"We're your Phone Company."

Long Distance

The Phone Company has made several unusual pitches to get SCTV viewers calling each other. But you know they have our best interest at heart.

1 Commercial: Long Distance [1 - 11 (1)]

When was the last time you called any old fishermen in your family. 'It's better than living with them.'

Old Fishermen - Ramis, Thomas, Flaherty; announcer - O'Hara

2 Commercial: Long Distance [2 - 14 (4)]

A woman carps about not receiving any calls from an old friend. 'Get the long distance feeling, before it's too late.'

Complaining woman - O'Hara; Angry neighbours - Candy; Concerned Neighbour - Martin; Bystanders, ambulance men - extras; Announcer - staff announcer

3 Commercial: Long Distance [4/3 - 7 (1)]

Your friends and family are only seconds away. Why not give them a call, just to make sure they're OK? "We're Your Phone Company."

Ken - Levy; Wife - O'Hara; Mr Evans - extra; Announcer - staff announcer

4 Commercial: Long Distance [6 - 11 (1)]

Phone old friends you haven't seen in years. "We're your phone company"

Tony McKay - Flaherty; Tony's wife - Jayne Eastwood; Lenny - Levy; Lenny's wife, dinner guests - extras; announcer - staff announcer