with Alistair Cook

Masterpiece Theatre

SCTV's stab at high culture, generally featuring obscure plays and British dramas. Hosted by the literate and uncompromising Alistair Cook.

Alistair Cook also guested on Johnny LaRue's All Girl Friday Night Pajama Party.

1 Masterpiece Theatre: The Girls of Vienna [1 - 1 (9)]

Cook introduces this week's freudian drama.

The Girls of Vienna Part XII - Betty Freud

Drama about Freud, Freud's wife Betty, and her friend George is interrupted by Johnny LaRue looking for help.

Ibsen - Ramis; Freud's patient - Thomas; Freud - Eugene Levy; Mrs Betty Freud - Catherine O'Hara; George Raft - Andrea Martin; Johnny LaRue - Candy

Host Alistair Cook - Flaherty

2 Masterpiece Theatre: Crosswords [1 - 4 (7)]

Alistair introduces an obscure Pinter play.

Crosswords by Pinter

John arrives at Ralph's dressing room. They try to decide where to meet the next day. Ralph solves John's crossword.

John Gielgud - Himself; Ralph Richardson - Himself; Stage hand - Thomas

Host: Alistair Cook - Flaherty

3 Promo: Masterpiece Theatre: Three Plays [1 - 6 (8)]

Masterpiece Theatre will be presenting these three plays.

Under Parsley

Welsh Garnish Farmer - Thomas; His Wife - Jayne Eastwood; Welshmen - Candy, Ramis, Levy

The Great Fatsby

Fatsby - Candy; His woman - Monica Parker

Swan Lake

Patron - Levy; Waiter - Ramis

Host: Alistair Cook - Flaherty

4 Alistair Cook's Armenia [1 - 12 (5)]

Alistair hosts this look at the rug-oriented Armenian culture.

Alistair Cook - Flaherty; Peasant - Martin

5 Promo: Masterpiece Theatre: All the Long-Leggedy Beasties [1 - 24 (9)]

This week, the drama of a veterinarian with a proclivity for putting animals to sleep.

Alistair Cook - Flaherty; Veterinarian - Thomas; Farmer - Candy; Old woman - O'Hara; Friend - Flaherty

6 Promo: Masterpiece Theatre: Naughty Chambermaids [2 - 2 (5)]

Alistair's introduction is interrupted by a walk on by Bob Hope plugging his special.

Alistair Cook - Flaherty; Bob Hope - Thomas

7 Promo: Masterpiece Theatre: Three Shows [2 - 15 (4)]

Alistair plugs some of the productions coming this season.

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Lincoln - Flaherty; Douglas - Thomas; audience - extras

Mohicans Galore

Hawkeye - Thomas; Mohican - Levy; Settlers - Flaherty, Candy; Other Mohicans - extras

Cretin's Island

Cretin - Flaherty; Skipper - Candy; Millionaire - Levy; His Wife - Martin; Movie star - O'Hara; Professor - Thomas

Host Alistair Cook - Flaherty

8 Promo: Masterpiece Theatre: Burlington Library production of Hamlet [2 - 17 (3)]

Cook promotes the Burlington Library Production of Hamlet and shows a clip. The production is not without logistical problems.

Alistair Cook - Flaherty; Hamlet - Candy; Gertrude - O'Hara; The King - Flaherty; Laertes - Levy; Audience - Thomas; Librarian - Martin

7 Commercial: Masterpiece Wigs [2 - 17 (7)]

Make your next piece a masterpiece.

Alistair Cook - Flaherty; Man waiting for transplants to grow in - Thomas; Cassius - Candy; Richard III - Thomas; Louis the 14th - Levy

9 Mean Joe Greene Playhouse: Big Dude and the Kid [4/3 - 7 (9)]

Cook is presenting a series of films based on the commercials of Joe Greene. This week, the Big Dude TV Dinner.

Clip: Commercial: Big Dude TV Dinners

Joe Greene - Joe Greene; Rocky - Rocky Blier

The Big Dude and the Kid

Joe goes to visit Billy Joe, who is sick and begs Joe to play against the 49ers. Joe agrees, even though he's retired. Joe devises a plan. But they are found out.

Joe - Joe Greene; Rocky - Rocky Blier; Billy Joe Wiggams - Short; Mr Wiggams - Candy; Mrs Wiggams - O'Hara; Doctor - Flaherty

Alistair Cook - Flaherty

7 Promo: Masterpiece Theatre: In Celebration of Alternatives [5/5 - 3 (7)]

A series of 3 plays celebrating alternative lifestyles.

Clip: Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Stein

Pat Carroll as Gertrude Stein - Candy; Dutch Leonard as Alice B Toglass - Martin

Clip: Dutch of Duke Street

Dutch Leonard - Martin; Edwardian chaps - Short, Levy, extras; Lady - Wilcox

Clip: Personal Best

Dutch Leonard as Billy - Martin; Woman - extra

Alistair Cook - Flaherty