with Marcello Sebastiano

Cooking with Marcello

Marcello Sebastiano is the likeable host of his own cooking show. Marcello also taught communicating in Italian on Sunrise Semester and was a contestant on The Mating Game.

1 Cooking With Marcello: Lobster Cacciatore [3 - 9 (10)]

Marcello cooks up some lobster cacciatore. The lobsters escape.

Marcello Sebastiano - Rosato

2 Cooking with Marcello: Breakaway Bottles [3 - 15 (4)]

Marcello is joined by his guest, a stuntwoman, and they cook some breakaway bottles.

Marcello Sebastiano - Rosato; Patti Lee Taylor, stuntwoman - Duke

3 Cooking with Marcello: Vatican [3 - 18 (2)]

Marcello visits the Vatican and waits to tour the kitchens. He buys a souvenir picture of the pope. The pope gets kidnapped.

Marcello Sebastiano - Rosato; Girl - extra; Nun souvenir sales - Duke; Pacino Father - Thomas; Terrorist - Moranis; miscellaneous terrorists, pope, priests - extras; announcer - staff announcer

4 Cooking With Marcello: Chicken Cacciatore [3 - 24 (1)]

Marcello wakes up and cooks chicken cacciatore. The chicken foils his plans.

Marcello Sebastiano - Rosato; Soccer player - Wally