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Musical Guests

When SCTV moved to NBC, NBC provided a list of 'suggestions' for the format of the show. One of the few that was accepted was to have a musical guest every week or so. To paraphrase Dave Thomas, it meant five less minutes they had to write for the show each week. The variety of musical guests ended up being pretty eclectic; they were usually written into a sketch. Occasionally this resulted in a great sketch, and generally added a touch of verisimilitude to some of the SCTV programs.

4/1-1 Levon Helm

Earl Camembert almost interviews Levon Helm for One On the Town. Levon performs 'Sweet Peach Georgia Wine' and 'Summertime Blues'.

4/1-2 Dr John

Dr John headlines at Johnny Larue's new club in 'Polynesiantown'. Dr John performs 'Iko Iko' and 'Such a Night'.

4/1-3 Southside Johnny and the Ashbury Jukes

Southside Johnny stars in 'Southside Fracas'. He performs 'All I Want Is Everything' and 'Fever'.

4/1-5 Robert Gordon

Walter Cronkite interviews Robert Gordon before the latest launch of the Space Shuttle. Robert performs 'Some Day, Some Way'.

4/1-7 Roy Orbison

Roy guests on Mel's Rockpile ('Pretty Woman'), as well as playing a song in his own segment ('Workin' for the Man').

4/1-8 The Tubes

The Tubes fish for large mouth bass on The Fishin' Musician ('Sushi Girl'), and then save Lola's special Bouncin' Back to You ('Talk to Ya Later').

4/1-9 Ian Thomas

Bob and Doug go to a club with LaRue and steal Brian Johns' topic: Ian Thomas. Ian sings 'Hold On' and 'Pilot'.

4/2-1 Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau stars in 'The Jazz Singer', the touching story of a jazz singer ('We're In This Love Together') who wants to be a cantor against his father's wishes.

4/2-2 Wendy O Williams and The Plasmatics

Wendy O Williams and The Plasmatics go on a photo-safari on The Fishin Musician ('Doom Song').

4/2-3 Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole guests on The Sammy Maudlin Show ('Nothin But a Fool').

4/2-4 Rough Trade

Rough Trade guest on Pre-Teen World ('High School Confidential').

4/2-5 Eugene Fodor

Eugene Fodor stars in 'New York Rhapsody' ('Dance of the Goblins').

4/2-6 James Ingram

James Ingram headlines opening night at the 3D House of Beef ('Just Once').

4/2-8 The Boomtown Rats

The Boomtown Rats star in 'Teacher's Pet' ('The Elephant's Graveyard'), and are blown up on Farm Film Report ('Never In a Million Years').

4/2-9 Talking Heads and The Plastics

Gerry Todd Plays some video from Talking Heads ('Once In a Lifetime') and The Plastics ('Everybody Knows') on the Midnight Video Special.

4/3-1 Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett guests on Bob and Doug's variety special The Great White North Palace, performing 'I Wish I Were In Love Again' and 'The Best is Yet to come'.

4/3-3 Third World

Third World go fishing for antiques on The Fishin' Musician, performing 'Try Ja Love'.

4/3-5 Carl Perkins

Carl Perkins fishes for arctic char on The Fishin' Musician ('Matchbox').

4/3-6 Hall and Oates

Hall and Oates guest on The Sammy Maudlin Show ('Did It in a Minute') to plug their new film Chariots of Eggs.

4/3-7 Dave Edmunds

Dave Edmunds corrupts the minds of America's youth in 'I Was a Teenage Communist'. He performs 'From Small Things, Big Things Surely Come'.

4/3-8 Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett goes charter balloon fishing on The Fishin' Musician ('Slow Boat to China').

5/4-2 John Cougar

John Cougar is Jeckyl to Ed Grimley's Hyde in 'The Nutty Lab Assistant' ('Jack and Dianne'), and demonstrates the latest LaRue Tachi stereo system ('Hand To Hold On To').

5/4-3 Linda Hopkins

Linda Hopkins guests on Stars In One to promote her new film 'The Balconies of Paradise' ('Find Someone You Can Love').

5/4-4 America

America rehearse 'Right Before Your Eyes' in the SCTV studio as Gus Gustofferson looks on.

5/4-5 Banda Brava

Banda Brava help Mr Mambo put across his inspirational message on Words to Live By ('Brazil').

5/4-6 Andrae Crouch

Andrae Crouch shows Johnny LaRue the true meaning of Christmas ('Soon and Very Soon').

5/5-1 Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle stars as a young singer on her way up in 'A Star Is Born'.

5/5-3 Ben Vereen

Ben Vereen upstages Bobby Bittman at Bobby's Vegas show ('This Joint Is Jumpin'), prompting Bobby's sudden retirement.

5/5-6 Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh takes Gil Fisher on a snipe hunt on The Fishin' Musician ('I Can Play that Rock and Roll').