with Libby Wolfson


Libby Wolfson, one-time candidate for city councillor, playwright, and film director hosts this issues-oriented program, from a woman's perspective. Important Libby Wolfson episodes include:

1 You!: Dr Saul Reuben [4/1 - 8 (9)]

Libby is joined by Dr Saul Reuben to discuss women's problems today.

Libby Wolfson - Martin; Dr Saul Reuben - Moranis

2 You!: I'm Taking My Own Head, Screwing it on Right, and No Guy's Gonna Tell Me it Ain't [4/2 - 2 (6)]

Libby discusses her new play, "Im Taking My Own Head, Screwing It On Straight, and No Guy's Going to Tell Me it Ain't" with her dear friend and co-star Sue Bopper. They plug the play, opening this evening.

Libby Wolfson - Martin; Sue Bopper Simpson - O'Hara

3 Promo: You!: Dr Bernard Coddle [4/2 - 2 (13)]

On the next You! - Libby copes with her failure with the help of renowned psychiatrist Dr Bernard Coddle.

Libby Wolfson - Martin; Dr Bernard Coddle - Levy

4 You!: Fitness [4/3 - 1 (8)]

Libby has been on a rigid fitness program for a week, and it's changed her life. No more fad diets.

Clips: At Libby's Health Club

Libby jogs, pumps the iron, buys an outfit, and does dancersize. And then the rewards - weighing yourself.

Libby Wolfson - Martin; Sue Bopper Simpson - O'Hara; joggers, weightlifters, shoe salesman - extras

Libby Wolfson - Martin

5 You!: Robert Wellesly [5/4 - 3 (10)]

Libby is doing her show from a ghetto bachelorette to make a point. Libby's guest is her opponent for councilperson, Robert Wellesley. They are interrupted by a gun shot.

Libby Wolfson - Martin; Robert Wellesly - extra; crew, cops - extras

6 You!: Chanukah [5/4 - 6 (12)]

Libby and her friend Sue get back to their Jewish roots. Sue is using her real name, Bopstein, during the holiday season. They discuss Chanukah, and what it means to them.

Libby Wolfson - Martin; Sue Bopper Simpson - O'Hara

8 Stars In One: Libby Wolfson [6 - 8 (2)]

Brock goes behind the scenes of the production of Libby Wolfson's movie and interviews its writer-director, Libby. We then see the 13th screening of the film.

Clip: L'Insignificance: Diary of a Female Person

A woman tries to deal with the modern world.

Libby Wolfson - Martin; Woman in focus group - Wilcox; Other female persons - extras; Shoe salesman - extra

Libby stops the screening, upset. Brock sums up - the film has still not been released, and Libby, having gained 100 pounds, is at a spa still obsessively re-editing.

Libby Wolfson - Martin; Brock Linehan - Short; Eileen - extra; psychiatrist - extra; crew - extras; nurse - extra

Libby Wolfson returned in 2012 with a new show on Youtube called It's Personal on behalf of the Women's College Hospital Foundation.

1 It's Personal [Youtube]

Libby Wolfson is back to show her support for Women's College Hospital Foundation with her brand new show, It's Personal.

Libby Wolfson - Martin

2 It's Personal: Marilyn Denis [Youtube]

Libby talks to Marilyn Denis (The Marilyn Denis Show) about women's health care issues.

Libby Wolfson - Martin; Marilyn Denis