with Brock Linehan

Stars In One

The rather prim but exacting Brock Linehan hosts this probing celebrity interview show. He prides himself on his detailed research. Important Brock Linehan episodes include:

  • Hosting The Great Escape and being incarcerated in Stalag SCTV

Stars In One theme is "Off Broadway" by George Benson from his 1980 album "Give Me the Night."

1 Stars in One: Linda Hopkins [5/4 - 3 (12)]

Brock asks some probing questions that are, alas, woefully off the mark. He starts crushing his crib sheet. Linda rather gracefully has a good laugh.

Clip: Balconies of Paradise

Grandma reflects on her past ("Find Someone You Can Love").

Grandma - Linda Hopkins; grandson - extra; audience - extras

Brock has a small fracas with his researcher. Linda tries to sort it out with a reprise of her song. Note: Stars In One is a Johnny LaRue production.

Brock Linehan - Short; Linda Hopkins - herself; Researcher - Levy

2 Promo: Stars in One: Steve Roman [5/5 - 1 (9)]

Part 7 of Brock's look at the man behind the physique... His relationship with Merle Oberon... Steve Roman the actor (he pretends real hard)... His new movie, "Hey You, You Want a Cab", where he's mastered the New York accent...

Brock Linehan - Short; Steve Roman - Candy

3 Stars in One: Oh That Rusty! [5/5 - 2 (3)]

Brock takes a behind the scenes look at the 29-year running comedy Oh that Rusty! The show opens with a clip from a 1954 episode.

Clip: Oh That Rusty! 1954

Rusty Van Reddick - extra; Barbara B Davis as Mother - Martin

Brock talks to the producer Hal Rosen to find the secret of the show's success. Hal discusses the show's evolution; by the 60's, the show was clearly stagnating.

Clip: Oh That Rusty! 1966

Rusty Van Reddick - Short; Barbara B Davis as Mother - Martin

In the 70's, the format was changed, and Barbara Davis was dumped in an attempt to update the show. Brock talks to Barbara, who is now the Pickle Lady. She was replaced by a large black man.

Clip: Oh That Rusty! 1971

Rusty Van Reddick - Short; Father - extra

Rusty is still played by the 43 year old Rusty Van Reddick, who is now the driving force behind the show. We see behind the scenes looks at the writing, and shooting of a new episode.

Stars In One is A Linehan/LaRue Production.

Brock Linehan - Short; Rusty Van Reddick - Short; Hal Rosen - Levy; Barbara Davis - Martin; writers - extras

4 Promo: Stars in One: Brock Goes Home [5/5 - 6 (9)]

Brock goes home and talks to his family doctor, his phys ed teacher ("Just one basket"), and his first lay.

Brock Linehan - Short; Father Merlon Oberon - Candy; Dr Ambrose Liston - extra; Lucille Morealle - Martin; diners - extras

5 Promo: Stars in One: Senor Wences' Hand Puppet [6 - 5 (2)]

Part 4 of Brock's look at the turbulent career of Senor Wences' Hand Puppet. Answers to such questions as "what scares a hand puppet". The break-up with Senor Wences.

Brock Linehan - Short; Senor Wences Hand Puppet - Flaherty

6 Stars in One: Bob Hope [6 - 6 (6)]

Brock quizzes Hope about his youth, what kind of comedies he would like to do today, who he'd like to do them with, Vietnam, how he stays in shape, kiss and tell books.

Hope discusses his latest project, a remake of The Greatest Story Ever Told, which he will direct.

Brock Linehan - Short; Bob Hope - Thomas

7 Stars In One: Libby Wolfson [6 - 8 (2)]

Brock goes behind the scenes of the production of Libby Wolfson's movie and interviews its writer-director, Libby. We then see the 13th screening of the film.

Clip: L'Insignificance: Diary of a Female Person

A woman trying to deal with the modern world.

Libby Wolfson - Martin; Woman in focus group - Wilcox; Other female persons - extras; Shoe salesman - extra

Libby stops the screening. Brock sums up - the film has still not been released, and Libby, having gained 100 pounds, is at a spa still obsessively re-editing.

Libby Wolfson - Martin; Brock Linehan - Short; Eileen - extra; psychiatrist - extra; crew - extras; nurse - extra