with Mel Slirrup

Mel's Rock Pile

SCTV's disco dance program, featuring the top tunes of the week, boogie fashion contests, musical guests, etc. Started life as SCTV Boogie in Series 1; became SCTV Disco in Series 2; finally settled on Mel's Rock Pile in Series 3. Hosted by the extremely un-hip "Rockin'" Mel Slirrup, Rock Pile has featured some of the greats in music, including Roy Orbison, Richard Harris, and punk group The Queenhaters.

1 SCTV Boogie [1 - 20 (9)]

SCTV's live dance show, wherein host Mel Slirrup gets down to the biggest disco hits, and talks to some of the kids who have come down to be on the show. They have a disco fashion show.

Host: Mel Slirrup - Levy; Announcer - Candy; Robin Duke - O'Hara; Rick Keaton - Thomas; Ray Klinger - Ramis; Alice - Laela Weinzweig; Paul Fistinyourface - Candy; Lexic Pimplehair - Flaherty; dancers - extras

2 SCTV Disco [2 - 20 (9)]

Mel talks to two couples (Debbie and Don, Benny and Jim) and Melba the Disco Queen shows a few steps.

Mel Slirrup - Levy; Melba the Disco Queen - Martin; Debbie Divine - O'Hara; Don Pong - Flaherty; Benny Borenstein - Thomas; Jim Baron - Candy; Dancers - extras; Funky Announcer - staff announcer

3 Mel's Rock Pile: Top Ten/The Blough Brothers [3 - 10 (8)]

Mel looks at the top ten, talks to some of the kids (the Bloughs, all unrelated), while Speed of Light backs out of their gig; Notes: Mel has perfected his classic dance stance; the classic theme and set.

Mel Slirrup - Levy; Joe Blough from Greenback High - Rosato; Frank Blough from Greenback - Moranis; Jim Blough from Greenback High - Flaherty; Lou Blough - extra; Shy Girl - Duke; Singer from Speed of Light - Thomas; dancers - extras; announcer - staff announcer

4 Mel's Rock Pile: Richard Harris [3 - 23 (6)]

The Rock Pile Dance Finals, coincidentally featuring Mel's brother Jerome. Mel gives Jerome the prize, but is quickly forced to backtrack. Mel's musical guest is Richard Harris, who does a lengthy version of MacArthur Park. While waiting for a second verse, Mel talks to some of the kids.

Mel Slirrup - Levy; Jerome Slirrup - Moranis; Sandra - Duke; Richard Harris - Thomas; Johnny Terrio - Ken Dresen; Patty Watt - Candace; Sheldon Resnik - Rosato; Dancers - extras; Backup singer - extra; Announcer - staff announcer

5 Mel's Rock Pile: 20th Anniversary Special with Roy Orbison [4/1 - 7 (5)]

Mel's got a surprise, but won't say what it is. He talks to Dr Derubertis, who was on the very first show. They have a spot dance. Everyone rushes the spot. Mel talks to more old timers from the first show. He chats with a couple who first met on the Rock Pile, and who don't get along so well now.

Clip: First Mel's Rock Pile

Mel talks to some of the kids (well, the same kids, 20 years before). Mel meets Roy Orbison and passes out.

Mel introduces Roy Orbison, and passes out again. Roy does his number ("Pretty Woman"), and closes the show.

Mel Slirrup - Levy; Dr Hudgie DeRubertis - Flaherty; Blake Every - Moranis; Bill Melater - Thomas; Otto Schmidt - Candy; Mrs Schmidt - O'Hara; Roy Orbison - Roy Orbison; Announcer - staff announcer; dancers - extras

6 Mel's Rock Pile: Punk Rock Tribute [5/5 - 6 (7)]

Mel talks to some of the kids. First up is Hudgie DeRubertis Jr, son of one of the original Rock Pile dancers. Lawrence Orbach (later of Half-Wits fame) is next. Stephan Seely from Pre-Teen World shows up and presents Mel with a plaque.

Mel talks to Debbie Devillbis, who is being escorted by her girl friend, Joey. Special guests The Queenhaters, from England, play a number ("I Hate the Bloody Queen") to the unresponsive crowd.

I Hate the Bloody Queen

I've always had a dream
I'd like to meet the queen
I'd punch her in the face
Yeah, that would make me laugh

I'd love to kick her in the teeth
And then I'd make a picture of it
In lovely Ektachrome
And then I'd give it to the prince


I hate the bloody Queen
She made me go to school
I hate the bloody Queen
And all her bloody rules


I'd like to drown the Queen
Off the coast of Argentine
Throw her off a battleship
With her Falkland war machine

She taxes me to death
I can't afford me dope
I'd like to get her high
Yeah, that would make me laugh


I hate the bloody Queen (repeat x3)

I feel sorry for you Lady Di
Havin' a mother-in-law like that

Continuing the tribute, Mel has a slam-dancing competition. Mel gets trampled and Mad Dog (U of Michigan), a large black man, cleans up. Mad Dog's not too thrilled with his prize, however.

Mel Slirrup - Levy; Stephan Seely - Candy; Lawrence Orbach - Short; Hudgie DeRubertis Jr. - Flaherty; Debbie Devillbis - Martin; Mad Dog Melvin Brown - Gene Mack; dancers - extras

The Queenhaters - Short (vocals), Levy (lead guitar), Candy (drums), Flaherty (bass), Martin (guitar)

7 Mel's Rock Pile: Psychedelic Sixties [6 - 11 (7)]

The yuppies attending the rock pile can't get into the modern music. Mel shows a clip from 1969.

Clip: Mel's Rock Pile 1969

The hippies can't get into the music Mel's playing. He talks to Moon Dog.

Mel Slirrup - Levy; Moon Dog - Flaherty; hippies - Martin, extras

Mel talks to Moon Dog, now Ted Ferguson (he denies it), regional manager for Smith and Wesson. Mel almost talks to Willem DeCooney, but has to go to a break.

Mel Slirrup - Levy; Ted Ferguson - Flaherty; Willem DeCooney - Hemphill; dancers - Martin; extras

Mel shows another clip from 1969.

Clip: Mel's Rock Pile 1969

Mel drinks some spiked water. He talks to a guy from Pittsburgh. The Tangerine Conspiracy play a song. Drum solo. Mel starts to freak out.

Mel Slirrup - Levy; Moon Dog - Flaherty; hippies - Martin, extras; Blake - extra; Tangerine Conspiracy: Lead Vocal - O'Hara; Drummer - Short; band - extras

Mel's embarrassed. He chats with Blake Ferguson, the local pharmacist. Mel then chats with their special guests, the original Tangerine Conspiracy, now called Happiness Unlimited; they've been playing the Driftwood. They play a song. Mel has flashbacks and freaks out.

Mel Slirrup - Levy; Ted Ferguson - Flaherty; Blake - extra; dancers - Martin, extras; Tangerine Conspiracy: Vocal: Melissa Humphries - O'Hara; Drummer: Chuck Humphries - Short; band - extras