with Johnny LaRue

Dining, Exercising and Cooking With LaRue

Johnny LaRue has hosted a variety of programs at SCTV over the years, from kid's shows like Mr Science, hard-hitting topical shows like Street Beef, game shows, and super specials.

Significant episodes for Johnny include:

Johnny also has an extensive business empire, and many products have been advertised on SCTV.

Johnny LaRue

Exercising/Cooking/Mr Science

1 The Johnny LaRue Exercise Show [1 - 1 (4)]

Johnny jogs on the spot, works out with the fridge door, eats a sandwich.

Johnny LaRue - John Candy; Staff Announcer - Thomas

2 Cooking with LaRue: Cat Food [1 - 4 (5)]

Johnny has a great recipe for the under-employed.

LaRue - Candy; Announcer - Thomas; Lady from audience - O'Hara; crew - extras

3 Mr. Science: Coffee [1 - 6 (4)]

Mr Science makes coffee.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Donald - Donald Cowper

4 Mr. Science: Acid and Electricity [2 - 12 (1)]

Mr Science has problems with Damien, who wants to learn about acid and electricity.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Damien - extra; announcer - staff announcer

Dining With LaRue

5 Dining With LaRue: Greek Restaurant [1 - 3a (5)]

Johnny is at Jimmy's Parthenon with his secretary. He is refused entry to the kitchen. The Greeks dance and come on to his date. Johnny is challenged to a protsos, a Greek drinking game. LaRue wins and is declared a man.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Alki Stereopolis - Flaherty; Greeks - Levy, Thomas, Ramis, extras; Shirly Balsam - O'Hara; Waitress (Alki's sister) - Martin

6 Dining With LaRue: Italian Food [1 - 8 (3)]

LaRue's Italian meal is interrupted by family business.

LaRue - Candy; Italian heavies - Levy, Thomas; Hit man - Flaherty; Waiter - Ramis; diners - Duke, extras

7 Dining with LaRue: Chinese Food [1 - 10 (5)]

Johnny gets a little bombed on rice wine while dining at his friend Lin Ye Tang's Tang Gardens. Lin prepares a meal at his table.

Lin Ye Tang - Thomas; LaRue - Candy; diners - Flaherty, extras

8 Dining with LaRue: Health Food [1 - 11 (4)]

LaRue causes a ruckus at a health food restaurant by smoking and ordering steak.

LaRue - Candy; Waitress - Martin; Hippy patron - Levy; diners - extras

9 Dining With LaRue: French Restaurant [2 - 24 (8)]

LaRue is at the Chez Chic, has problems with his reservation, snooty waiters, and paying the bill.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Maitre D - Thomas; Waiter - Flaherty; Diners - extras

LaRue By Night/Street Beef

1 LaRue by Night [2 - 5 (6)]

Johnny's written his show on some cocktail napkins during the writer strike. Johnny talks to Perini, who starts to ham it up. Others turn and run as Johnny approaches. Johnny plugs Angelo Rosato's restaurant supplies.

Johnny gets a gift of some fish, and Angelo Rosato arrives with a note pinned to his forehead.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Perini Scleroso - Martin; Angelo Rosato - Rosato (?)

2 Lunch Time Street Beef: Male Nude Dancers [4 - 1/5 (13)]

LaRue is on the street doing his show. LaRue clears up one thing: he's not gay. The topic is male nude dancers. The street is kind of empty, so they start walking. Johnny's confused by how empty the street is. He finally finds the people at the end of the street, which has been barricaded because a film, Lunchtime Street Beef, is being filmed. A fracas breaks out between people who did and didn't like Polynesiantown. The closing shot is a helicopter shot. (Credit: Helicopter provided by William Morris)

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Cop - extra; Folks on the street, cops - extras; Guy Caballero - Flaherty

3 Street Beef: Commerciality in Christmas [4 - 2/7 (8)]

LaRue's topic is commerciality in Christmas. There's nobody on the street, the shops are closed, The Red Ox Inn, formerly The Beef and Booze, is also closed (and LaRue's forgotten his key). The crew runs off on him.

