with Merv Griffin

Merv Griffin Show

Daytime television at its best, Merv always has the best celebrity guests discussing topical issues.

1 Promo: The Merv Griffin Show: Arafat, Liberace, Ferigno [3 - 10 (4)]

Coat linings, terrorism, Merv does a number with Liberace, Loni's breasts, Hulk's make-up.

Merv Griffin - Moranis; Yasser Arafat - Flaherty; Liberace - Thomas; Loni Anderson - extra; Lou Ferigno - Rosato; Lou's makeup assistant - Duke

2 Promo: The Merv Griffith Show: Return to Mayberry [4/1 - 6 (6)]

Helen Crum decides to have a surprise birthday party for Gomer Pyle. Bernie has a problem because both Juanita and Thelma Lou expect him to take them to the party. And Opie wants to go fishing with Gomer. Merv visits Floyd the Barber. Otis joins Merv fresh from a two-week moonshine binge. Bernie and Merv's plans unravel when Aunt Bea brings lunch to the jailhouse. At the party, Opie returns from fishing with Otis, drunk.

Merv Griffin as Merv Griffith - Moranis; Fred Travelina as Gomer Pyle - Thomas; Bernie - Flaherty; Opie - extra; Aunt Bea - O'Hara; Floyd the Barber - Levy; Otis Campbell - Candy; Juanita, Helen - extras

3 Promo: The Merv Griffin Show: The 60's [4/2 - 4 (9)]

Merv sings Mellow Yellow; he rides to New Orleans with Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper on their choppers. They get beat up by rednecks in the south. Virginia Graham talks about the coming sexual revolution. The Maharishi teaches transcendental meditation. Jackie Vernon and Merv go to an Afro-American studies class. Then they stop off at Hefner's mansion where Joan Baez entertains, and get raided by the cops.

Promotional considerations provided by Ousley Pharmaceuticals ("when you need drugs"), Jefferson Airplane, guests stay at Rochdale ("you can smoke our roaches"), and Reunite ("next time you're drying out").

Merv Griffin - Moranis; Virginia Graham - O'Hara; Maharishi - Levy; Peter Fonda - Flaherty; Dennis Hopper - Thomas; Jackie Vernon - Candy; Joan Baez - Martin; Hugh Hefner - Flaherty; cops, bunnies, students - extras; Afro-American Studies Teacher - extra

4 The Merv Griffin Show: The Special Edition [4/3 - 3 (4)]

The additional seven minutes of the Merv Griffin Show. The Close Encounter Ship arrives. Merv and Steven Spielberg enter the mother ship to meet the crew making The Making of Merv The Special Edition. Orson Welles joins Merv. HAL will also be joining them. Spielberg tries to rush HAL, so HAL fools him into going outside the ship to fix a malfunction, and jettisons Spielberg into space. Merv and Orson go into the space pod to discuss HAL. Phyllis Newman joins them for the final approach to Jupiter. They watch a video montage. They are attacked by George Lucas, who declares the show must be destroyed. Merv brings out his next guest, George Plimpton, who demonstrates Intellivision, and they challenge Lucas to boxing (and win).

Merv Griffin - Moranis; Steven Spielberg - Thomas; Orson Welles - Candy; Phyllis Newman - Martin; George Lucas - Levy; George Plimpton - Flaherty; HAL - Douglas Rain; Guests - extras; crew - extras