with Gerry Todd

The Gerry Todd Show

Gerry Todd is the ultimate video geek - the original vj, he spins video and fills the air with endless patter. Together with his Japanese alter-ego Tim Ishimuni, he also embodies the consumer electronic war waged between the US and Japan. Important Gerry Todd episodes include:

Gerry is also the frequent spokesman for Videotech.

1 The Gerry Todd Show: Tom Monroe [4/1 - 2 (15)]

The show starts with video ('I'm Turning Japanese') from Tom Monroe. Gerry goes to the request line, and plays a video from 5 Easy Pieces ('My Head Is Spinning'). He then does the weather and checks out the satellite picture. Gerry makes an incredible cash call to a guy who's not feeling very well, and plays another track from Tom Munroe's 'On A New Wavelength' videodisc ('Do Do Do Da Da Da' - and roll credits).

Gerry Todd - Moranis; Tom Monroe - Moranis; Tom Munroe geisha girls - extras; Five Easy Pieces - Thomas; Request - O'Hara; Astronaut - Moranis; Man on the street - extra; Bumper heads - Flaherty, Martin, Levy, Candy, Thomas, Moranis; William Morris (Sweating Weasel) - Thomas; Tom Monroe Chicks - extras

2 The Gerry Todd Show: Mike McDonald [4/1 - 5 (19)]

In the wee small ones of a Saturday morning, Gerry's got video from Tom Monroe ('Downtown', with heavy backup from Mike McDonald), his disc 'Tom Munroe Sings Petula Clark'. (Note: Munroe's watching Dr Cheryl Kinsey on TV in his video.) Gerry's got a man on the street looking for a lost dog. Gerry has problems with his super, before going to video from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young ("White Christmas"). Gerry checks the traffic. He signs off with a video from Christopher Cross, featuring Mike McDonald ("Ride Like the Wind").

Gerry Todd - Moranis; Tom Munroe - Moranis; Mike McDonald - Moranis; bums - extras; Guy looking for dog - Thomas; Barking bum - Thomas; Bing Crosby - Flaherty; Graham Nash - Levy; Stephen Stills - Thomas; Neil Young - Moranis

3 Midnight Video Special [4/2 - 9 (5)]

Gerry's hosts a music video show from his advent screen. He talks a bit to the audience, then shows video from Talking Heads.

Video: Talking Heads - Once In a Lifetime

Gerry goes live to Tim Ishimuni in Tokyo for the satellite Report. Tim's got a scoop on a new Japanese microcam and video from The Plastics.

Video: The Plastics - Top Secret Man

Gerry gives a short editorial on Japanese technology and the importance of sticking with domestically produced products. Tim breaks in on Gerry's signal with superior technology and takes over the show. Gerry fights back ("Mayday, mayday, I am under video attack"). The signal breaks down completely. The moral - beware of the Silent Enemy:

Clip: CCCP1 Bumper / Today Is Moscow (R4)

Valeri Cometsky - Moranis; Ivan Mahailov - Thomas; announcer - Moranis

Gerry Todd - Moranis; Tim Ishimuni - Thomas; Wolf Man Jack announcer - Moranis; audience - extras; announcer - staff announcer

Tim Ishimuni

Tim Ishimuni has his own show back east.

1 The Tim Ishimuni Show [4/1 - 2 (2)]

Live via satellite from Tokyo, Tim Ishimuni chats with his guest, Grogan, about radiation, his new book, what irritates him, and whether he still has an irrational need to crush small things.

Tim Ishimuni - Thomas; Grogan - Candy; Police - extras; Announcer - staff announcer