skip Bittman is doing the warm up act for Make Room for Daddy when he gets the call. Everyone gathers around the pool table at Sammy's to discuss the heist: Danny Thomas' dressing room at Desilu studios.

Bobby is in a real hip bar for an espresso. He does a swingin' number. The heist: Bill's ready at the hydro pole; Johnny Puleo and the Harmonica Gang are ready by the phone booth; Sammy's in his garbage man outfit; Bobby and William B are in the audience watching Skip's warm up act. At 8:30, Needle cuts the power; Sammy gets in the truck; Bobby and William B go to the dressing room, Skip heads to the car. But things go bad. Needle fries himself. Sammy can't start the truck and tries to bribe the officer. Skip decides to fill the tank and runs over the Harmonica Gang. William B and Bobby are caught by Danny Thomas, who does a spit take.

Bobby Bittman - Levy; William B Williams - Candy; Sammy Maudlin - Flaherty; Bill Needle - Thomas; Skip Bittman - Moranis; Honey Pie Traynor - extra; Johnny Puleo and the Harmonica Gang - extras; bar patrons; audience - extras; Chicks - extras; hey, that looks a lot like the Wally Hung Trio working the Blue Angel: Drums (Ricky) - Moranis; Organ (Wally) - Paul Flaherty; Bass - Dick Blasucci; announcer - staff announcer

18 SCTV Movie of the Week: I Was a Teenage Communist [4/3 - 7 (5)]

Eddie Davis is a typical American teenager, but he gets caught up with the wrong crowd. Russ introduces Eddie to his friends at the Duke Snyder fan club, a front for Communists. There he meets, and becomes fascinated with Emma. They convince him to head down to Murray's Coco Shack, where Russ' rock and roll band is playing. Emma gives him a mysterious looking hickey. Meanwhile, Mrs Davis discovers that Russ play rock and roll, and calls the police. At the Coco Shack, Russ' band does a number ("From Small Things, Big Things Surely Come") and things get wild. Eddie smokes a reefer, then goes to the washroom and starts to transform. At the same time, he figures out what's going on. Too late he tries to warn people, but he's turned into a werewolf. Mrs Davis and the police arrive and gun him down.

Notes: Based on the novel "Werewolf Without a Cause" and produced by Republic Pictures in association with HUAC and Red Channels Magazine.

Narrator - Flaherty; Mrs Davis - O'Hara; Eddie Davis - Short; Russ Riley - Dave Edmunds; Murray - Levy; Emma - Martin; Yuri ("Biff") - extra; youths - extras; communists - extras; band - Dave Edmunds Band

19 SCTV Foreign Film Festival: Rome, Italian Style [4/3 - 8 (9)]

The Padre runs into Angelo riding a bicycle with training wheels. Angelo spies a rump that, for him, proves the existence of God. Angelo arrives home, where numerous children have created chaos. He kicks them out. He has an argument with his wife, and goes to the study to think (well, fantasize).

He fantasizes about being in a Ferrari with training wheels. He picks up a chick (Angelica). In a surreal white room, Angelica and his wife mock and taunt him. He tries to escape his fantasy. He confesses to the Padre, who punches him for giving a lame confession. He returns to the other room, to see himself on the table, ready to be carved up and eaten by his wife and children. The fantasy ends abruptly.

He returns to the reality of his bathroom. Seraphina is serving dinner. The circus passes by their window. Angelo drives by on a bicycle without training wheels.

Marcello Gassman as Angelo - Flaherty; Monica Magnani as Seraphina the Wife - Martin; Ursula Schneider as Angelica - O'Hara; Enio Petrie as the Padre - Levy; Villagers - extras; Children - extras; Mama - extra; sax players - extras; miscellaneous voices - O'Hara

20 SCTV Movie of the Week: The Nutty Lab Assistant [5/4 - 2 (5)]

The well-endowed Miss Purdy suffers indignities at the hands of her boss, the evil Dr Gunzelman. Ed is in love with Miss Purdy. He accidentally drinks one of the Doctor's potions, and undergoes a transformation... Jack, transformed into John Cougar, goes to the Kit Kat Club. Dr Gunzelman is humiliating Miss Purdy in front of his colleagues; John comes to her aid and sings a song ("Jack and Dianne"). John transforms back into Jack during a reprise of Jack and Diane. Jack runs. Miss Purdy pursues him back to the lab, where she confesses she loves him for who he is, mostly.

Ed Grimley as Jack - Short; Boris Burgess as Dr Gunzelman - Candy; Senta Schneider as Miss Purdy - Martin; Priest - extra; bartender - George Buza; crowd - extras

21 SCTV Movie of the Week: The Bowery Boys in the Band [5/4 - 4 (6)]

Slip is throwing a birthday party for his friend Troy when Slip's old friends Sach and Whitey drop by because of an emergency - Gabe is in trouble. Sach, Slip, Whitey and Louie rush off to east Asia. They find Gabe in a rough club playing Russian Roulette. Slip joins the game. They fight their way out and return to Slip's (No Goils Allowed).

Leo Gorcey as Slip Mahoney - Robin Williams; Louie Dumbrowski - Flaherty; Whitey - Candy; Sach Jones - Short; Gabe - Levy; Troy - Don Lake; party guests - extras; tough guys - extras

22 SCTV Special Presentation: A Star Is Born [5/5 - 1 (5)]

Top singer John Norman Mane walks into a bar where Esther is singing with Big Momma. They bomb and someone throws a bowling ball, so Momma clears the room. John tells Ester to change her name and leave Big Momma. She leaves with John. A month later, they're still living together. He gives her some advice for her lyrics ('more critters'). He goes to do a TV gig, shows up wasted, interrupts his song, and gets Esther to go on. She brings the house down. Esther becomes a huge success, while John's carreer goes downhill and his drinking gets worse. At the Grammies, Esther wins Best Female Singer (presented by Milton Berle and Debby Harry). John Norman shows up drunk, causes a ruckus, and gets thrown out. Esther makes her speech, while John takes a walk....

Kris Kristofferson as John Norman Mane - Flaherty; Esther Blodgett - Crystal Gayle; Clip Clark - Candy; Milton Berle - Levy; Big Momma - Martin; Debby Harry - Wilcox; diners, crew, crowd - extras; carwash - extras

23 SCTV Foreign Film Festival: Das Boobs [6 - 5 (5)]

Screenplay By Bob Clark, Wolfgang Peterson and Harold Von Ramis. Directed by Harold Von Ramis.

The Captain welcomes the crew on board. They are on a secret mission. It is Pee-Wee's birthday. There are two women on board, part of an experiment in co-ed U-boats. The Captain's thoughts are preoccupied with getting Pee-Wee laid. The Captain discusses the mission with the male crewmembers - a virtual suicide mission. It seems more imperative than ever to get Pee-Wee laid. The Captain promises to see how well the women are at taking orders. The Captain talks to Marlena, while the men give Pee-Wee tips. Marlena pays Pee-Wee a visit, while the others watch Gerta take a shower through a hole in the wall, when disaster strikes.

Captain Highliner - Flaherty; Walter Slezak - Hemphill; Fritz Feld - Levy; Peewee Reese - Short; Eric Hoffer - Ron James; Helmut Schmidt - John McAndrew; Marlena Zadora - Martin; Gerta - special business extra; announcer - staff announcer