"Keeping your hands off video."


Videotech - purveyors of the latest hi-tech gadgets to make your life with video easier. And they have Gerry Todd, host of The Gerry Todd Show and master of all things video, to prove it.

1 Commercial: Videotech Complete Home Entertainment System [3 - 13 (10)]

Videotech provides everything you need to enjoy and copy movies at home. They even deliver. "You'll never have to leave home again."

Wife - Martin; Husband - Moranis; Kid - extra; Delivery man (Sweating Weasel, William Morris) - Thomas; announcer - staff announcer

2 Commercial: Video Dinners from Videotech [4/2 - 2 (7)]

Dinner and a video in one convenient package. A Christmas Carol Christmas dinner, etc. From Videotech. Taste the difference.

Gerry Todd - Moranis; announcer - staff announcer

3 Commercial: Videodating [4/2 - 4 (17)]

Gerry's got video featuring the woman he met and married courtesy of Videodating. "Make your next blind date a videodate."

Gerry Todd - Moranis; Priscilla Todd - Martin; announcer - staff announcer

4 PSA: Video - Use It, Don't Abuse It [4/2 - 8 (4)]

Gerry Todd shows how real life can be as good as video by turning off the monitors, getting out of the house, driving around, and going to a car wash. Sponsored by Concerned Parents of Melonville.

Gerry Todd - Moranis; announcer - staff announcer

5 Commercial: Hands Off Remote Control Converter from Videotech [4/3 - 2 (1)]

Gerry's got a hands off remote for the kitchen screen, but Tim Ishimuni still has superior technology. "Videotech. Keeping your hands off video"

Gerry Todd - Moranis; Tim Ishimuni - Thomas

6 Commercial: Audiogames by Intellicoustic [4/3 - 5 (11)]

Gerry's got the video switched off so he can enjoy audio games such as basketball, baseball, and Gerry's favorite, Galactic War. And no Dolby - "you'll want to hear all the noise."

Gerry Todd - Moranis; baseball announcer, basketball players - extras; announcer - staff announcer