with Carl and Fred Scutz

Carl's Cuts

Carl and his brother Fred are butchers and film editors (there's not really much difference). Important Scutz episodes include:

1 Carl's Cuts: Head Cheese [4/2 - 4 (12)]

Carl explains head cheese.

Carl Scutz - Moranis

2 Carl's Cuts: Film Editing [4/3 - 6 (12)]

Carl's topic is cutting the fat out of films. Like Heaven's Gate, which Fred's been working on for weeks.

Carl Scutz - Moranis; Fred Scutz - Thomas

3 Carl's Cuts: Free Delivery [4/3 - 9 (9)]

Stock up on film and head cheese and remember, free delivery.

Carl and Fred load up a shipment of film and head cheese and head out to deliver. At the river, the kid from deliverance plays banjo. Fred and Carl paddle down river (Note: the Don Valley in Toronto), and stop for lunch. When Fred relieves himself, he is accosted by hillbillies. Carl saves him with head cheese. Fred doesn't make the same mistake they made in Deliverance. Carl wakes from his nightmare.

Carl Scutz - Moranis; Fred Scutz - Thomas; Kid from Deliverance - Short; Hillbillies - extras