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Bob and Doug McKenzie

Bob and Doug's first album, released as Bob and Doug were taking off, went top ten. A popular Christmas gift in 1981, Twelve Days of Christmas and Take Off saw heavy rotation on radio. The movie, Strange Brew, and its soundtrack followed in summer of 1983. While seen as somewhat of a failure in the States, Strange Brew was the top-grossing movie of the year in Canada and has since retained a cult following. Around 1999 Dave Thomas nearly got a sequel off the ground but the financing fell through and the project died. Finally, in 2007, the CBC broadcast a 24th anniversary retrospective with some new material, and an extended version has since come out on DVD.

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1 The Great White North: Bob and Doug McKenzie LP 1981

Various topics. Includes the hit song 'Take Off!' featuring Geddy Lee of Rush, as well as that Christmas classic 'Twelve Days of Christmas.' Released November 1981 on Anthem Records (ANR 1-1036), and later on CD.

Bob McKenzie - Moranis; Doug McKenzie - Thomas; Geddy Lee - himself

Bob and Doug LP FrontBob and Doug LP Back

1 This is Our Album, Eh? (3:42)
2 The Beerhunter (2:25)
3 School Announcements (1:52)
4 The Miracle of Music (0:49)
5 Peter's Donuts (3:30)
6 Gimme a Smoke (2:00)
7 Take Off (4:45)
8 Coffee Sandwich (2:25)

9 Welcome to Side Two (0:55)
10 Doug's Mouth (3:31)
11 Elron McKenzie (2:25)
12 Black Holes (2:09)
13 You Are Our Guest (2:08)
14 Ernie's Mom (1:56)
15 Twelve Days of Christmas (4:34)
16 Ralph the Dog (3:12)
17 OK, This Is the End, Eh? (2:15)

Released November 1981. Won the Juno (Canadian-style Grammy) for Best Comedy Album in 1982. Produced by Marc Giacomelli, Rick Shurman, Kerry Crawford. Certified 100% Canadian content by the Canadian Cultural Identity Commission.

Musicians - Kerry Crawford, Dave Nichol, Bob DiSalle; Singers - Sharon Lee Williams, Colina Phillips, Shawne Jackson, Jamie Ray, Debbie Fleming, Bob Ferrar and Geddy Lee.

Take Off Single FrontTake Off Single Front

a Take Off (2:42)
b Elron McKenzie (2:25)

The single from the album, released December 1981 on Anthem Records (Mercury in the US). Topped the CHUM singles chart in Canada in its second week [Thanks R Sheridan]. Peaked at 16 in the Billboard Hot 100 in the US in early 1982.

CHUM Chart

2 The Great White North: Strange Brew (movie and LP) 1983

Bob and Doug try to get a free 24, and end up getting QC jobs at the Elsinore Brewery, where they find strange things going on.

Bob McKenzie - Moranis; Doug McKenzie - Thomas; Brewmaster Smith - Max Von Sydow; Mr McKenzie - Mel Blanc; Claude Elsinore - Paul Dooley; Pam Elsinore - Lynne Griffin; Jean LaRose - Angus MacInnes; Inspector - Tom Harvey; Ted - Brian McConnachie; Henry Green - Douglas Campbell; Jack Hawkland (lawyer) - Len Doncheff; Gertrude - Jill Frappier; Nurse - Mary Charlotte Wilcox; Man in movie - Ron James; Beer Store clerk - Roger Dunn

Strange Brew LP FrontStrange Brew LP Back

1 This isn't Our Second Album (4:01)
2 Welcome to the Movie/Mutants (3:29)
3 Mutants of 2051 II (3:27)
4 I Didn't Do It, You Knob (1:57)
5 Mouse In a Bottle (5:35)
6 Strange Brew (3:40)
7 Behind the Scenes (1:01)

8 Shakespeare Horked Our Script (1:55)
9 The Game (2:55)
10 I Did It, You Knob (2:01)
11 The Chase (3:55)
12 I Did It Again, You Knob (2:09)
13 The Love Theme (1:37)
14 Another Strange Brew (5:25)

The soundtrack was released August 1983 on Anthem Records (ANR 1-1042; long out of print) and includes excerpts from the movie, the theme song, and some other bits (full title: The Adventures of Bob and Doug McKenzie Strange Brew Excerpts From the Original Soundtrack).

Album produced by Marc Giacomelli, Rick Shurman, Ian Thomas. Movie directed by Thomas and Moranis; written by Moranis, Thomas and Steven de Jarnatt

Strange Brew title song by Ian Thomas; Soundtrack music by Charles Fox. The soundtrack won the Juno (Canadian-style Grammy) for Best Comedy Album in 1984. Bob and Doug accepted the award in person at the awards ceremony, held 5 December 1984, which also happened to be hosted by Joe Flaherty and Andrea Martin.

Strange Brew Single FrontStrange Brew Single Back

a Strange Brew (3:40)
b Another Strange Brew (3:30)

The single from the soundtrack, released August 1983 on Anthem Records (ANS 054; long out of print).

3 Home Brew (movie) 1999

A sequel to Strange Brew was very nearly made in 1999 when financing fell through at the last minute. Co-written by Thomas and Paul Flaherty, Flaherty was also going to direct, and Dan Aykroyd was on board to play the part of friend Rick Ripple. Principal photography was to begin on July 19, 1999 in Toronto. The plot, according to a Maple Palm (Dave Thomas' production company) release, would feature Bob and Doug, now working as garbage men, being convinced by a fast talking insurance salesman (Aykroyd) to get into the microbrewing business.

Bob McKenzie - Moranis; Doug McKenzie - Thomas; Rick Ripple - Dan Aykroyd

4 Bob & Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary (special) 2007

Bob and Doug celebrate their 24 anniversary with a retrospective describing their indelible influence on Canadian culture, such as it is. Hosted by former prime minister Paul Martin, featuring various celebrities describing where they were when hoser mania hit back in the early 80's.

Bob McKenzie - Moranis; Doug McKenzie - Thomas; host/narrator - Paul Martin; guest - Geddy Lee

Two-Four Anniversary

A 60 minute special, aired on CBC 20 May 2007.

TV 2009 Bob and Doug

Dave Thomas | Dave Coulier

Bob and Doug Half-hour animated sitcom for Global in Canada. The first show aired Sunday April 19, 2009 at 7:30 in the evening. (Among the many) executive producers Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas. Music by Ian Thomas. Writers Patrick Baker, Jason Belleville, Ben Oren, Patrick Walsh.

Bob and Doug at Global TV.
Animated 12 Days of Christmas.

Bob and Doug: Episode 1

Bob and Doug go back to high school and take English over again to get their degrees so that they can keep their jobs as garbage men. (Written by Andrei Nechita)

Bob McKenzie - Dave Coulier; Doug McKenzie - Thomas; Peggy - Stacey DePass; Mayor Melvin - Derek McGrath; Dwight - Michael Dunston; Mary Beth - Tracey Hoyt