with Molly Earle

Crazy Crafts

Molly, back after fifteen years off the air, makes imaginative crafts out of mundane objects.

1 Crazy Crafts [3 - 3 (7)]

After 15 years off the air, Molly returns and reviews some crafts from the past.

Molly Earl - Duke; Announcer - staff announcer

2 Crazy Crafts: Bingo Drop Cans [3 - 12 (1)]

Molly welcomes May Sparks, bingo player extraordinaire, who demonstrates the Bingo Drop Can.

Molly Earl - Duke; May Sparks - Martin; announcer - staff announcer

3 Promo: Crazy Crafts: Ben Laberriere [3 - 17 (8)]

Molly interviews artist Ben Laberriere, who wears a bear suit to get materials from the local dump.

Molly Earle - Duke; Ben Laberierre - Rosato; announcer - staff announcer

4 Crazy Crafts: Bob [3 - 18 (4)]

Molly has a bit of a hangover. She introduces Bob, who she met last night, and tries to figure out what she made the night before.

Molly Earle - Duke; Bob - Dick Blasucci; announcer - staff announcer

5 Craft Break: Rhonda Calhoon [Youtube]

Molly has a chat with her friend Rhonda Calhoon, fresh out of Kingston pen.

Molly Earle - Duke; Rhonda Calhoon - Jayne Eastwood

5a Craft Break Unplugged: Rhonda Calhoon [Youtube]

Molly and Rhonda chat some more, and have a mint.

Molly Earle - Duke; Rhonda Calhoon - Jayne Eastwood