"I blame those Koreans."

Johnny LaRue Enterprises

Johnny LaRue isn't just a director, producer and star of his own shows and movies, he's also the owner of an extensive array of business ventures, including audio equipment from LaRue Tachi, LaRue Toys, and even property management of LaRue Towers.

Johnny LaRue

1 Commercial: Grease from LaRue Enterprises [2 - 7 (7)]

Get rid of grease by using grease.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Housewives - Martin, O'Hara, extras

2 Commercial: LaRue Towers [2 - 9 (4)]

Johnny wants to be your landlord. It's cheap and it's got character.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Tenants - Flaherty, O'Hara, extras

3 Commercial: LaRue Toys [2 - 19 (3)]

Having received complaints about his toys, safety's the motto for LaRue's latest toy, Jessie the Sponge.

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Lab technicians - extras

4 Commercial: Evelyn Wolf School of Speed Eating and LaRue's Speed Drinking Book [2 - 19 (4)]

Don't loiter over your meals. Special bonus - Johnny LaRue's Speed Drinking Book.

Evelyn Wolf - Martin; Dave - Thomas; Wife - O'Hara; Students - Thomas, extras; Johnny LaRue - Candy; partygoers - extras; announcer - staff announcer

5 Commercial: LaRue Tachi Portable Quadraphonic System [4/1 - 9 (13)]

Mr. Mambo has the ideal portable quadraphonic stereo system.

Mr Mambo - Candy; Guys with portable stereos - extras; announcer - Candy, extra

6 Commercial: LaRue Fish Flakes and Frosted Fish Flakes [4/3 - 5 (15)]

A special cereal for special people.

Mother - Martin; Father - Flaherty; kids - extras; Fish Flake Man - Candy; Announcer - staff announcer

7 Commercial: Johnny LaRue's Discount Deprive-O-Rama [4/3 - 6 (3)]

Share Johnny's relaxation in his isolation tanks. The whole womb effect. And if you get bored, watch TV or go to a party at a neighboring tank...

Johnny Larue - Candy; Gerbils - extras; announcer - staff announcer; party guests - extras

8 Commercial: LaRue Tachi 1250-A with John Cougar [5/4 - 2 (9)]

LaRue-Tachi has developed a new state of the art sound system, the 1250-A. John Cougar demonstrates and steals his gerbils. "You're part of the sound."

Johnny LaRue - Candy; Gerbils - extras; John Cougar - himself; announcer - staff announcer