with Edith Prickley

Message from Edith Prickley

Edith Prickley, Station Manager of SCTV, frequently takes to the screen to announce new shows, outline SCTV policy, expound on important matters of the day, or beg for cash. Edith also has many tv shows and movies to her credit.

Important Edith Prickley episodes include:

Edith Prickley has also guested on Sesame Street over the years.

1 Message from Prickley: Rock Concert [3 - 1 (1)]

Prickley welcomes us to another fine year at SCTV, introduces herself ("I replaced that schmo Moe Green"), and invites us to stay tuned.

Edith Prickley - Martin

2 Message from Prickley: Play It Again, Bob [3 - 7 (3)]

Prickley promotes Play it Again, Bob, later tonight.

Edith Prickley - Martin

3 Message From Prickley: The Sammy Maudlin Show [3 - 11 (2)]

Prickley promotes Sammy Maudlin.

Edith Prickley - Martin; Announcer - staff announcer

4 Message from Prickley: Hollywood Extras [3 - 14 (1)]

Prickley plugs the Extras special, and brings in a couple of extras.

Edith Prickley - Martin; Extras - Thomas, Moranis

5 Message From Prickley: The New Year [3 - 16 (5)]

Prickley, in Guy's chair, reflects on the new year, 1984.

Edith Prickley - Martin

6 Message from Prickley: The Mating Game [3 - 21 (3)]

Prickley plugs The Mating Game.

Edith Prickley - Martin

7 Message from Prickley: Mel's Rock Pile [3 - 23 (2)]

Edith is giving a depressed Walter a back rub. She pauses to announce, back by popular demand, Mel's Rock Pile, later on the show.

Edith Prickley - Martin; Walter Cronkite - Thomas; Announcer - staff announcer

8 Message from Prickley: The Cisco Kid [3 - 25 (1)]

Prickley plugs The Cisco Kid.

Edith Prickley - Martin; announcer - staff announcer

9 Message from Prickley: The New Season [4/1 - 1 (6)]

While having stuff moved into new quarters, Edith describes some of the things we can look forward to.

Edith Prickley - Martin; LaRue Movers - Flaherty (Butch), extras

10 Message from Prickley: Polynesiantown [4/1 - 2 (4)]

Prickley is on the set of LaRue's latest movie to promote Polynesiantown.

Edith Prickley - Martin; Johnny LaRue - Candy; LaRue entourage - Blasucci, extras; actress (off-screen) - Martin

11 Message from Prickley: I Want to do My Own Commercial [5/5 - 2 (2)]

Phil now owns the largest chain of nail stores in the tri-city area because SCTV allowed him to advertise at rates he could afford. This week, SCTV is cutting its rates for small business. Edith invites people down to the station to do their own commercials.

Edith Prickley - Martin; Phil the Garment King - Levy; Phil's assistant - Wilcox; warehouse guys - extras

12 Sermonette: Edith Prickley on Depression [6 - 10 (1)]

Edith has some words about depression, including an anecdote about Pierre Trudeau. She shows an old home movie.

Clip: Home Movie of Edith Depressed

Edith Prickley - Martin

Edith then sings "Accentuate the Positive" with the Prickettes.

Edith Prickley - Martin; Prickettes - extras

13 Promo: SCTV Channel - Edith Prickley [6 - 17 (1)]

Clips from A Melonville Moment, Janitors strike, Live at the Melonville Baths, at Studio 54 with Pierre Trudeau, and Tracking the Unknown. Also features the lugeing clip ('the only threat to the Germans at the Olympics') from the Great White North Palace wraparound. 'Edith Prickley can do it all, on SCTV.'

Pierre Trudeau "Edith!" - Short; Edith Prickley - Martin; announcer - staff announcer

Edith has also starred in a few features and specials of her own.

1 SCTV Movie of the Week: Gangway for Miracles [4/2 - 4 (7)]

Edith tries to teach a wild young woman how to behave in civilised society. At first she tries love, understanding and patience, but they end up duking it out.

Edith Prickley - Martin; Father - Candy; Regan Duke Astin as Mad Dog - O'Hara; announcer - staff announcer

2 Promo: Give 'Em Hell, Bess [4/2 - 8 (2)]

She was a Queen, but first she was a woman.

Edith Prickley as Queen Elizabeth - Martin; Sir Walter Raleigh - Thomas; Leichester - Flaherty; guard - Moranis; announcer - staff announcer

3 Promo: Prickley Heat [4/3 - 2 (6)]

The story of a woman too hot to touch. "Boy are you stupid! I like that in a man."

Edith Prickley - Martin; E Charles Bronson - Flaherty; Announcer - staff announcer

4 Promo: Edith Prickley Live from the Melonville Baths [5/5 - 6 (1)]

Edith, the consummate entertainer, sings, tells jokes, spins plates, rides a unicycle, dances. Charlton Heston reads from the letters of Alexander Hamilton.

Edith Prickley - Martin; Charlton Heston - Flaherty; Men at the Baths - extras; announcer - staff announcer

5 Commercial: Prickley Business [6 - 1 (4)]

A young man at home alone, gets an older woman, a professional, to satisfy his needs. They double-date with his pal and Edna Boil.

Edith Prickley - Martin; Edna Boil - Martin; Tom Cruise - Short; Donald - Ron James; announcer - staff announcer