with Gil Fisher

The Fishin' Musician

"From all over the world, rock stars come to Gil Fisher's Scuttlebut Lodge to be on the Fishin' Musician." Hosted by the amiable Gil Fisher. As it happens, he can't stand the taste of fish. Loves catching 'em though.

1 The Fishin' Musician: The Tubes [4/1 - 8 (6)]

Clips from their fishing trip for large mouthed bass in the heart of bigmouth country. They have problems with weeds. After the clips, The Tubes do a number ("Sushi Girl").

Gil Fisher - Candy; The Tubes - The Tubes; guides - extras; announcer - staff announcer

2 The Fishin' Musician: The Plasmatics [4/2 - 2 (16)]

Gil and The Plasmatics look at footage from their photo-safari. They parachute into the Melonville forest, set up camp. Wendy takes on a gorilla. Chef Marcel cooks for them. The Plasmatics do "Doom Song", and redecorate the lodge in the process.

Gil Fisher - Candy; Wendy O Williams and the Plasmatics - themselves; Chef Marcel - Flaherty; guides, crew - extras; announcer - staff announcer

3 The Fishin' Musician: Third World [4/3 - 3 (7)]

They show clips of their antique hunt, which is why Whitey is there. Whitey shows them how to haggle. Gil breaks up the chair she got for firewood. After the clips, Third World present Gil with a priceless vase and do a number. After the number, Whitey spills tea all over Gil, who breaks the vase.

Gil Fisher - Candy; Whitey Fisher - O'Hara; Third World - themselves; announcer - staff announcer

4 The Fishin' Musician: Carl Perkins [4/3 - 5 (12)]

Gil chats with Carl and his band. They show clips of the fishing trip for Arctic Char in the Northwest Territories. Gil does all the driving. They stop at a rough bar. Gil's been up for four days driving, and he gets real hammered and obnoxious. He taunts cops, hassles the waitress and gets beaten up by a small guy. Carl then does a number ("Matchbox").

Gil Fisher - Candy; Carl Perkins and band - themselves; bar patrons, waitress - extras; Willie Nelson - extra; announcer - staff announcer

5 The Fishin' Musician: Jimmy Buffett [4/3 - 8 (10)]

Gil and Jimmy talk fishing. They watch clips of their charter balloon fishing trip. Jimmy sings a song ("Slow Boat to China").

Gil Fisher - Candy; Jimmy Buffett - Jimmy Buffett; band - band; announcer - staff announcer

6 The Fishin' Musician: Joe Walsh [5/5 - 6 (4)]

Gil tries to avoid having the footage from the trip shown, but the band insists. The look at clips of the band taking Gil on a snipe hunt. They abandon Gil in the forest.

Gil's embarassed. The band does a song ("I Can Play that Rock and Roll All Night"). After the song, Gil gets revenge.

Gil Fisher - Candy; Joe Walsh - Joe Walsh; band - band; guides, Willie Nelson - extras; announcer - staff announcer