with Rawl Withers

National Midnight Star

The trashy tabloid comes to the small screen. Wily publisher Rawl Withers figures that way he can avoid litigation. National Midnight Star are also sponsors of the People's Global Golden Choice Awards. Important Rawl Withers episodes include:

1 National Midnight Star [4/1 - 6 (9)]

Rawl starts with an editorial explaining the reasons behind the show. Some headlines: Colonel Sanders' illegitimate son; Slim Whitman first man to yodle on the moon; stooge you like best key to your personality; top researcher confirms dreams can kill; Streisand's nose a fake; Reverend confirms life after death. They show the film of the week.

Film of the Week: Kissinger's drunken rampage

Kissinger - Levy; Diners - extras

Insider story: A close personal friend reveals that Alan Alda isn't such a nice guy.

"Watch yourself - our insiders are everywhere"

Rawl Withers - Levy; Anchor people - Moranis, Thomas, O'Hara; Top Researcher - Candy; Reverend Dan Potts - Flaherty; Close personal friend of Alan Alda - Flaherty

2 Commercial: National Midnight Star [4/3 - 2 (2)]

The latest issue includes a ballot for the American People's Global Golden Choice Awards. Vote for your favorite stars. It's not fixed.

Rawl Withers - Levy; Woman - O'Hara

3 National Midnight Star [5/4 - 4 (7)]

Rawl, surrounded by People's Global Golden Choice award statues, starts with an editorial on slander.

Some headlines: Reggie Jackson changes name; Jerry Lewis has funny side. A convict travel agent is interviewed. A barber shop for owls is featured. Hitler is a short order cook in Missouri. Insider story: A close personal friend reveals Betty Thomas is no saint.

"Watch yourself - our insiders are everywhere"

Rawl Withers - Levy; Convict Travel Agent - Flaherty; Owl Barber - Levy; barber, clients - extras; Hitler - Martin; Close personal friend of Betty Thomas - Flaherty; Remy Martin - Martin; Correspondents - Candy, Short; diner - extra; announcer - staff announcer

4 Hollywood Dirt Tonight [6 - 2 (4)]

Rawl and Remy have all the dirt. Vic Hedges has an interview with Buddy Hackett's former chauffer and lover. Rawl and Remy give the headlines. An interview with Doctor Feenie, surgeon to the stars.

Rawl and Remy have never seen before screen tests for The Verdict, featuring Jack Klugman, Stuart Granger and David Steinberg. A National Midnight Star Production.

Rawl Withers - Levy; Remy Martin - Martin; Vic Hedges - Flaherty; Doug Grosvenor - Short; Doctor Ted Feenie - Hemphill; Jack Klugman - Flaherty; David Steinberg - Short; Stuart Granger - extra