LaRue's set up the camera and microphone himself, and gives a classic rambling monologue about how he had to beg for every crane shot he ever got, before passing out. He is awakened by Santa, who's brought him a crane.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Santa Claus - himself; crew - extras

4 Street Beef: The Big O [4 - 3/9 (6)]

LaRue is in a bar. Johnny opts to talk about the big O instead of male go go dancers. No one wants to talk with him though. Donny comes over and talks to LaRue about the big O. He points LaRue to a couple of chicks who had the big O earlier that day.

Donny comes back with some t-shirts. He offers to be Johnny's bodyguard.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Donny - Murray; chicks, bar patrons - extras; crew - extras


1 SCTV Movie Of the Week: Polynesiantown [4/1 - 2 (5)]

It's opening night of Johnny's new Polynesian restaurant, Johnny LaRue's Luau Room, and Dr John has been booked by accident. Dr John gets Johnny to take care of his gems while he does his act ("Iko Iko"). As Dr John finishes his number, Vic tells Johnny the ribs are bad. They go to warn Dr John, but too late, as he's polished off a huge plate.

Dr John performs 'Such a Night'. As he finishes, he and the restaurant patrons are getting sick. Vic takes the opportunity to run off with Dr John's gems. Dr John and LaRue run after him into the path of an oncoming rib truck. Rather then leave, Vic saves them and gets hit himself. The mysterious woman turns out to be a groupie. The film ends with the famous crane shot.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Chuck - Dick Blasucci; Vic Hedges - Flaherty; Restaurant Critics - Levy, Moranis, Thomas; Big Momma - Martin; Dr John - himself; Mysterious Woman - O'Hara; patrons and staff - extras; announcer - staff announcer

2 All Girl Friday Night Pajama Party [4/2 - 9 (6)]

Johnny (wearing an ERA button) introduces his new show, made expressly for women. Dr Kinsey, observing the show on TV, interjects with what turns out to be her fifth lecture on arrested adolescence in the middle-aged male. She describes LaRue's show as a classic example of male hysteria. Returning to the show, she provides running commentary over the towel fashion show and Alistair Cooke's arrival. A pizza arrives and the girls start girl fighting as Alistair looks on. Bill Needle cuts in, however, to criticize Kinsey's review, and cites the show's good ratings. And he figures that, even though a woman's show, there's alot here for men as well. He returns to the show for the bedtime story and conclusion.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Alistair Cooke - Flaherty; Cheryl Kinsey - Martin; Bill Needle - Thomas; Randi, Amber, Dakota - extras; Pizza delivery girl - extra; LaRue Productions Gerbil - extra; announcer - staff announcer

Game Shows

5 Family Crisis Game Show 2 - 22 (5)

Johnny introduces Chrissy, who has a husband that beats her. First up, Colonel Sanders asks her whether her family likes chicken and advises her to pay more attention to her family. Lola asks if her husband beats her in bed, and when Chrissy replies yes, she advises her to ship the kids off to the YMCA for a few months and turn their house into a pleasure palace. Bobby suggests Chrissy watch Bobby's next special, "Bobby Bittman looks at Marriage...from a distance." The studio audience likes Bobby's advice best.

Host: Johnny LaRue - Candy; Panelists: Bobby Bittman - Levy; Lola Heatherton - O'Hara; Colonel Sanders - Thomas; Contestant: Chrissy Steiner - Martin; studio audience - extras; announcer - staff announcer

2 Promo: Meet the Pawnbroker [2 - 24 (4)]

Contestants pawn possessions for cash, then spin the wheel to see what they'll run into on their way 'Home'.

Host: Johnny LaRue - Candy; Contestant: Dorothy - O'Hara; Charlene - Martin; Street gang - extras

3 Promo: Jumping for Dollars [5/5 - 4 (2)]

Lovely ladies literally jump for cash.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Jumping women - extras