"Serving the Melonville area for over 23 years"

The Driftwood Inn

The Driftwood and its courteous and obedient staff have been serving the Melonville area for over 23 years. Run by Chester and Gert Watt, it's the place to be for Christmas or New Years. The Driftwood also provides promotional considerations for various SCTV programs.

1 Commercial: The Driftwood Inn - Christmas Specials [5/4 - 6 (6)]

Why spend Christmas at home when you can go to the Driftwood. Chef Kwong's special: Cantonese boneless turkey. Christmas package: 3 days and one night. Swimming, in season.

Announcer - Levy; diners - Martin, Levy; Chester and Gert Watt - extras; Chef Kwong, staff - extras

2 Commercial: The Driftwood Inn - New Year's Eve Specials [5/4 - 6 (12)]

Party in the Beachcomber Room. Chef's special: Duck ling-a-lings. Check-out time has been extended to 10AM.

Announcer - Levy

3 Commercial: The Driftwood Inn St. Patrick's Day Special [5/5 - 5 (8)]

Give mom a break on St Patrick's Day. Chef Kwong's special: Cantonese Corn Beef and Cabbage. Room temperature drinks, all dyed green. Three days and one night special, eight dollars more for the Dennis Day suite.

Announcer - Levy

4 Commercial: Christmas at The New Driftwood Inn [6 - 3 (1)]

Chester and Gert have gone on holiday and Eddie has given the place a makeover, and invites young swingers for intimate dining in Dante's Inferno, formerly the Beachcomber Room. Chef Ike Wong's special dish is prime roast beef and sushi. The New Improved Driftwood Christmas Eve will feature the battle of the punk bands in the Lobotomy Room (formerly the Crow's Nest Lounge).

Announcer - Levy

5 Commercial: New Years at The Driftwood Inn [6 - 3 (4)]

Chester an Gert are back, but the Driftwood was destroyed in a Christmas riot in the Lobotomy Room. Eddy and Ike Wan are in the hospital. The Driftwood will, however, return.

Announcer - Levy

6 Commercial: Shangri La Dance Studio [6 - 14 (3)]

Dance lessons, clean instructors, home dance instruction, located in rooms 8, 9 and 11 at the Driftwood Inn.

Pimp - Hemphill; Dance instructors, students - extras