with Lola Heatherton and the Juul Haalmeyer Dancers

Lola Heatherton

Lola Heatherton has had several super specials on SCTV over the years, always managing to battle through drug and relationship problems.

Significant episodes for Lola include:

Lola is also a frequent guest on The Sammy Maudlin Show.

Lola Heatherton's Love Spirit

1 Lola Heatherton In Concert [2 - 1 (3)]

The beautiful, dynamic, multi talented Lola in concert this Saturday. ("So Glad to Be Here," "You Light Up My Life") "I want to bear all your children!"

Lola Heatherton - O'Hara; Dancers - Flaherty, Levy, Thomas; announcer - Levy

2 Bouncin' Back to You [4/1 - 8 (10)]

Lola's fabulous new special. She starts by dismissing the dancers and sings a special song for Guy. (The music is Henry Mancini's "Soldier in the Rain".) She bad mouths all her ex-lovers, including Bobby 'How was I' Bittman, Johnny 'Why don't you just suffocate me' LaRue and Count Floyd 'You're so bad it's scary'. She is hauled off. The Tubes come out and do a number.

Lola Heatherton - O'Hara; Juul Haalmeyer Dancers - Juul Haalmeyer, Levy, Dick Blasucci, extras; crew - extras; announcer - staff announcer

3 Lola Heatherton's The Love Spirit [5/4 - 6 (3)]

Lola's got a great new special with Juul Haalmeyer. They look at love past (clip from 1965's Christmas Meets Lola), love's present, and think about love's future. And this is Lola's first Christmas in love...with Juul!

Lola Heatherton - O'Hara; Juul Haalmeyer - himself; The Juul Haalmeyer Dancers - Short, Bob Dolman, Doug Steckler, Chris, extras