Andrea Martin with Martin Short | Catherine O'Hara | Dave Thomas | Mary Charlotte Wilcox

Andrea Martin ...Together Again

60 minute Showtime special, aired 1 July 1989.

Written by Andrea Martin and Mike Short, with special material by Dick Blasucci, Margaret Oberman and Catherine O'Hara. Directed by David Acomba. Featuring Edna Boil, Edith Prickley, Yolanda Devillbis and Dutch Leonard. Also features the return of Tex Boil and a brief appearance by Idella Voudry.

A pretty credible outing, all in all. Something of an Andrea Martin-centric episode of SCTV, featuring as it does many of her best characters, and good use of guest stars. And it's great to see Tex and Edna Boil back together again.

1 Prickley's Backstage Booze Bin I

Edith Prickley is tending bar when Andrea arrives after walking off her own comeback television show. She tells Edith the whole story.

Andrea Martin; Edith Prickley - Martin; miscellaneous drinkers - extras

2 Andrea Martin A Celebration of Me I

Andrea's entrance to her own special, a celebration of the new her. Her friends, fellow inmates and therapy group (Idella Voudry, leader) are in the audience. She introduces her first guest, on tape, Dr August Allwoman, who helped Andrea recover from her breakdown.

3 Institute of Bold Movement

The doctor's technique is to expel tension through bold movement. Having read that Andrea had taken to her bed indefinitely, the doctor decided to intervene, and bring Andrea to his institute, bed and all. He eventually gets her on her feet (albeit still in bed), and then out of bed.

Andrea Martin; Dr August Allwoman - Short; students - extras

Andrea then introduces Yolanda Devillbis, who leads the audience in some relaxation exercises while playing a harp.

Andrea Martin; Idella Voudry - Wilcox; group therapy group - extras; crowd - extras; announcer - extra; Yolanda Devillbis - Martin; kids, babysitter - extras

4 Commercial: Tex and Edna Boil's Prairie Warehouse and Curio Emporium: Boil Hotel

Tex and Edna have branched out with their new hotel and spa, where the evening's festivities are being taped. Drink at the Prickley Booze Bin. Exercise at the Boil Spa. Free coffee 2-5 am.

Edna Boil - Andrea Martin; Tex Boil - Thomas

2a Andrea Martin A Celebration of Me II

Andrea introduces her friend Dee Lee's documentary called Best Friends. This is Dee's first film and first big break.

5 Best Friends

A series of interviews with best friends. Sue and Jane are in a bar. Gloria and Kitten (of Nosy the Short-Haired Terrier fame) ramble on about friendship. Dutch and Holly are playing pool. Sharon and Marcie are walking in a park (wearing ski masks). Dee has a closing message for Andrea.

Dee Lee - O'Hara; Sue and Jane - Martin and O'Hara; Gloria and Kitten - Martin and O'Hara; Dutch Leonard and Holly Faun - Martin and O'Hara; Sharon and Marcie - Martin and O'Hara

Andrea, shaken by Dee's closing remarks, walks off to meditate.

Andrea Martin; audience - extras

1a Prickley's Backstage Booze Bin II

Edith coaxes a smile from Andrea and gets her to continue the story.

Andrea Martin; Edith Prickley - Martin; miscellaneous drinkers - extras

2b Andrea Martin A Celebration of Me III

Andrea introduces her new blood brothers, Robert Mbutu singers. She sings a song about her African experience with them. Her father causes a commotion in the audience trying to order a drink. She then introduces psychic Woofter Von Schneider and her trained dogs, who takes questions from the audience.

Andrea Martin; Von Schneider - Martin; Mbutu singers - extras; Bill - Ryan Styles; Mr Martin - extra; audience - extras

6 Commercial: Tex and Edna Boil's Earthquake Supply Emporium

All your earthquake needs. For when the big one comes.

Edna Boil - Andrea Martin; Tex Boil - Thomas

2c Andrea Martin A Celebration of Me IV

Andrea introduces her family. They are the straw that breaks the camel's back. She walks off.

Andrea Martin; Joseph Martin - Guy Sanvido; Lurleen Martin - Linda Kash; Florence Martin - Helen Hughes; Marsha Martin - Jayne Eastwood; Mr Petric - extra; grandmother - extra; audience - extras; Idella Voudry - Wilcox; Bill - Ryan Styles

1b Prickley's Backstage Booze Bin III

Edith shares a story from her past.

Prickley with Kennedy 1962

Kennedy dumps Prickley.

Edith Prickley - Martin; Kennedy - Short

Andrea is cheered by Edith's story. Prickley sings a song ('A New Day').

Andrea Martin; Edith Prickley - Martin; miscellaneous drinkers - extras; kids - extras; babysitter - extra; Edna Boil - Martin; Tex Boil - Thomas

Credits - 'A New Day' by Mary Margaret O'Hara