with Yolanda Devillbis

Melonville Calendar with Yolanda Devillbis

Yolanda keeps everyone up to date on what's happening in Melonville. Idella Voudry from the Ladies Auxiliary Lounge is frequently on hand. Important Yolanda episodes include:

1 Melonville Calendar: Clean-Up and Fix-Up Day [5/4 - 5 (16)]

Yolanda runs through the week's items, including clean-up and fix up day, a new street sign, etc.

Yolanda Devillbis - Martin

2 Melonville Calendar: Idella Voudry [5/5 - 1 (10)]

Yolanda reads some items, and then chats with Idella Voudry, ladies attendant at the Ladies Auxiliary Lounge. They discuss the lounge, and Idella. She's read every book in the Melonville Public Library, seen some celebrities, and enjoys Pearl S Buck.

Yolanda Devillbis - Martin; Idella Voudry - Mary Charlotte Wilcox

3 Melonville Calendar: School Fire [6 - 1 (9)]

Yolanda is joined by Idella and the Fire Chief to discuss the recent school fire, and look at some drawings by the schoolchildren.

Yolanda DeVillbis - Martin; Fire Captain - Flaherty; Idella Voudry - Wilcox

4 Melonville Calendar: Sandler and Young [6 - 12 (7)]

Yolanda's guest is Idella Voudry, Community Artist Series Programme Director, who managed to get Sandler and Young for this year's series. Sandler and Young come out. Yolanda's bewildered - she doesn't know who they are. Sandler and Young do an acapella version of "Real Live Girl" in their own inimitable style.

Yolanda Devillbis - Martin; Idella Voudry - Wilcox; Tony Sandler - Short; Ralph Young - Levy

5 Melonville Calendar: PMSAW Week [6 - 15 (3)]

Yolanda runs down the list of events for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Awareness week. To start off PMSAW Week, Idella and Duard dramatize a few situations.

Sketch: PMS Situations

Mrs Jones is irritable, and visits her doctor.

Duard Weese as Mr Jones and the Doctor - Flaherty; Idella Voudry as Mrs Jones - Wilcox

Duard can't stop laughing.

Yolanda Devillbis - Martin; Duard Weese - Flaherty; Idella Voudry - Wilcox

6 PSA: A Melonville Moment [6 - 15 (9)]

Yolanda helps pay a musical tribute to the birds of Melonville ("The Birds have Something to Eat In Melonville"). Brought to you by the Melonville Chamber of Commerce.

Edith Prickley - Martin; Troy Soren - Short; Joel Weiss - Levy; Happy Marsden (on the set of Happy Hour with Sammy the Goose and Mike) - Hemphill; Idella Voudry - Wilcox; Yolanda Devillbis - Martin; Duard Weese (driving a drunk home) - Flaherty; Mike the Bartender - Mike Short; announcer - staff announcer; drunk - extra

6 Melonville Calendar: Rotary Week [6 - 16 (6)]

Yolanda runs down the week's events. Her guest is vice-chairman of the Rotary Club. He's brought along the new sign welcoming visitors to Melonville, complete with the original wrong spelling.

Yolanda Devillbis - Martin; Wib Switzer - Hemphill

Yolanda made an appearance during Martin Short's Concert for the Americas.

7 Announcement [Special (7)]

Yolanda has a few announcements during the delay in the stage show. She then sings a blues version of 'Like a Virgin'.

Yolanda Devillbis - Martin

Yolanda made an appearance on Andrea Martin's Together Again special.

8 Andrea Martin A Celebration of Me I [Together Again (2)]

Yolanda Devillbis leads the audience in some relaxation exercises while playing a harp.

Andrea Martin; Idella Voudry - Wilcox; group therapy group - extras; crowd - extras; announcer - extra; Yolanda Devillbis - Martin; kids, babysitter - extras