with Brian Johns

Money Talks

Brian Johns interviews the wealthy and influential, and looks into all matters dealing with money. Such as how much things cost, and how much money other people have. Important Brian Johns episodes include:

1 Money Talks with Brian Johns: William Douglas [3 - 4 (2)]

Brian interviews Mr Douglas at his fabulous Bel Air home.

Brian Johns - Levy; William E. Douglas - Moranis; Millious the butler - Thomas

2 Money Talks with Brian Johns: Henna Claire Graham [4/2 - 3 (14)]

Brian visits the fabulous penthouse apartment of Henna Claire Graham, publisher of Night Lady. Her philosophy is do it, and she tries to do it to Brian. They visit the Playroom, where Brock is relaxing on the bed, and have some oysters.

Brian Johns - Levy; Henna Claire Graham - O'Hara; Brock - extra

3 Money Talks with Brian Johns: Condominiums [4/3 - 8 (3)]

Brian looks into time sharing condominiums. Doug Catteral shows him around. He signs up.

Brian Johns - Levy; Doug Catteral - Candy; beautiful people - extras; Announcer - staff announcer