Answering the question "what do John Gielgud, Joe Greene and Betty Thomas have in common?"

Special Guests

Every now and again, a 'big name' guested on the show, a tradition that was started in the first series when Ralph Richardson and John Gielgud appeared in a sketch. The idea was greatly expanded during the Network 90 shows, when a musical or special guest appeared in practically every show. And when cast members started leaving the show, many reappeared as special guests in later shows.

Ralph Richardson and John Gielgud 1-4

Sir Ralph and Sir John appear in the Masterpiece Theatre production of Pinter's vignette 'Crosswords'.

Bonar Bain 4/2-3

Hank Bain, Conrad Bain's brother, infiltrates SCTV on behalf of Zontar.

John Marley 4/2-6

John Marley reprises his role in The Godfather as the producer who won't give Johnny the part.

John Belushi 4/3-1

John was scheduled to guest on SCTV before he died. SCTV showed a tribute in this episode.

Joe Greene 4/3-7

Joe Greene and Rocky Blier appear in Mean Joe Greene Playhouse.

Bill Murray 4/3-9

Bill appears in Dimaggio's on the Wharf, and in the Street Beef wraparound.

Jayne Eastwood 5/4-1

Jayne Eastwood reprises her role from Goin' Down the Road for the CBC movie Garth, Gord, Fiona and Alice.

Harold Ramis and Fred Willard 5/4-2

Fred Willard is the beneficiary of one of Guy Caballero's bad cheques in Indecent Exposure. Harold Ramis returns as Allan 'Crazy Legs' Herschman, Chairman of the Board.

Robin Williams 5/4-4

Robin appears in An Evening With John Houseman, The Bowery Boys in the Band, and Church of Unlimited Credit.

Catherine O'Hara 5/4-6

Catherine returns for Christmas as Lola in The Love Spirit and the LaRue wraparound, as Lucille Ball in Count Floyd's Scary Little Christmas Special, on Pre-Teen World, and on You!

Betty Thomas 5/5-5

Betty appears in 'The Women Donahue Forgot' and guests on Sammy Maudlin to promote her new film 'South Sea Sinner'.

John Candy 6-1

John returns as Steve Roman in JFK My Way, and Stan Shmenge in New Wave Shmenge.

Dave Thomas 6-2

Dave appears as Mel McElroy throughout the show.

Catherine O'Hara 6-3

Catherine co-stars in 'It's a Wonderful Film'.

Catherine O'Hara, Dave Thomas and Valri Bromfield 6-4

Catherine appears on The Date Debate, while Dave shows up in Scary Previews and for The Mousetrap and Skidder Ridder. Valri appears in Skidder Ridder and Rich and Jealous.

Catherine O'Hara and Dave Thomas 6-6

Dave guests as Bob Hope on Stars In One. Catherine appears in The New Pet.

Fred Willard 6-7

Fred plays Fred Winston, a suspected spy.

Catherine O'Hara 6-11

Catherine plays the lead singer for The Tangerine Conspiracy on Mel's Rock Pile.

Catherine O'Hara 6-18

Catherine appears as Lola for the last time on the last show. Too bad they couldn't get some more ex cast members to make an appearance.


"Andy Warhol" at Studio 54 5/4-1
Carol Burnett in the final episode of The Days of the Week 5/5-6
Catherine O'Hara in the final episode of The Days of the Week 5/5-6